Today we are going to be reviewing the dji fpv and now, first and foremost, i wanted to tell you guys what fpv actually stands for. Fpv stands for first person view, and it means you can see everything. The drone is seeing it’s uh. It gives you a really immersive experience. You’Ll use these goggles right here and with that it’s connected directly to the camera here and the controller with it sends an analog signal and it’s all set up with an analog signal and that’s. How you’re able to visit and see what the drone is seeing now why, for a long time, fpv’s have been popular but there’s always been a problem with the fpv drones in that you have had to construct them yourself, you’ve had to make them yourself, you’ve had To connect your own camera, the cameras have never had really good signal and there’s always been low latency to the goggles for the type of goggles that have been available now. This is the first time that a fpv drone has come up fully assembled ready to go. Such as the dji, and especially considering that it can shoot videos in 4k 30, which is unheard of in the drone business, and also that they have batteries that can run around 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on how you fly and it’s. A really really amazing thing, because that’s never happened in the drone business before and it’s something really really new, the parts you need to fly and the parts you need to play in the fpv drone are here.

You have your basic your standard controller uh, which you can choose, whichever one, your goggles, which is where you’re gon na get your image transmission. Therefore, you’re going to get no screen here, no cell phone – no tablet, because all your images going to be here and now this also has its own um sd card. So you can record anything directly onto the goggles now with the dji. They also have invented the motion controller, which is where you can control it with your hand, and it will follow your hand, which is really cool way to control this sort of drone, and you can record all the buttons are there. Also here you have, you: have the rather large battery as you can see, and this is why it’s so impressive, because a normal battery in the fpv game lasts five to ten minutes at most and here you’re looking at at least uh. You know 15 minutes, which is not that great, but it’s still amazing for this level and for this market also now. What also is really impressive is that if you have someone else that has the same goggles as you or any type of goggles, you can actually transmit your signal from this to the other goggles, which means the other. People can actually see what your drone is seeing, which is really really good, because everything is done with an analog signal, so that’s, basically an overview of the the fpv and what you need to control it.

Now why people don’t really like this drone is because they feel like it’s, very basic, it’s, very simple. It does have three modes. You have normal mode, which is the same as flying a dji, regular cinematic drone. You have sport mode, which is a little faster which is similar to sport mode in the regular dgis, and then you have acro. An acro is fully fully manual. No, no help your sensors don’t work, nothing works you’re, all on your own, because this drone does have sensors. It actually has two sensors at the bottom here and has two sensors here and two at the bottom, and i believe one at the back also what it has that you have the ability to break so if you’re, ever panicking or you’re ever worried. You press this button right here on this and you press this button right here on this, which is the break button and on here it’s uh it’s. You can see there at the back it’s going to be right there, where it says, pause so that’s. Definitely a really good thing: if you have a panic or you don’t know where you’re going you can break here. You have the three modes, and here you have your rotator wheel now, i’m, just gon na show you some videos i’ve taken just to show you how immersive the experience is, and you can decide for yourself. Uh people also don’t think the camera is that great.

But you know what’s really strange about it, and a lot of criticism i don’t agree with is that you can attach a gopro or an insta360 to this as well. So you have the best of both worlds and it has a better camera than most basic drones. So, for me, i think it’s a really good step in the market for dgi, and i think dji is going to continue to produce fpv drones and i’m interested to see what they do next, when they improve it. Thank you for watching my video and have a have a lovely day: Music.