The road had its ups and downs, so we arrived in czech republic, but first thing that we have to do is to buy a vignette and trust me guys. The queue is pretty long, so were gon na have another delay, but its fine. We managed to safely arrive during the night where we were met with beer and fire. When you blow it Music, i managed i did the thing yeah that burns its like for two minutes and then good morning. Everyone so day, one lets check how it looks like because when we came at night its like, i think and also i have an ouchie here so okay lets go. Oh, it is beautiful. So while we were getting some of our stuff ready, i have realized that i have forgotten my batteries yeah. This happened: Music thats. Basically, the whole track were going to be going on the other side of the wall as well, and the guys said that we should not fall because its like way down so hopefully were gon na stay within the track. Now there are a couple of things to think of when you are in the race in such a spot, one of them being a radio link. The puzzle walls are really thick, making it harder to see and control your drones, but rotorama team has figured out a way for the vision. This is supposed to be a grand station that will help us see whats on the other side of the wall, because were gon na be doing like a split s and theres three gates just behind this wall, so were gon na split us somewhere there, i think, Or maybe they will make us go for the dot that would be fun uh, but yeah.

There was gon na be also a dive which is going from here down here from the door and probably back here, im not entirely sure how it goes. Uh we havent had a track work, yet i dont know guys i pretty much like it. I mean you dont, really race in the castle, that much so thats thats really exciting, im actually afraid a little bit for the drones, because the guys actually said that mostly the motors were dying last time last year. So were gon na see how it goes. But im totally not gon na go full throttle here because im like i dont wan na its scary Music. Unfortunately too many pilots experienced fail, safes and yeah. I was one of them. It was quite close. We were quite close, actually hey, but we will just stand it next to it, thats already something it may look funny, but at the end of the day we have found the drone just because the insta 360 go to camera was still on it. Well, its the first half oh, so it sticks like this that the rest is down there. That explains a lot its wrong. Why isnt beeping, i dont know like the motors hey. The second part of it is this. Where we came from, he did blue harsh matches. Music, Music, Music had many perks, and one of them has been a great view with the fireplace, with a view, Music to the track.

As you may imagine, we went far with this idea. The important part is you managed, since the race got cut short due to the rain, we have enjoyed the surroundings with a grill and just hanging out with our friends. You cant, try, angle mode Music then went back to our tent to take some well deserved sleep.