I really wanted to see how they had evolved, even though it was on a smaller two and a half inch platform and more especially because darwin fpv are taking direct aim at the emax, tiny, hawk freestyle and the get rc smart 25.. In this video im. Going to share my experience with buying unboxing setting up and flying the tiny ape freestyle, because i want to see if it not only lives up to the freestyle name, but if its a good fpv drone for beginners and intermediate pilots. There are two versions, one with the drone on its own, the tiny ape for 150 and one with the runcam thumb. The tiny ape freestyle, for i want to do a separate review on the runcam thumb, so i went and bought the tiny ape freestyle. While you can buy it from darwin fpvs website, the official aliexpress darwin fpv store – and there are also resellers on aliexpress to choose from. I had been having a good run with aliexpress recently, but i made the decision to buy mine from banggood a decision that i would come to regret on the banggood website. The time i bought it, it was listed as ships within 24 hours. However, 10 days after placing my order, i received an email advising of a shipping delay where i had the option of a refund or to wait, and i had 72 hours to decide. The clock was ticking and i needed to make a decision.

If i chose a refund, i would have had to then go and buy it from somewhere else and then i may be in the same situation. But if i choose to wait, i would have the uncertainty of not knowing when it would be shipped, which could be weeks or even months. I didnt know what to do. Then. The strangest thing happened, the very next day, with 48 hours. Still on the clock, i received this email, my tiny ape had shipped after about three weeks. I received my tiny ape freestyle. However, there are still some things that needed to be done before we could take it out to fly as i unboxed it. I wondered where the run cam thumb was expecting a separate box. However, it was packaged inside with the needed mounts and bolts, and there was also a battery, strap props and spare hardware included for the tiny ape. When i watched some of the other reviews, i noticed a bit of jello in the run cam thumb, so i used this double sided mounting tape that came with it, which should give it a soft mount and reduce vibrations. The mounts for the thumb arent too far back on the frame and dont leave much room for the battery, so i had to relocate the xt30 battery lead to the side to fit the beta fpv 2s 300 milliamp hour battery. Now i needed to bind the tiny app to my radio. The tiny ape uses express lrs receiver thats built into the all in one flight controller.

However, if you do use something else like crossfire or freesky, you can add a receiver to one of the available uarts or the s bus pad. I was a little worried about how this process would work and if it would bind without having to update betaflight firmware to get the tiny 8 bound. The first thing i had to do was go to the express lrs website, specifically the sbi receivers page, which has a feature to translate your text binding phrase such as subscribe into a cli command that the receiver can understand after pasting, the code into the cli typing. Save and hitting enter the flight controller reboots and now the moment of truth telemetry recovered before we could fly. There were still a few things that i needed to do. In betaflight i went through the configuration tab and ticked and untipped my usual preferences. I set up my modes or aux channels check the prop direction in the motors tab, and this is where i discovered a problem. The asc on the all in one comes with bluej firmware, which allows the flight controller to filter out the noise generated from the motors. However, this wasnt enabled – and it should have been – i ticked, bi directional d – shot and set the motor poles to 12.. I installed the gemfam 2512 3 blade props, which are a very tight fit to the frame and then soldered the lead for the run. Cam thumb to a 4.

5 and ground pad on the all in one flight controller after charging up my 2s 300 milliamp hour batteries, even though darwin fpv recommend a 380 to 450 milliamp hour battery, i just couldnt see how theyd fit with the runcam thumb installed. Now i was finally ready to take it out and fly battery placement proved to be the trickiest, because the props would strike on the cable after some repositioning and maneuvering. I was able to get it in a way that i could fly with taking off my first pack. The tiny eight felt really good under the sticks and with the extra weight of the run cam thumb it didnt feel underpowered. I was able to perform all of the typical beginner freestyle maneuvers. I normally do and was ripping around this park. On my first pack i had about two and a half to three minutes of spirited flying which was really enjoyable. Now i wanted to push a little harder to see what the tiny ape could do. The image quality from the run cam nano camera was pretty decent. However, the video feed seems to be the issue, even though it was set to the maximum 600 milliwatts. The antenna setup on my goggles is pretty decent with a patch and an omni. However, the video feed was still terrible for this power output and i wasnt even that far away. It seems the dipole antenna really struggles because its next to the rc antenna and the power cable beginners, who are using box goggles without a decent antenna setup, are going to have issues with the video on my second pack, i clipped a ghost branch and ended up In what turned out to be a huge crash, the battery was hanging and the runcam thumb ejected from its holder, which is now broken.

I cracked, the nd filter and ive even lost the back cover for it. Coming back to the bench, i didnt bring any tools and i had to break off the rest of the mount. Now i was going to be able to see if changing the battery lead position would improve. The video pack number three and i was putting it through its paces. Until i crashed again trying to turtle mode, to be able to fly away from the crash is something that a freestyle, fpv drone should be able to do with ease. However, it just rolled over and wouldnt get off the ground turns out in the crash i broke. The motor shaft and the bell came flying off with the motor needed. Replacing my day was done, and so was the tiny eight well, these were pretty decent crashes. Beginners and immediate pilots would probably experience something similar im now going to have to replace all four motors, because i dont think ill be able to just buy one of these darwin fpv motors and im also going to do the video antenna. At the same time, with the new hd0, nano light camera and 1s vtx about to launch, if youd like to see me, convert this to hd0 drop a comment below, while the darwin fpv tiny ape is a great quote.