Now these are both uh digital 1080 cameras, so we'll be shooting at the same resolution and we're gon na see what the difference looks like so stay tuned: Music Applause, okay. So ever since i got the gep rc i've been loving, this little guy, it's really fun to fly it's very uh, uh robust and strong i've crashed it a lot of times, there's only a little bit of damage here on the side you can see, and also With the uh tiny hawk, freestyle 2 i've also put this little camera on it as well and they're both great little fpv flyers, but the tiny hawk 2. You definitely if you want footage. You definitely want to put a external camera on it, because the dvr footage from fat, sharks or whatever, through an analog system just doesn't, look that great compared to digital footage, but the dji air system, which is on this quad already, and that is the dji camera – Is already digital and it actually records locally through an sd slot on the side of this system, so basically you don't have to add another camera. The big difference is this little guy the insta360 go, has digital stabilization built in and a little bit different processing. So i'm really curious if we put them side by side uh actually rather than side by side, one on top of the other, how the two are going to compare and if one looks distinctly better than the other.

So let's put this guy on by the way. Shout out to justin, who 3d printed a uh strap for me to put this on the rocket um thanks, justin and let's put it on fly around and kind of do a side by side comparison of the footage and see how it looks. This is just a little uh 3d printed thing where the camera pops in, like that and you're good to go now before i do that i'm going to make sure it's in fpv mode which allows you to do five minutes of flight five minutes of recording with It okay screen capture is rolling okay, so what you want to do is go into the insta360. Go app make sure the camera is connected on the bottom here and then go up to the record length. So you go into record length and you can set it to five minutes for fpv mode and hit confirm and then it'll actually record for five minutes. You want to make sure that your press once is standard. Video pressed twice is hyper lapse. Um it's gon na make it all standard video so that i don't accidentally put it into hyperlapse all right and should be good to go there. So now, we're gon na take this off right here, put the actual camera into the 3d printed device. Okay, dvr's recording on the drone. This is number one, and here we go. You know one thing i really like about the dji goggles.

Is that even from dark to light, you can see pretty clearly across both streams Music, as we pass through shadows, easy to see in the goggles what's going on Music way up then come straight down whoa that was, that was rough. That was rough. All right, i am over in the trees, shoot that was kind of dumb on my part i went higher than i normally would have. I should have just flattened out and flown back, but i thought i could dive down into the trees or in front of the trees, but i think i landed in the trees in the woods somewhere – oh it's, back here, somewhere wow. This is some serious bushwhacking going on let's just hope, it's on oh there it is actually didn't land in too bad of a spot. Oh yeah, okay found it and would not have found it if not for the beeper. So thank you beeper. We take two Music down Music, so Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music, all right. So after all that i broke a prop on this guy and can't, get it off the post in the center of the motor, so i'm gon na have to take it home and use a pair of pliers because i don't have one here, but i do think I got enough footage for you to decide if you like the dji camera down here on the bottom or the insta 360.

i'd love to hear your comments below, on which one, you think, looks better, more stable, more clear, etc. I haven't seen the footage yet and i'm gon na edit all this together and put this conclusion on i'm gon na try not to really interject my opinion too much, but just see what you guys think so. Leave leave a comment below on what you think.