This is pretty amazing. Lots of stuff to see up there you take a step forward. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Today, Music, what's up roosevelt good, to see you buddy all right, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm doing good, i like that gryffindor. Thank you. I guess i guess you were chosen by the sorting hat, i sure was gon na walk through the minefield. Here. Ken is escorting people across the gorge i'm gorgeous wow. That was real, funny how's. It going hey, what do you appreciate your channel john? Thank you. Hi, john good, to see you all right, my favorite setup right there yeah. I love the controller. It is. It is the best. Oh nice yeah, you guys sure got shawn's t shirt on that's awesome. I i actually don't have one of those t shirts. I have lots of stickers, but sean what's. Up with that. You look good in it, though maybe that's what it is, he saw he knew what i would look like in it and was like no no well. I have everybody's attention. Thank you for coming. Thank you very much. This means a great deal to me. Uh, you can't see it, but i am smiling. Thank you and um. There is i've set up a gofundme page for billy tripp, the guy, the creator, the artist. This is called minefield: he's been working on it since 1989.

, he's 65. he's in better shape than me. He climbs this stuff every day built this by himself, not a lot of help at all and um it's it's a memorial to his parents who passed away – and this is his way of memorializing, slash grieving flip and a little fun fact when he has an arrangement When he dies one day, he's going to be buried right over there right on the property with brownsville, so there you go. He puts his heart and soul into this. So if you have a chance, uh check out the the gofundme page, which is linked in the minefield, information page that you guys know about on my website: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, okay, here with original dobo he's, got his five inch yeah. Five inch with the gopro hero 7 on it, uh yep and he's got the digital fpv system with an analog module. I am flying the get bar c with the 4s and uh. What is that digital, though 6s, on there uh 4s on this one let's see if we're interfering with each other? I don't see anything yet i'm already on so yep i'm good, all right, Music, Music Applause, um, Music, um, Music, who wants to meet me, come on whose life can i bring joy to everyone you meet that's. True. Have you met ashley? Hey? I have met actually nice to see you actually yeah. Oh okay, hey what's, up, hey how's it going.

This is the guy that wants to meet what's your name jeff jeff, i'm, kelly i'm, a sss strong, so i'm, a big fan! Nice! Where do you live? Oh atlanta, yep check check, check, hey everybody. I just wanted to also get us all to say. Thank you to mr heron for putting this thing on. I can tell you, as a person who's planned events. It'S stressful you're worried that everybody's not gon na have a good time or you're gon na have bad weather, but man he put it out there and he did it on his birthday. Don'T know which birthday this is. I heard it's in the 50s somewhere, but happy birthday to ken, so let's sing it one two three birthday to you: happy birthday to you happy birthday, Music. What do you got there? Mel? You just put the battery in yeah. You got a little high wing hobby zone. Yeah trainer is that a trainer one channel six yeah six, what oh there? You are uh! Now you should be seeing it! Oh and you got fpv on that thing: yeah, Music, nice! This camera is really good. Now, oh clippies, look at the sky Laughter wow yeah he's got a fpv they're they're watching you can fly like if you had god when you fly. Is that road or not spinning, are we descending all right mel taking him for a little ride? Close that get you flying in airplanes. There you go.

Can you see that? Oh man look at here, Laughter man, that technology is bad ken herron? Yes, sir? First of all it's your birthday, it is happy birthday. Thank you, uh. You look good for your age. Yeah. 65, like everybody, says yeah. Well, you can start collecting social security and all that stuff. So what for 54. yeah? He wants to add an expletive to the end of that, but just add it yourself, so uh what's going on here today. I mean there's lots of people here in this parking lot. There'S lots of big metal objects over there what's going on what's going on today is so many people drove from so far away to be here to fly at minefield in brownsville tennessee and to hang out with me on my birthday. It means a lot. It is what a good birthday man it is. I would be pretty psyched so this. What is this event called uh? Well, it's tentatively called the what the fpv i like that minefield. Meetup. Yes, yes, i think we should do it next year. I think we should so yeah. Where did you come from illinois, illinois and uh? What type of drone do you like to fly? Racing drones? Five inch. I'M. I'M, really a whoop guy, but i do like the five inch dude nice yeah whoops are awesome and so tell me uh did you fly around in here? I did. What did you think? Oh amazing it's, pretty awesome, probably the no no i'm good.

I'M good. Thank you, i'm recording all right, all right. Jeff. Do you mind if i put you on on my channel no problem all right, this is jeff. What do you have to say to the ready set drone audience? Well, uh, that's awesome. You always have to have something ready in your hip: hop yeah yeah, like a joke. You got it yeah. Oh, a drone, joke a drone joke! Oh Laughter, he went right for the nut. Jokes, all right good to meet you man, hello kelly. No! What are we going to do today with those flames you're talking about the p51 yeah yeah we're, going to we're going to dog fight right over this parking lot here i think that's, a good place see how we can do yeah yep they're foam if they fall Out of the sky and we'll put them in we'll, just leave them in stabilized mode yep. That way we can easily apply them and we'll dog fight him all right, hey mel! You have some velcro what a cute little gopro so mel over there and i both have the same plane. We are going to do a death match above the parking lot and see who can take the other person down in the air, so the rules are there. Are no rules, those are the rules. Is this for real? This is for real what's happening right now for real, oh hell, yeah, everybody here's. What i got going on kelly has challenged me to a dog fight with the mini mushroom now for the record, so so i've got odds on i'm going to put odds on mel, because i think i would bet.

I think i think mel is a little bit more aggressive than kelly, but uh you, never you never really totally and you're in like mode right. Yes, you're ready to block all right. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the very first fight all right. Whoever falls first that's, it you're done sit boy. We got an audience. We'Re done, you ready all right here. We go melts up in the air kelly's. Circling we've got a death match it's on. Ladies and gentlemen, i see kelly's going in for the kill. Oh near miss dear miss my god, it was unbelievable, i'm on the right all right, he's on the right, but they're both on the right. Oh, my god, they're circling, they're circling here, spiraling, i don't even know who knows who is who oh set this down? He'S down it's over it's over just talking in the way, unbelievable unbelievable. This is why i met all right. Let'S see if i can catch it. Let me see if we can get back in, i feel like catching. I am so nervous, oh he's down here. Okay, maybe it'll stay on. All right. Props are on props drop, gentlemen, all right, they're off they're, off they're off god's fight somebody, Music, you're playing with fire on that power line, Music, Music it's on the crane he dies, um Music there – it is Music. Music – is you're, doing great ken with my foothold.