These are the quads. We all started with the old Music Applause there's, an old KK to flight controller. That has a built in screen and Hylton buttons. You don't plug it into a laptop which sounds cool but it's, okay, it's kind of cool. You can set everything up in the field just with a little Tweety buttons, but it's also kind of super lame because, like you have to use the tweeze buttons for everything. This is the first time in my life, I've been glad to have motor stuff enabled, because I can, just God put it down, I don't have to put talking about. Where did you come in on what was your first leg quad flight controller? I was the cage you flew kkg yeah. How can you doing this right? Well, I've been flying our seats since I was 10. I started with flight test. Little you've watched the first f4f wildcat episode me too, and then I flew the bat bones. Tricopter most people don't realize I was in it for a while. He was doing her prep. You started with the flight test tricopter. I started with the flight test electro hub on multi way electronic you came into the Hobby before me, yeah. I remember when I was getting into the Hobby in 20 summer of 2014. I was reading about the kk2 board. Smells like oh cool it's got an LCD, but then I found all these other posts about like no just get an 832 it's so much better, and it was like that was like right on the cusp of when the K k2 is fading out and people were Jumping in the nays 32, so I got lucky: oh that's, you have it at a really interesting time.

Even though I started on midi cloth like i started on 250 sized quadcopters, essentially, I always thought we would eventually like go bigger, like it there's. This end screen that window saw used to use on his youtube channel and it's him sitting at the top of a hill there's. This sunset he's holding the tricopter over his shoulder I'm, like all that guy is so badass I want to. I want to be holding my big net big drone, and we just know this is a to apply these little poll. We have a boys yeah, but yeah. Why? You know like this is gon na get better video. The next class like for what I want to do, there's no reason to fly a big drone. I got ta tell you guys these are bringing back, so many feels. For me. This literally was my first quadcopter electro, not a KK to but this frame and just look at like how its constructed and you can like see all the parts and how they go together. This is not period track. Now we have, through a 3d printed GoPro Hero 7 mount that's, a fox or a lollipop yeah. We talked about using because you actually have some of the like og big immersion, video transmitters, but don't like those were finicky. Older video transmitters were finicky and I'm like we don't want to waste. The episode just be like we can't get on the right channel, so they put up.

We went with the modern video transmitter. This was Chad, captures design little mini quad, the original, where he was talking about like. Why not take a quadcopter and scale it down. Then they were kind of like yeah right now, it's like fast forward. This is the slow. This was the small one back then. So I think the four of you guys should each get a quad, and you guys maybe like try and hit the course with it. Well alex already got a nice yeah try and run the course. I think we should put all four quadrant cuz like because when, when these quads were prevalent, it was so the hobby was so much smaller than it is today, and so it was way less common to fly with people like when you were flying this type of Quad Sean did you ever fly with a buddy? No, so, like you never see like you, never got to like fly in formation with let's, just do a formation flight like a simpler formation without gates, and then once it was just setup. A NASCAR and I'll show you just follow the leader I'm flying to any copter and it's got the old. I think there's, Simon ke s sees these are all just stock firmware with the kk2 board, but as a cake a 2.1. So it flies better than when bart was flying. I have a saying if you look good you're gon na fly good, and this thing looks the best.

So I don't think that the the v tail is gon na give you any performance advantage. No, okay! You got it, you got the lucky cause: ha ha ha clean flight I'm, just going for the QX 7 cat, one armed alarmed all right. Here we go. Oh my god! Everyone see me! Oh yeah, here we go we're going forward, we're going right. This pace it's! So shaky Music, as I pick up speed, it's slated, Oh Apple, that'll punch, looks like the quad tumbles and falls out of the air. I went full throttle on the quad, but now I have to dive it dive it. I did. I do it. Yeah sketchy, yeah. Alright, I'm gon na do a power loop over the trees. Go for Coco, go don't, hold it and now off it, no fpv friends! So, like i literally flew solo every time i lu and it sucked it's so much more fun. Flying with friends it's the damage got a broken arm. What we do today is we build quads out of carbon fiber there's small quads, and we build them to crash the crap out of them and they don't break back. In the day. We assumed that they would break anytime, you crash them and the goal was to make them as repairable as possible. So these are like three quarter inch poplar wood booms that you can buy at the hardware store – and this was a brilliant freaking idea that you could just put a new arm on, but look how much work you have to take all the zip ties and all The motors, oh, it was legit a step in the right direction, but it's so different from how we think about quads, now wasn't, even going that fast.

Oh, this one's gon na be more of a hassle to fix it really doesn't. Take that much longer to fix an arm on one of these quads, as it does on a regular quad. If you have the right tools being like a power drill, yeah the drill and wood dowels yeah. Well, I brought those very pre cut to the right wing and when you, when you go to the field with your regular quad, do not bring a specialized carbon fiber arm replacements to replace a broken arm. No, because the skylight are never break. You notice a Applause Music. Is it hurt to see your babies just wreck like this? You spend so much time building all these this one a little bit. This was the first quad that I ever flew. Ftd on. This is actually have like some sentimental value to this one. He had one that is Farlow broke Wow. All I did was throttle it up. I was like let's see what a full throttle punch out looks like on this but I'm. Sorry that I raised the throttle. So Sean built all these quads, I went over to his shop to see what what had to go into one of these and it's an alarming amount of work. You really take for granted how quickly you can put together like a really modern blonde copter that can outperform a lot of these, so these are really built with a lot of love and care and creativity.

I built so many of these back in the day that I had tons of parts laying around I've always been a little bit crazy about buying stuff, and I always by way too much of everything so that I have spare parts because I don't want to be Down one of the things that drove me crazy was that if my quad crashed, I would be down for the day and I couldn't fly anymore, and I hated that so I always have eight of everything. One is none, and eight is John yeah Applause, Music Applause, Music. This is great Applause, Music, you're, young big up, I have front flip. Oh yeah, Rubik's Cube. Ah so we came here to the race course with the intent of racing these things. But then I started thinking what, if what, if we play the game of quad but instead of actually spelling out anything it's when you crash and your quad can't fly anymore that's how you literally, if you crash in your flat, can still fly then you're gay. So you have to match tricks, but if you yeah oh, this will actually be uh it's, not like you're gon na mess it up and still pull out. If you mess up you're, probably gon na go down and break some wooden arms. Alright let's do it. So, just in case you're a little newer here and you haven't heard of game of quad it's kind of like horse for doing tricks with the drones.

So one pilot will set a trick like do a power loop around something and the competitors have to match that trick. If they're not able to match it, they get a letter. First one to spell quad loses. I don't know that we're gon na be able to do a spelling because there's a not a lot of margin for error. With these things, so it's spell it or crash it out. You lose what's horse Rock Paper, Scissors shoot scissors, I say papers out so you're. Last, okay: just go again: there were more students, okay let's, go if you have seen game of quad before your very most game of quads take forever because everyone's super lenient with the rules like. Oh, can I get a second try. I try again judge drew don't, give up I'm gon na do like a half flip roll through the gap in the trees. I can't, I can't see anything that was a like a look back: half roll I'm, really, not okay! This is the smoothest. This is like flying real study. Half back what happened, you did it? Oh it's, not he's done. Oh, this is a quad broken. We don't know if he can, if he can flip it over and take back off of turnovers wearing so siggy did he accomplish the trick? No, no he's on the ground, I feel like he finished the trick. You know boken he's on the ground. Okay, if you can't, do a hover right now, he needs an elimination.

That'S and props are okay, okay, so we're fine! It was this and the Bru box there, okay, yeah it's, always the quiet itself is it's like if you break the wooden arm. You know all right cool, oh little, shudder there little shudder. Oh no practice, no practicing that's a warning. That was the trick. I have to be a 25 throttle before some of the motors begin to spin and then, if I raise the throttle too quickly, it falls out of the air it breaks. So thanks Shawn for fixing this. I appreciate that he fixed it, but it was all for nothing because it's just going to break instantly again all right here we got bar walk ahead, Josh Music! No way did you see that yeah because you drop the throttling? No, the roll rate, just it didn't double spin. In the time it took me to just go fool: it did a double spin, oh my god, so let's see if it broke yeah. Fortunately it landed straight upside down. Maybe it'll be okay. Just um talk the guys. How does that feel I'm impressed with myself yeah yeah? Actually, I did a freestyle trick and I gave Joshua a letter, so Sean's gon na set the next trick. What do you know? What do you do in really wan na try to do an inverted Yas spin? This is how fast it yards alright, so it does it okay, as long as I'm not upside down.

I wonder it has some to do with the gyro. Okay, just go really high and be upside down at full throttle I'm counting. It I'm spoken. Okay, that was a half turn that's that's, not that positive. Honestly, I would do not count that Barlow come on alright. So, yes, we have inverted yatra, just go up and do a 180 okay. I want to see you guys. Try that okay, there you go with the love video talking about that was all over. There was no yeah one more try guy! Oh there, you go! That was it well done. Why do you at a disadvantage now? Well, I have the worst flying quad to start with and and when you're upside down, you have to lower the throttle as much as possible. Otherwise you pull yourself down toward the ground huh. Also, when you yah the motor speed up, which pulls you down towards the ground, also to climb, you need to raise the throttle, and when I raise the throttle, my quad falls out of the sky. So normally what you do with the Yass pin is you would both rattle climb flip over full yah? I can't do any of those things just commit I'm gon na. Take it out here, it's it's wobbling. A lot I'm gon na raise the throttle I'm gently to a height. It was completely out of control right, yeah terrified. Are you sure? Okay, with that higher higher I'm gon na get this I'm gon na get this? That was me.

That was actually really good. I'M. Just pissed that all you guys have like clean FPV things I can't see, though: okay, okay, look at him climbing out a lot of power. Yes, oh man. That means against all expectations. Shaun just got his second letter. I got ta set the trick now and you think about this. I want to do something that's gon na make him just all get eliminated right now, so I think I'm gon na power loop, this gate in between the trees, but, like you know, within the trees within the cheese, I know what it is to through the gate. Oh the tree, that's it that's it that's it. This is officially where we're I'm out. Let me go first. It just fell out of this. The minute I raised the throttle it just rolled out and fell out of the sky. It'S done my strategy worked but I'm. Sorry with Logan the arm is broken, brofist it's a different arm, but that camera is a big dispatch and a squawk flies well. The quad can do this it's, just whether he can see hit one of those gates. Oh no way just get through it again. Maybe he made my god, you have the best image which should give you an advantage nicely done. Sean interjection to make in this episode back when KK 2's were a thing. Was anyone doing through the gate, power loops underneath the trees? Why not? They could have I've wondered that, because I've went enough, I've gotten chances to fly, not this old but older stuff and the things that are capable like what what is it.

I mean there's a reason it's, because it's, because as a culture, we develop this collective knowledge of what we can do and what we want to try to do. It'S, not necessarily the equipment that was holding us back. It was our minds, power loop, the back gate, but go through it, maybe with a roll before I go through. If you had pulled that off. No, no, no I'm thankful. You crashed! You got a try, but you try happen all in so do we have to do his trick or yeah? So no, no, he said a mushrik. No, you have to move on. He said: take your radio, so my strategy I'm going to do an easy trick that I know you can probably beat me at because I get a letter. But then I'll just do over tricky. So we're gon na go up this dive and then you got to go down the other dive right in one power loop, no just like they just got to get down intentionally, setting an easy trick so that he doesn't crash out and then he's just gon na Coast like that on a letter that's some high level game of quad Music, nice shut up man over this is a lame strategy. Oh yeah take the letter. This is it all right now. Shawn sets the trick. Oh yeah over and over gets a letter, but because Shawn built four quads there's, actually a two times multiplier in the event of a 1v1 Savannah, forgets two letters.

No sir it's W that was in the fine print yeah I'm gon na do what uh Conrad said. He was gon na do no I'm, not in making this one up landing I'm. Not making this one up. You actually do get two tries on your last trick. This is true. We played weight, but only if it's, quite it still fine, would be good, it's good. To see that play the moment I break is a tie. It'S gon na be nope. You'Re done. You never said he was an unbiased judge. I said I'm an effective judge called a power loop with the roll and then into the dive game. He'S gon na do a roll he's gon na go through the dive, it kind of went through the legs. There. You go oh I'm, so I'm still gon na. Be I got this, I mean, if that's the level of the trick we're doing where there's actually a challenge actually being a Music. That was your that's the time. What do you want me to do differently? I know up and all and dive that's what I did and you did the same thing. He was like literally below the level of this, but he blew back up and went through it. Fart roll you're, still diving, still diving still driving and I win second place to the best pilot in the world. Isn'T bad, listen. I'M. Sorry that I kept stacking the deck against you so much! We just wanted someone.

I have a fair shot you're. Clearly, the superior pilot don't use great you're. Clearly you won fair and square, not even fair and beyond fair and square let's, see just how far you can push this thing, maybe recording Music, Music, Music whoa. I was so good. Well guys. I had a lot of fun flying how about you guys my quad flew like crap and now it's broken, yes broke, all the quads. Sorry Jean Lesage Sean hey. It was cool because we got to fly with friends right yeah and I really don't think that, like when this was what people were flying, you got to do this as much and fly together like this, and we definitely didn't ever see these quads do some of The tricks that we saw today, pilot skill and everything has progressed so much over the past few years and while you still can have you know some fun with something like this, I think the modern mini quad is just more durable. It can take a better impact and it flies better. The reason pilot one reason why pilot skill has improved so much is the ability to go hard crash and keep trying, as opposed to having spent a bunch of time fixing it afterwards. So if you want to get good, you either need to fly modern, durable, quads or just have it have a shot guys. Thank you so much watching this episode of road ride. If you really liked this episode, you're new to the channel hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button down below and check out our store because that's, how we're able to do what we do here and make awesome videos for you guys if you fly, leave a Comment: what was your first flight controller when you got into the Hobby? What was the the latest hotness? Did you come in on an F for beta fly D, shot, awesomeness or maybe open pilot like I did, or did you come in all the way back when we had header, pins and screens and the KK? To goodness? Let us know thanks to Conrad ferrati, for coming out and joining us today, and thank you Sean for building these and letting us recomm dude.

It was a lot of fun links to both their channels in the description or you can check out some of Ferraris racing and Sean's adventures here in Florida. Alright, guys, thank you so much for watching we'll see on the next one Applause Music. You know like in fortnight when you get killed and then you have to just watch the rest of the game. This is kind of like that. I don't expect. A term owed activated for tonight is like a dance you do automatically assuming drew you floss, you dab. You do the fortnight things, no I've, never done the fortnight dance, my life.