Besides the bug fixes now, your rates of your dji fpv drone can be input into the sim itself, so that gives you a better feel of flight similar to flying your actual drone. But i feel the app is still in its beta stages, for one gravity. Doesn’T feel the same at all right. The drone is super floaty. It doesn’t drop as fast as when you’re flying the real drone and one other thing: where is the android version? I am by no means at any level an app developer and i understand that it takes a while to create the software, but come on dji it’s been a few weeks months, even that the drone has been out and the app is still not ready. I’M. Sorry dji: i need to get android pilots up in the sky Music disclaimer. This episode is not sponsored. I’Ve always been using this app to practice fpv even before the dji fpv came about. So i just want to recommend it to you to give it a try. So you’re gon na go over to the google play, store and download this fpv free rider app. The app interface looks like this it’s, a free app. It has its limitations, but at least most minimum is that you can get going with connecting your remote controller. With your smartphone, of course, you will need the on the go: cable that is supplied with the goggles um connect it up also via a type c data charging cable on the right side.

Instead of having touch screen controls, you can then tap on that and calibrate your controller for mine. I have my controllers already calibrated, but you just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go. Make sure your remote controller is on by the way. So you can send the signal up to your phone. You only have one map of choice, which is the desert map. If you look at the left side by default, it is in safe, leveling mode and low rates are on and also the camera is in line of sight mode. You can then tap and change. Um these settings to acro mode uh high rates highways is fine. It’S not really that high anyways for as the demo version and then the camera you can be in fpv mode. Okay, so over on your right side, there’s a time race, you can choose either one three or up till five laps, but let’s just go for one lap here uh. You can then start the race by tapping on the time race, okay, so just pitch forward and start flying controls in acro mode are just about the same. They did mention that the controls are sluggish, but actually it gives you a better learning curve because um, the quote, is not all over the place: it’s, nice and smooth in the final round in the actual app that i’ve actually purchased. Besides the more map options, you can also tune up your rates to your specific needs, and it will definitely give you a better training aid, especially on the go.

All you need is just your remote controller and your phone plug it in anywhere, and then you can start practicing. You will feel how sluggish the controls are. Once you start trying to fly freestyle it’s, just a bit unreactive and doesn’t, give you much freedom of control, but then again, if this is just for practice, then i guess it’s a good start, especially for Music, since the dji fpv doesn’t have a app for android. Yet one thing about this demo is that it has a time limit before it cuts off so that’s just the downside about it, but i would say that in actual flight time, it’s about five minutes of practice – and all you need to do is just go back To the main menu and then start the map again that’s about it. Alright, for this episode, i just wanted to share with you. This app i’ve always been using it to practice fpv, and i hope it will benefit you also now, if you’ve liked this video do give it a thumbs up subscribe for more content, because in the near future, i’ll be making a full review of the uh purchased. App itself also do chat with me in the comment section and as always, i’ll see you in the skies Music. This channel has just reached 800 subs.