This is another fpv drone sim review. Now this one is going to be about the drl sim, which stands for drone racing league now i’ve already kind of done. The european counterpart and this one actually came first uh, the drone lacing and, to be completely honest, i haven’t flown uh this one in a while, i think the similarities between uh drl and dcl. As far as the sims go, i would say, they’re pretty similar. Now obviously, they’re very different in real life, they’re very, very different as far as the leagues go, but i would say the simulators as far as the flight how the drone feels in flight etc is pretty similar, but just like dcl drl also can offer you a Contract, if you are good enough at the game, they hold competitions every single year and they’ll offer you an actual drone racing pilot contract, which is pretty uh and crazy. Pretty insane now, like i said, i haven’t played this one in a while. I should probably start playing this one a lot more just because of that and how it feels rather similar to the dcl. Now, as you can see here, this is actually a pretty cool feature that um, like liftoff and velocitron kind of had liftoff had this more than velociron does learn to fly. This is what i mean they’re going to show you some basics behind the goggles, the road to pro they’re, going to show you all of this good stuff, which i would definitely recommend, especially if you’re a newbie just go ahead and do this it’s it’s.

Not that hard to do now, let’s jump over to a few other things. Before we go into that um. I want to show you guys uh, you know so, just like always, i use the fr sky xsr sim usb dongle. This is how i’m able to fly wirelessly. So if i wanted to stand up, if i wanted to back away from the computer screen get closer whatever i don’t have to worry about bending or breaking a cable. This also just lends to it being even more realistic. The more things that you can do to kind of make this these simulators more realistic, the better. Now, if you wanted to buy some goggles and hook them up, i use the skyzone 030s. This is not a recommendation on those, but they actually do have a micro hdmi import. So you know, but then you’d have to get more cables like all this kind of stuff. So i don’t necessarily recommend that but um, i definitely recommend this and the controller. The transmitter that i currently use – i am getting actually like – possibly three new ones just to test out – might return. This sell this one, but this one’s awesome. I have no complaints. I use the fr sky uh, taranis qx7, but let’s get back to the game. So you can do multiplayer, train freestyle, which is what i’m going to be doing here in a second multiplayer, and this is how you kind of you: can race people around the world.

If you want to do any of these races gates of hell or the ideas in hard rock stadium, build your own dream drone, this is pretty cool. You can also fix default physics, custom physics and that that’s, like the flight characteristics of the drone, as well as the flight characteristics in the game. You can change a lot of this stuff up now. This is what i mean they have tournaments and tryouts become a drl pilot price is awarded weekly, and this is kind of why i should probably start flying this sim a lot more because the main one that i do right now is dcl, but you know there’s. No complaints on for me on any of this relieve all the action, so you can see the different results. Oh we’re not going to do that so i’m, just going to close this out return to the game, but they’ll show you guys what a lot of this is now, especially with what’s going on in the world. You’Re, probably gon na, be seeing seeing a lot more races in the simulators. They even do these sunday night flights, eu tournaments uh north america tournament. This is what i mean they do these different tournaments and you can kind of see what’s going on here. Back the tryouts workbench tournaments community drones uh the physics you can, edit your own maps uh, which is pretty cool, but now let’s jump over into freestyle. Now i already showed you guys: we have feature tracks, community maps, virtual season fan dual and then you have the multi gp drl maps and the originals.

Now the originals is what i was just on, but now you have the drl maps which uh just like how the dcl they have maps in their game that are made to look and feel just like the tracks that they race on the drl. Does the exact same thing these tracks are made to look and feel exactly like the maps that they fly, that they actually fly for the professional races. But if you really want to get some free style in, you would go back and go to the originals, because that this is kind of a little bit more fun map. So we’re going to do the us air force bone yard. You can change this up. Remember you can change this up to where it’s not pro mode now i’ve been flying for a while, especially on these sims. So you can do intermediate where you have stability mode is off, but altitude off, but angle limiter is on. That means you’re not going to be able to like do too like too many like super sharp turns or anything like that or pro mode. Now you can do camera tilt right now, it’s at 50., remember on freestyle, normally like to do around 20, but because i’ve been flying this sim in 50 for a while, because this is a racing sim, so we’re going to do that and i’m going to hit Start here and i’m going to show you guys what this, what this level looks like and all that good stuff, because i think this is an awesome simulator now i know that i’m doing reviews on all of them, but if you really want to get good at Fpv, i recommend starting out with possibly velocidrone or one of these other simulators they’re a lot more forgiving.

I think i’ve mentioned saying starting off with liftoff. I like liftoff a lot but let’s, get to flying and check out this level um. As you can see, the pop ups like this is one mistake that i made like right when i first played this game, the very first time i joined some guys in a race and they obviously knew what they were doing and i was like brand new. So i you know, if you’re new, i don’t, really recommend uh joining any of those races, because a lot of those guys they’re gon na be really good and they’re just gon na whoop, your butt Music. So this is a pretty cool pool, cool level uh. I would say the levels on uh the drl are actually a lot bigger than some of the other sims uh. So far, this is actually one of the some of the biggest levels – they’re really massive, so you’re going to be able to fly like really far out there and really explore some stuff. But if you want to get good at tricks, you know you’re not going to be like flying like these crazy long flights to get somewhere you’re just gon na want to like go and fly now this one what’s really cool is you can set up your switches To you can set up two different switches, one to bring you all the way back to the starting point and one to just kind of like if you crashed it’ll flip you over just right where you are, which is what i have set up here, and this Is kind of a cool little place to just kind of play around with you have a lot of like gaps to fly through a lot of tricks.

You can do you can do power loops, which i’m not that good at some people are pretty good at them. Honestly i like going through these gaps more than i do power loops power loops are awesome that people can do them, but if you’re, a third party person watching the video, i don’t think power loops. Look that good on camera. They look awesome when you’re doing a third party view and watching the drone itself do stuff. But this is all just my opinion, but like this it’s kind of discombobulating – and it can give people like you know, just get make them dizzy, but that’s just my opinion, which is why, like this kind of it doesn’t, i don’t. I don’t think that looks that good, but just my opinion, but yeah this this. This simulator has some of the largest levels it doesn’t have the most levels, which i, which i kind of already told you guys, was the worlds of drift, which is not necessarily a simulator, but those levels are really small, but the graphics on drl is some of The best i think, the graphics on this are some of the best graphics compared to like look like look at this stuff. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, and this is one of the oldest, like video game style simulators and by video game style i mean like they have. They have the competitions and the races and all that stuff.

So that’s what i mean so they’ve had more time to kind of work on stuff compared to some of the other guys out there. So there you guys go that’s my review of drl. I definitely recommend it. It is kind of crazy. Like me recommending all of these different ones, i love all of them and obviously you don’t have time to like play all of them, but you know i don’t know where you guys are in the world. If you’re, like me, we’re we’re having a snowpocalypse or a winter weather warning i’ve been off work for like four days now, which is not necessarily good for my pocketbook, which is why guys like subscribe sub to the channel. All of that good stuff. I definitely highly appreciate it subscribe to me over on odyssey as well. You know you’ll be able to get lbc coins it’s like an airdrop, a crypto airdrop only it’s happening all the time. If you want to follow me on my crypto channel uh, the link is going to be down below in the description, it’s called daily mint. A lot of exciting stuff is happening in crypto right now. You guys might want to get into it, but otherwise you know fpv drones. This is i kind of have two main hobbies: fpv drones and crypto, and then i go to work every single day and these sims i’ve mentioned this. Before guys. You know i work a normal like nine to five job which sucks i would love to turn youtube and drones uh full time so i’m kind of i kind of i’m coming at it with two two different ways: right doing, crypto and then doing youtube and we’ll See how it works out for me right.

So if you guys want to help me out in that help me get better at drone, so i can turn that into a full time thing possibly get some drone footage contracts in. I am working on my part 107. Hopefully that i get that pretty soon, but there you guys go. My name is spencer and i’ll.