Welcome to my channel. Well, today might be the day you get into the fpv drone hobby, because im gon na show you a ready to fly kit all in one everything you need to start in the fpv drone hobby. Sure ive shown many of those kits on my channel before, but this one im a little bit excited about because the last kit i have shown in this configuration was the eos sheen novice 4 kit, and this kit was so popular that it sold out and you Cant even buy it anymore. It came with a drone like this. A long range fpv drone, really good goggles, really good remote control brand name, lots of batteries, everything it was so popular it sold out and one would think because it was so popular and because it sold out that they would make more but theres a supply chain Problem going on in the world due to covet and they cant get any more parts supplies so theyre, not making any more at the moment. So what they did is they sent me this one, the eachine novice three to review, and this is version two and the funny thing is they sent me this about two months ago and i havent got around to review it now im so behind. In my product reviews that i have not even looked inside to see whats in here, all i know is it says: on the outside, you have the novice 3 fly more kit, so i looked on the banggood website to find out.

Why would they call it a fly market? You know like dji does and other companies all do that now. So when i looked on the website, i found that there are two kits you can order. One is the ready to fly kit and the other one. Is this one, the fly more kit and apparently the fly more kit? The only difference is they give you a whack of batteries like more batteries than youll ever need, so lets open it up and see whats inside all right. You will be the first to see this. As i said, i havent even seen it. So what im going to do is, as i take out parts im going to show you the parts that i take out close up, so you can see them closely. So i still cant see anything im looking in the monitor, so everything looks upside down to me, but it does look well packaged check that out so right here, thats, no thats the goggles so right here, everythings reverse. On my monitor, i can already tell thats a jumper controller, which is a very good brand name. I wonder if they gave the good one. You know theres different versions of this controller if they gave the high end one ill be. My brain will be blown these goggles ive used before and they are superb. Where is the drone? Oh, i do see a charger back here. I see a power supply there and wheres all these batteries.

This is the ready to fly kit whats. This thing here whats this, and they gave me an empty case that a battery would go in so ill have to figure out that it looks like an 18650, so that might be a battery for the remote okay were going to find that out in a second Lets pull this out, so i got this out here and im pulling out the drone so theres our drone. It is very small in size, it is analog. It looks like it would probably take a 3s battery im gon na have to check the specs on that, and i will tell you – and i can see on top your video little transmittery thing here and you have your little antennas diversity antennas back here. Ill have to strap those down because i dont like them, sticking out brushless motors everything. It looks like its probably going to be a ripper, its so small. It probably goes like stink, so lets put that aside, lets pull out our goggles here and oh, they got some nice weight to them. Are these ones that detach? No? No, they almost look like they come apart. That would be, oh, my god they come apart. These, oh, i i own these goggles. I have a set of these. These are really good goggles, because look at that you take it apart and there is your monitor for shop work. So you have your antenna and you can watch stuff on here and then, when you want to go fly you just put them back together.

They have a really good display, its really high definition in these ones. So im surprised that this is in there. I feel like a kid on christmas, discovering new things so im familiar with these goggles. They are really good. The only thing they do not have is you cannot put a micro sd card in these ones, yeah same version as mine matter. Of fact, mine are right. Right back here there they are right. There same thing, look at that check that out so uh yeah, so you cannot put a micro sd card in it, so you cannot record your video as youre flying all right lets see what else we have in there. So we saw a power supply yes, and we have over here, ive got. Oh ive got the battery charger little display on the front, which is good its going to give you a voltage. I believe, and it looks like you – can charge a 2 cell battery a 3 cell battery or a 4 cell battery. I wouldnt be surprised if this drone looking at the size of it, and that is very modern. It probably takes anywhere from a two cell, three cell or four cell. Let me see what batteries they said. Im still looking for this fly more thing with all the batteries i dont see anything here. Did they somebody take the batteries out when it came through customs? I have no idea, oh theres, something back here, all sorts of things: aha batteries, so i got two there thats, oh thats, the two thats three, so six batteries right here, wow six batteries, yep i shoved in six batteries and more stuff.

Let me just take one out and see what type of batteries they gave us, so i can already see on the battery its an xt 30 connector wow. These are good batteries, theyre 450 milliamp hour, but whats good about them is they say they have an adc rating and a 160c burst rating. That means, when you blip the throttle this things just gon na zoom go go, go, go, go really fast. Its kind of odd that they added all this for beginners this could get. This could be a little crazy for a beginner with six batteries like that yikes, so thats pretty sweet. What else lets see what else they have back here? We have stickers. I see a bag back here and theres something in this bag. Look at this. What is this thing so inside this here? Pouchy thing is uh uh, your the antenna for your goggles are here and your av input. If you want to run videos into your goggles and watch them so cleaning cloth for your goggles antenna ill, stick that on there screw my little antenna on and good, they gave you a mushroom antenna. You see when i bought mine lets, pull this back. When i got mine, i didnt get a mushroom antenna. This is no good for fbv flying uh. You wont get all the signal, but a mushroom antenna is very good because when the drone goes around you, you dont have to keep turning your head.

It will get the signal yeah its a usb plug you plug in usb here, plug that in your wall and plug this into charge up your goggles, but also i have a usbc cable, so you can use that theres, probably something to use that with and over Here, ah, this is for this controller and the fact that thats in there guess what this is the good controller, because this piece only comes with the good controller. This piece beginners will never use it, but you could strap that to the back and put a crossfire module or e l r s, the new type of transmitters on the back thats pretty sweet. So that means then this one has the hall effect gimbals, because only the top end model has the hall effect gimbal. So i bet you thats what these are top model in this little jumper tealight radio, thats pretty sweet. What else do i have in here? Aha ive got props, was there props on here already yeah theres already props on it, so i have the screwdriver and props. So if you want to add or change props, these ones are blue to make it look pretty fancy. And finally, what do i have? I have the manual out of the box uh everything should work so, as a matter of fact, watch this out of the box. Dont try this at home kids im going to power this on. Let me just see if they gave you a battery, so the back comes off and no no batteries so thats the only thing missing from this kit.

You need an 18650 battery to get this working. So what im going to do is im going to put the antenna on the radio so in your kit, youre, going to find a straight antenna like this thats for your radio. So lets put that on and lets just see if this is ready to go out of the box. I havent done anything im not even going to charge your battery nothing im just going to start it up and fly it right here. Sitting like this. Let me just go: get a battery for this all right. You see this case doesnt this case. Just look like the blue one. They gave you right here. They gave me a blue case thats, because this case is where you put your 18650 batteries in. You can buy 18 650 batteries online from amazon or anything else like that. Theyre, mostly used in uh. Well e those e cigarettes. You know people that vape use them a lot. So let me just put one in here: make sure you get the plus and the minus correct, so the end on an 18650 battery that has the line going around the end, its an indentation thats, the plus side, always look for the plus side in your device, Plug it in and it will power on, watch this ill power it on. I havent put the back back on and there we go. It should be ready to go whered. I put the back for this, get the back on uh.

You can put voice in these things. If you want mine, i usually have voice on mine, so its pretty good. The display lights up nicely in the front im gon na push all the switches away from me down down. So all i have to do next is take my drone here, um. Obviously, if youre a beginner dont do what im about to do its just that i have been in this hobby for so long. I am going to do this. Hey hey! If you notice my forehead too, where is it right here? I got a big scar or scratch there. That is not from a drone that is from an rc product. What i did is uh. I got an rc truck massive one that hit me in the head. Well, it didnt hit me in the head honestly. Actually i bent down to pick something up and i ran my head into the front of it. It was one of those arma what was it arma limitless thats, what it is. It has a scoop in the front and its very sharp plastic all right, so ive got the battery on the bottom and im just gon na stick it over here. Give me this. Let me put ill put my scale over here, so its on something smooth there. We go so its there and im just going to this radio is already on and on the screen. It says model one, so it must be all set to go, and all i have to do is then connect these two cables here and itll be all set to go.

Lets see these motors start up im just going to throw it across the room there. We go baby all right, so lets put that there and let me just see what these switches do im just going to lean back case. It starts to fly okay, so this switch at the bottom left is your beeper. So that means, if thats the beeper on that side, a lot of times, companies like to use the left hand side for the arm switch, lets put that there and ill just see. If i can hover it here. I dont know how well this is gon na work. This could be dangerous for captain drone all right. So here we go there. We go so just make sure i have the kill switch, so the kill switch will be. If i spin it just push this top left, uh switch down, lets, kill so much as i can spin it in place a little bit. You see that and theres a mic on top right there. Here we go ill, take it up and fly it away from. I me have it in angle mode or else im going to put another dent in my head. There we go there we go. Captain drone is flying right out of the box, no configuration nothing all right, dont try this at home, kids, whatever you do and im gon na hit that kill switch boink there we go so thats pretty sweet. I blew everything off the table, but it works right out of the box, so youve seen it here.

First, this is pretty cool im gon na take it out and fly this all right. If youre wondering about any details about this ive unplugged, the battery the motors say eachine on them, but they say theyre 5500 kv so thats why they spin so fast. The props two screws to put them in very simple. It means theyre not going to pop off. If you crash or anything like that, which is really good carbon fiber frame, you can see it on here the standoffs, the flight controller. I cannot tell by looking at it if its an f4 and f7 doesnt really matter, you can hook it up to betaflight change. The switches configuration on your uh little controller if you wish, if youre a newbie out of the box, just fly it like, i did there battery strap onto the bottom, its all set to go. The only thing i would suggest is, if i show you here, this is your antenna with for your video, this large antenna, with a little like thickness close to the top that you do not want it to get it chopped by the props. So youre gon na have to do something to hold it in place. Ill show you how to do that, and these other two skinny little antennas thats your antenna to communicate with this here controller. If you chop those off its not going to work either and you can chop them by crashing, so let me show you how to fix that right now, all right, the way you fix things like that is with zip ties.

You can use anything else. You want, and with the zip tie its not strapping them down so much. Is you take the zip tie ill just show you as an example here im going to run one end through the back theres two holes in the back, so im going to run one end through the back and have it come out? The other end youll see whats going to happen in a second there. You go its that simple. You see at the back. I have run the zip tie through the existing holes. Ive just got to go in any: u shape! What youre going to do then, is youre, then going to tape electrical tape or whatever these components, these wires to either zip ties so that theyre spread apart. So if you tape them lets, see im not going to do it here, but i will do it before i go fly it outside. If you tape them, then it will look sort of like this and you can just chop off the tops of the zip ties. So that it doesnt stand in the way, and that way the zip tie is always holding everything straight up and youll, never chop them with your props thats. A newbie mistake same is true a lot of newbies when they fly see this. This is your balance plug this goes to the cells in your battery, so that it can balance each cell a lot of newbies, let it dangle ive seen so many newbies do that and the prop chops it off.

So what you do is you take an elastic band and you wrap it around your battery and just attach that to the battery, so it doesnt hang loose and you wont have any issues and youll have years and years of flying with this thing it looks like Itd be pretty durable to not break at all unless you crash into pavement concrete or something really hard or a side of a house all right. So the next thing for me to do is uh. Take this out for a flight. Here we go check out the temperature right now outside. It is like minus 14 degrees celsius ill put what that is right here in fahrenheit, its its pretty darn cold, all right. So the plan today is to take the little guy for a flight, and i cannot see i wear glasses. I cannot fit those goggles over my glasses. The image inside them is really good, but you know if i take my glasses off and try to look inside, it looks blurry because i i have prescription lenses. I you know, i cant see anything that close to my face so im going to use my fat sharks. They have lenses in them that are perfect for my eyesight and everythings in focus and im going to record the flight in my fat sharks and also i do have a little insta 360 go camera on the front that im going to record some of the flight.

In so uh lets go before i freeze up switches down power on the controller put a battery on the bottom. There we go just have to connect the battery and were all set to fly its so cold out here, plug that in there we go all right. Can you see me in there were ready to go, ive got an insta, 360 go camera on the front, and hopefully nothing freezes up were ready to fly all right im going to record with my fat sharks. There we go its early morning. It is so cold here we go. Can i see anything? Oh thats, so cold on the eyes right. I dont like flying with gloves on, but i have no choice in this case uh. What motor we? Oh no im fogging up here what motor we in stability, air mode, okay, there we go, dont want to fog up too much uh. Here we go acro in. Let us fly yeah, as i thought. This thing here is a ripper. Look at this thing go down the street whoa my baby go back this way. This is fast. Look at this. I can just fly around the whole neighborhood. No problem whatsoever look at way up in the air. Okay lets bring it on down. Lets bring it on down its a person walking down there, so i want to not get near them and freak them out so im going this way lets go over this house Music.

I want to come and zoom down on the road Music. This thing here, yeah, if youre a beginner, you can have a lot of fun with this, i have it in acro mode, which is like the you know, someone who knows how to who knows what theyre doing, even when theyre half frozen and thats. Why im flying like this, but if youre a beginner put it in stability mode, so there we go even an acro mode. Look at this! I can keep it nice and stable. You can see me down here with the cameras zooming around. I dont see any problems with battery battery life is still good. Only problem im, having is its so cold out here. My lenses are fogging up, which is causing a bit of a problem for me to see where im flying so im gon na have to take it slow for a little bit. But i guess you want to see if this thing here is a good freestyle drone for when you get really good at flying, so lets come around this way and lets do some quick freestyle? Take it up, so i dont smash into anybody or anything and do a little loop yeah, its very fast at flipping. Very fast, like that flip i tried to do it slow and its like whoa theres, a slow one whoa. I just gave it some gas. I saw a tree in the corner and to repeat everything again: i cant see fully out of the goggles, because theyre fogging up because my head is warm and its like freaking uh arctic weather out here at the moment, should be ice crystals in the air and Once again, i dont see any low battery issues so im flying now.

If i look at the right hand corner it says: ive been flying for two minutes. No, no battery issues lets go see what the reception is so im sitting over here. At the end of my jeep and lets go around this way lets see how it looks youre going to see it in the fat sharks, my reception. If the image starts to really flicker back bad and go black and white, that means im losing reception, so theres. The flicker going behind trees and everything the side of the house still got color, so thats good, no still got a lot of reception and ive. Only if you look at the top left, i only have the output for the video at 200.. You can go. I think on this one you go all the way up to 400, 300 or 400, its something ridiculous uh for a beginner drone, thats, pretty high, so yeah no issues there for reception. Now, if im flying here with no objects between the drone and me, then you know you can go farther and go to a park in the back of this field. Here. Im in another community now and look at reception is still good could fly all the way to the rivers. Anything else come on back lets, go all right, see at the top now im getting a little flash. When you see your battery voltage flashing up top its just a warning that youre using too much voltage and to take it a little easier and with this cold weather, its not helping so here we go were already at three minutes.

This thing here probably flies for like five minutes, i would guess in uh warm weather but uh with this cold weather. No, so lets bring it on back and then i can go. Take a look at all my frostbitten fingers. So here we go just put it over here and i have to remember where the arm switch is oh yeah, its on the left. Every controller is different for me when i take it out of the box and i dont change the settings in acro mode. Its a little difficult to hover lets go around my jeep here again, Music. There we go now were getting the beeping. That beeping means you need to come back all right, so here lets bring it on back or else its gon na fall out of this guy. Come on this down way before i hit myself, i couldnt find the freaking the freaking switch to like disarm it im not used to these things, listen to the sound of the snow when it makes that crunchy sound. That means its really cold all right. So final thoughts on this drone, let me just say the following im frozen, so i want to get back inside really quick ill, just say its a really good beginner kit. This is one of those beginner kits that the drone is actually good enough for a pro. In other words, if youre a beginner starting out, you might find it to be a little bit more difficult to fly even in stability mode, because it seems to be more angled at the pro.

But it also means that when you get good, you have an awesome. Awesome fpv drone on your hands to do all sorts of the pro stuff and fly around really fast. Do some really cool things, its a smooth flyer, its well tuned its well made? So i think i think youre going to love it. Anyways links are below go check it out its on the banggood website, since it is an iashin product and yeah. I think its really good so uh one two thumbs up from me: uh i got ta go in and get warm. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Just one thumb is fine and uh. If you want to see more videos on drones like this and the camera, drones and rc vehicles and anything in the rc hobby make sure you subscribe catch you next, video, bye, Music.