But before we jump into that, we are sitting at one thousand and four subscribers on the channel uh. So thank you guys, everyone who is subscribing. We are also sitting at number 42 followers over on odyssey. Now, if you want to follow me over on odyssey, you can get free, uh lbc coins, that is a cryptocurrency uh and you get paid for watching videos as well. So not just anything like that, so i definitely recommend following me on both now before we jump into that. If you want to follow me on cryptocurrency there’s, going to be a link down below to my crypto channel now before we go over the uh before we go over the simulator. Remember the two things that i use to fly on the simulator for right now: i’m. Using this fr sky xrs sim usb dongle – and this allows me you know – i just connect through my fr sky taranis qx7 – i just kind of create like it’s another drone. I connect to this so that i can just connect everything wirelessly and i don’t have to have a cord or anything like that plugged into my computer. I know that some of you guys have controllers where, like the cord plug, is not at the top of the screen top of your controller uh or your top of your transmitter. It’S, like on the bottom side of your transmitter so like the cable can get all dangled up like that.

So definitely want to look into this. There are links down below in the description now and today we’re going to be going over liftoff now. This is probably one of the more popular simulators out there i mean rotor riot is behind making it um, but this one, just like the one that i said yesterday, the island creator, this one is also on steam. So there are a lot of stuff like that, but this one actually is a drone simulator. So as all this kind of loads up here, this is exactly where you’re going to see when you are doing everything, so you can go over here and you can go to options. This is how you get it set up to your controls, your controller, your buttons. Obviously i have a controller press c to remove the camera noise. So, as you can see here, it already says fr sky simulator is the drone reacting properly now what you’re seeing on the screen is exactly uh. What i did to get it now, you can calibrate it fine tune all that now. I already have it so yep. So i’m gon na hit uh i’m gon na go to save controller calibration. Okay and let’s go back all right. So this is what you’re gon na do whenever you calibrate this stuff, so that’s exactly what it is so i’m gon na hit exit. Now, obviously you would have to have your uh. You know your transmitter connected to that or you know plugged into the computer.

Normally uh now we can go to tools, multiplayer workbench, track builder. You can actually build a drone here or gift boxes. Uh track builder, tired of roaming around aimlessly create your own track. We have multiplayer um, so this is kind of cool and this is actually kind of cool. The lift is an in initiative that helped turn the top liftoff players into professional liftoff. Pilots uh for those keen on making a name in the drone racing world racing and liftoff is as much a career choice as flying a real drone. The liftoff pro league will help you become a professional player by offering an esports service completely integrated into liftoff what’s. Really cool about this there’s, a few other simulators that do the same thing. I really haven’t checked this one much out so i’m, probably going to be looking into this a bit more, but for now you can check out leaderboards and stuff like that we’re going to go to single player. There’S tutorials they’ll show you how to do stuff. Quick play free flight race and freestyle let’s go into free flight, just because it’s going to give you a good idea on how everything kind of goes here, so you can select your tracks. They have a lot of pretty cool tracks here. My one of my favorite tracks um. I really like this one um, it says hanger, but this is more like a boat dock like an industrial boat dock hanover is probably this is one of my favorite ones, and you can kind of pick.

I mean they’re all pretty much the same, because we’re going freestyle, so i’m gon na hit go intel right and then you can even pick which kind of drone you have here, because they all have different ones right. They they’re each gon na fly differently as well. So each one like if the battery’s on top or on bottom, the drone in the simulator will actually fly differently than if you pick a different one. Now the gravity on this obviously is going to be still a little bit. Floaty it’s not going to be nearly as floaty as the island creator simulator from yesterday’s video. This is going to be more accurate, okay, so on select spawn point, i usually do default and we’re going to hit confirm. Now, literally, the controls are just like the other one in where you’re flying using i’m i’m, literally flying using my controller here now. Obviously, you can see here i’m much better at flying um in this game versus the island creator and these race gateways those depend are depending on what track you pick. Otherwise, since we’re just kind of free flying here, um, i didn’t need any of those to even be here. So the only thing here is that this drone on uh this all of the drones, are kind of a lot more kind of floaty and almost more kind of cinematic than they would be in real life. Now is that good or bad? I think, if you’re starting out i’m pretty indifferent, because one of my first things i’m going to say to anybody, who’s starting out flying, is pick a controller, get a sim and just kind of have fun with it.

Because if you decide you don’t want to fly. Fpv you can return the controller or try to sell it and get some of your money back or you know just kind of play the game. Now. This is not a free simulator like the island creator uh, as you can see, i just erect into the building. This is not a free simulator like island creator. This is gon na cost. You some money uh, but it’s, actually not that expensive and because it’s an actual drone simulator versus the island creator, which is not um. This is going to be a lot more accurate on flying drones accurately and getting practice, because when i first flew before i ever flew, i basically spent like two weeks every single day, uh on on a sim on the simulators every single day for an hour plus For like two weeks every day before, i even wanted to try to fly my drone just because you know i had a bad experience with a mavic and i wrecked it, and i didn’t want to do the same thing with my fpv drone um, but in general I think fpv drones are easier to fly because the whole first person view part of it makes it so much easier to fly in my opinion, but getting good at the simulators and then going and fly. I would say if you watch a lot of the bigger flyers, they say it’s like 90. The same, i would say, that’s pretty accurate, but it just depends on which sim.

I think this one is maybe like 70 to 80 percent accurate because how floaty it is and like that wreck like i should have just wrecked and it didn’t do it didn’t wreck me so, but this is what i mean. This is definitely much more of a simulator than the island creator is but the island creator. You know the island creators um like places you can see. I think they have much nicer uh environments to fly in right now. I’M. Not going to be that good because i’m not used to talking like this while i’m flying, but there you guys go now let’s check out a different environment. Let’S try check out a different track for you guys. I think a different track is going to uh. You know just to show you guys another level on this, because you can pick the drone you can make the drone. I think it is pretty cool we’re. Just gon na do see, let’s try out freestyle, and you know it gives you points which are pretty cool. Let’S go with the hanger and we’re just going to go with no track, there’s, no point in having a track right. Um let’s pick a different drone. Let’S go with this one. Let’S go with the skyliner, designed by legrib that’s. What i mean like you, can even design your own drone. Now this is going to give us points this. I definitely think because of the game aspect of liftoff, and they have some pretty nice environments um.

I think it’s going to make you want to like fly more uh. I see i wrecked my rain right into that pool, but this is what i mean you guys you want to like it’s, not a big deal to wreck in a simulator versus really flying. You don’t want to wreck while you’re really flying, because i don’t know you know you’re gon na spend some money on that drone like if you had a drone like imagine. If mr steele had a thousand dollar drone and every time he went to go fly, he broke it, man that would get so expensive and see how it’s just kind of giving me points for doing tricks, but just like i said in the other video it’s. Just all about getting that stick time in, and you know this is how i do it is. I just play simulators i’m normally not talking. I normally don’t have a microphone in front of me Music, but do oh, but once again i mean this is a lot more floaty than what a real life drone would be, but there it is so now i’m, just gon na fly for a bit. Probably put some music, i know who i am no Music. Um me. I know who i am me. I know who i am me. I know who i am. I know who i am nope nope. I know who i am me. No nope, nope Music me.