Maybe this thing will make me a hero by the way. Welcome to the channel. My name is danny black and i love to review cool gear. That comes my way. If you are new here, dont be a stranger, you know, click that one right there and i mean if youre close enough, you can reach that one right there thatd be awesome. Thank you ill put links to everything down in the description, plus maybe a coupon code. I might have one well see well see and also a surprise, link and ill. Tell you as much as i can about this thing, but i need to be upfront and tell you that youre not going to see any fpv shots for me, because this thing actually doesnt record. This is strictly a beginner kit and ill show you it from the goggles point of view, but youre not going to be seeing any crazy high quality drone footage on this and thats, really not the point of it. Anyways so lets just open the box and see what we get so in the box. You get another box and this is actually a really nice portable box. That has everything that you need right here in it. In that box, you get the cdis pro brushless quadcopter, a beta fpv controller, fpv goggles, two batteries; a battery charger and voltage tester usb usbc charging cable, a prop removal tool and three extra 40 millimeter blade props, as well as the user manual, which youre probably gon Na need now, as someone thats very new to this, you might get a little bit overwhelmed and maybe think that this is gon na be too hard, but its actually not its pretty easy.

The batteries will actually last you four to five minutes each now. You might think thats not a lot of flying time from my experience, its actually not too bad you get going for about four to five minutes now you can be like me and just get a bunch more of these little batteries. That way, you have them ready to go. The quadcopter comes with a brushless power system which gives the pilots a lot more fpv freestyle actions so that they can train. If it gets out of control or low battery, it will actually do an emergency safe, landing theres. An auto hover feature on this thing, so when you do let go of the controller, its not gon na fly off its just gon na actually hover for you and then theres a thing called turtle mode. So if it does crash and its upside down, you can actually turn on turtle mode and itll flip over. So you can get going and, as you can see, its super safeguarded and its very light. So you dont have to worry about crashing this thing and breaking it also running it into the walls at your house. Its not gon na leave, marks and thats gon na happen, not the marks but running it into the wall. Music. There are three modes for complete beginners all the way up to season. Fpv, pilots and those three modes will give you also slow medium and fast speeds, so that you know from day one when youre learning this thing, you can actually feel confident flying it.

The controller is super comfortable to hold with a hobby grade gimbal and adopted rubber coat. You can also connect your controller to your computer, and then you can find some fpv simulators to play like e read drone lift off, which is a lot of fun and more convenient to help you practice as well. These first person view goggles are very simple: to use very simple controls, its specifically designed for fpv starters. It comes with built in high quality antennas, so you can receive stable and clear images even for long range flights. You can go a distance about 80 meters from your controller, which isnt a lot, but at the same time, thats not really the point so its not for joyriding around your neighborhood just for getting good and comfortable so that when youre ready, you can get that more Expensive fpv drone and you wont, be worried about crashing it because youll be more experienced. This thing only weighs 33.19 grams without the battery and with the battery its super light. Still, the camera placement cannot be moved because its built into it, so you cant adjust it or angle it its at a tilt of 30 degrees, because the idea is when you get this thing going like an fpv drone youre actually going to be flying it more. Like that, youll see it at a better degree of view, and that in turn will actually be better for you in the long run, because youll get more used to having to fly it like this, so that when you get more expensive, drones, uh youll be ready For it, the price of this whole system comes in at 229, us dollars, which, in my opinion, if you have no idea how to make one or repair one or the money to replace an expensive one.

This is probably a good deal for you, or this could be a great gift for someone to help them learn a really valuable skill and do check out their website, because there are other drones and other things that you can choose from. But im gon na keep playing with this and try to get better and better and ill update. You on my progress in a few weeks and see how im doing, but this has been a lot of fun, and this has been something that ive been wanting to. Learn for a while now i just felt like there was a lot more to it that i didnt know so having a kit like this really helps out a lot but thats it for todays product review.