I have my gloves on, but i have this new drone that is perfect for beginners. This is one of those all in one fpv drone kits. In other words, you get the drone. You get the controller and i got them way over here. You get the goggles and you get the battery and the battery charger. So this is a collaboration between atom, rc and eachine, so they call it. The auk eachine adam rc fpv ready to fly all in one kit, and i have reviewed one version of this in the past and it looks like this. Do you remember that if you dont, i will put a link below to my review of this one. Its pretty much identical to the one i have in my hand, im flipping them all over the place here. This one here looks a little bit bigger in size and its got. You know like the prop guards built onto it, so that its more for beginners smashing into things this one doesnt have it they advertise it as a race drone. I will say the motors are identical on both of these drones. This one has more features than this. One so this one here weighs more than this one, so you can expect less flight time on this than you can expect on this. This is 10 minutes of flight time with the included battery, which is quite a lot in fpv drones for nowadays. So basically, all theyve done is uh left the same motors made a different design, no prop guards and its lighter, and they added gps rescue into this, and i think the cameras might be the same its hard to tell this is like a foxier razor camera in This i dont know what it is in that because i cant see it, but i remember the last one: the camera was pretty good and trying this out in my house, the camera seemed pretty good, so i would assume its the same f4 flight controller motors as I mentioned are the same.

I think i cant tell you what they are but ill put below. The sun is blinding me ill put below what they are in kv right there. So you could check it out. This one has a 500 milliwatt vtx, so 500 milliwatts is pretty darn decent in todays world of fpv. That means its going to shoot out the video signal, quite a distance, so thats pretty decent. Let me pull the goggles over here, so the goggles are the same as the last time you put a micro sd card in the back, and you record your footage. This version well at least this one for me – comes with the battery. My last one didnt come with a battery in the goggles, so this one came with the 18650 battery in it. You just have to charge it up and youre all set to go. As i mentioned, you can record your video footage and then play it back in the goggles, which is good. If you lose your drone, you can play back see where you crashed and go find it. The remote that comes with it is a t8 remote and youve. Seen this in the past, ive used it in many videos for different types of drones, so its pretty good. The only thing i will say is the instructions that come with this here, drone right here, uh theyre, not really up to date, because they dont mention the gps rescue. They dont mention much.

Actually, they sort of treat it like this one here i dont know if they use the same instructions or what so the switches are incorrect. So what im going to show you right here? Hopefully my camera, picks it up. Look at what ive written on mine so ill hide my face, so it focuses on it. So those are what your switches do and if you buy this, make sure you label yours or get used to them to be the exact same as that im going to flip it. This way, because theyre different this way as well, you can see make sure you see which switch is your arm switch which switch is your gps rescue and which switch? Is your beeper switch? You can also connect this to your computer and play flight sims theres a usb port up here, the same place. You charge it, but when you connect it to your computer, you got a flight sim. It will know its ready to be used for a flight, sim and yeah. You can practice flying before you go out and fly the real thing. The two flight modes it comes with is angle, mode and acro mode. So beginners, please start off in angle mode and then, when you get better go into acro mode, the gps rescue not much documentation on it. I know which switch enables it and if you dont know what gps rescue is its designed so say, youre flying your drone and you lose connection.

Hang on. You lose connection with your radio. It goes in the gps rescue. The drone will automatically turn around and come back to where you are and then, when you get connection you take it over and you can fly it again. You just turn the gps rescue off. It also has the crash and flip over the flip over and crash. So say: youre flying it and you hit the the grass and it doesnt flip and its upside down, and you dont want to get up and go get it. You just theres a switch on your remote flip over and crash ive shown it a million times on a million drones, a million videos – all you do. Is you flip it, and then you move your little joysticks. The props will reverse themselves and flip it flips over. Then you take off the switch, the flip over and crash and then you can arm it again hit the arm, switch and blink. You take off and you go fly alright. So ive shown you pretty much everything and heres the battery im gon na fly. I brought some batteries, but this is the included battery its not bad its uh perfect, for that it says: youll get 10 minutes with this battery its only a 45 c rating 4s 850 milliamp hour lipo battery, but thats perfectly fine for a drone like that for Beginners, you know theyre not aiming this at the pro, so they dont give you like 100c rating uh battery.

All you need is 45c, so that its more tame, so this should be fun. Lets go. Try it out! Oh one last thing: what im gon na do is im gon na turn these goggles on here and put the record on so you can see how it records the video from here as its flying now, just for people who wear glasses, i will show you that You see type glasses on my face. These are prescription glasses, theyre, not sunglasses, its just a transition lenses for the sun when its bright out, they turn black. So i can actually fit these over my glasses. They fit inside its a tight, fit and uh. You know i can see things clearly inside i it pushes on my nose so im not really going to fly with these on because its its going to be painful after about 30 seconds. But i think if you had small glasses, you might be able to fit this over and get away with it, okay, so for beginners, when you get this kit and youre ready to fly for your very first time. First thing you do is turn on the controller. First and make sure all the switches are pointing down, so all down down down press the button turn it on and we should have lights and everything it makes a beep you can see. I have lots of power in mind. Next thing you do is take your battery and stick it in the drone.

So let me just move this out of the way, so you can see a little bit better. Take the battery. This is your gps unit up here and just strap it in tightly so it stays there. We go connect it now. The gps has to get the signal so basically im going to connect it its going to start up and there we go so now. This little gps unit is going to start searching the sky to get the signal and were good. So here on mine, you see. I have a little thing: thats called gps. Can you see it on there, gps rescue and over here? I have beeper watch thats your beeper thats in case you lose. It turn that off next take your goggles hit the power button power them on, and i have an image right there im going to bring it over that camera. There you go. You can kind of see the image in there its kind of hard to do here in the sun, but thats what youd see in your goggles. You can see. My camera drone is looking at the gopro yeah. I know im making it dark and bright just by moving it, but yeah. You can see everythings ready to go so if youre, a beginner and the very first time you turn it on, and you dont see an image inside because its easy snow, you have to hit the search button, which is the wheel over on the right.

You just push it down, hold it down for a bit, and so you see a little bar go across the bottom itll search all the channels, itll find it for you after you have it and you have the image inside. Then you want to put the record on which is this button over on the other side, and that will start recording video coming off of here. So let me press that now its got 12 satellites. So this thing gps rescue, would work on here. The satellites are there, so ive got everything going so im, pretty much ready to fly im just going to put my fat sharks on and take it for a spin. So just aim it this way all right down. Here we have our drone. I want to check out how it flies without using the goggles first, so lets hit the arm switch right here. It says arm angle acro, so the first one will be angle. Spins lets take it up very stable, very stable. Look at that! Look at that there. It is easy to fly around my backyard right here, hovered in place very much designed for beginners for the way it flies and im using the included. Little controller here lets get some power. If you take it up there, we go bring it down. All right. Lets. Put it down and take it for a flight with goggles on so bring it on down, stop it before the landing pad and pop it down.

There hit the little arm switch here all the way down, and it turns off all right im going to put my fat sharks on im, going to see the exact same image thats going into the goggles and ive taken the goggles here and im going to put Them up on my jeep and let them sit right there and im going to sit right beside them, so we should get the same signal there. We go. Actually the video. The resolution is very clear. Sorry about this guys. My nose is running its very cold, so you might hear me sniffling through this review now. This controller is set up in a way im not familiar with, so i have to look at it. Where is the arm switch again? So if i pull this up its armed and then go into acro, and then we should build a fly so im going to take it slow there, we go bring it around now. This review is mainly aimed at beginners because this drone is designed for beginners and all in one package. So let me show you what you see on the screen so on the top left, you have your longitude on the top right is your latitude and then, where am i oh there? I am over there. So if you look at the top center, thats like zero would be north and then you know 360 degrees, whatever it works out to next you have how many meters you are from home point.

Then you have your altitude in meters. Next, you have your flight mode. Im flying in acro air, so it shows air the number of satellites and over on the right is all your battery information. You have your average voltage cell and your total voltage of your battery, and this is all the information you will see in your fpv goggles. Now, if you put a camera on it, i put an insta360 go camera on it just for fun. This is the type of footage youll get you see. I have sort of the props in the frame because of where the camera is sitting so youd have to put like a naked gopro or something very light on there. And, yes, you can do freestyle on this drone. As you see here, it does freestyle really. Well. No issues its not going to be like a pro freestyle, but its definitely enough for a beginner to have a lot of fun. One of the good things about this drone is the speed. So this is me cruising along its not super fast for a beginner. This might be terrifyingly fast, flying with goggles on, but its, not that bad. Now i want to warn you make sure you know where all your switches are on the controller. They were very different for me. Im about to accidentally hit the arm button and turn the motors off so watch this im flying up high. You can see the height here on the left and im going to turn the motors off by accident.

I thought i was going into gps mode. Nope turned them off so now im falling from the sky. So what you do is you arm the motors you watch im going to arm them about three meters off the ground and save it just before it hits the ground. I saved it at the last minute. Now one of the coolest things on this drone for a beginner is: it has fail safe, gps rescue, so watch this im going low to the ground and i lost receiver, see at the bottom. It says: receiver loss. That means my controller has disconnected from the drone. Normally, a drone would just fall into the ground, but this has gps rescue, so it rises up and its going to fly back to me its flying straight back, but most gps rescues will fly back, stay at the height and then you have to turn off the Gps rescue and take control, but this one does something i have never seen before in a drone that thing comes falling down, get out of the way. Oh, you got it on autopilot its on autopilot its on fail, safe right now i want to see its coming down. Hopefully it doesnt land on your car. There we go thats pretty sweet. I know its got this its got. This fail safe system in it that i think ive never seen it before it just comes back home thats for wild all right ill plop that back down there.

I just want to see what it says in the goggles whats. It say. Oh just says: stats hang on a sec, oh its gone back to normal. So now it says, fail safe is enabled you see throttle fails. It tells me my throttle. So let me do this pull the throttle down there. We go fail safe. So that means i got ta hit the jeep i didnt wheres, the gps rescue okay switch so turn it off rescue on rescue switch. Uh lets see. Can i arm it wheres. The arm switch on here again arm is right there, okay, so it means i got ta take the arm off there. We go and ready to go again. Look at that awesome, well, thats pretty sweet now. The other thing really good about this drone is a user brand. New could easily fix it if things go wrong, so here im just playing with the receiver. I just wanted to check out what the receiver was and you can see in the back thats the vtx thats, your video transmitter right there now heres the cool thing to note. Your receiver has a plug on it and it plugs right into the flight controller that can come out. I actually accidentally pulled mine out, so i couldnt bind to my drone anymore, the controller and the drone didnt work. So if that ever happens, just plug it back in second thing, is your video right here at the back, see that what im touching thats your antenna that goes all the way out, the back it can come loose from vibrations at least minded from the factory.

So when that happens, your screen goes black, just push it back down and it works these wires im touching over here, thats your gps rescue. They go all the way up into your strap and they just plug into the gps unit. So once again, if your gps rescue stops working just plug it back in everythings, pretty much plug and play in this drone, so my final thoughts on this for a beginner, its really good, because it has something i havent seen in a lot of drones. If you fly any distance and you go really low to the ground and all of a sudden, you lose signal with your controller. It goes into fail, safe mode and when it goes into fail, safe mode it just its like gps rescue, it flies up, turns around and it comes back and if you do nothing, it will land. You know within, like i dont, know 15 feet of you, which ive never seen in these types of drones. Before for a beginner, so thats a pretty sweet deal, i dont think you could lose this and if you do lose it, i landed it away over. Well, quite a far away – and i thought oh, i have to put my goggles on and play back the video to see where i landed it, but i didnt have to because it automatically started beeping. So when i walked over to look for it, i just followed the beeping sound.

I didnt even turn on the beep on my controller so, like i say it is designed for beginners not to lose it so thats pretty decent. So what im going to do is im going to put links below to where you can find it its? Oh, the wind is picking up oh thats, cold on the neck, where you can find it its on banggood, its a collaboration between iashin and atom rc. So its on banggood and youll see the price there. I think thats the only place you can buy it. If i find other places ill put, links as well so check it out, hopefully theres a discount code below so you can save some dollars if youre a beginner, its not designed for pros or anything like that, its very much for beginners. Just somebody you take it out of the box, turn on the goggles turn on the radio charge up the battery and just go fly and have a lot of fun and batteries 850 batteries you can buy them on amazon like theyre, cheap, just make sure you get An xt 30 connector on the battery youre all set a 4s lipo its not that expensive. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in future video reviews with many more products like drones and other things, take care catch.