Welcome to my channel well in this episode were going to take a look at a ready to fly drone for beginners. So if you want to get into fpv – and you want a kit where everything comes in the box to get you started in the fpv hobby, this is one. This is called the petrel 65 ready to fly drone and were going to check it out right now. Music, so everything you need comes in this really nice case and theres, quite a bit in here im going to show you most of it right now and tell you about it. So the first thing youll want on the vote is the drone. So this little guy right here, you can buy this separately or buy it in the kit. This drone is pretty cool but heres. What i like about it, you dont try to hang on to the same time, heres what i like about it, the vtx, the video transmitter at the back shoots out at 350. Milliwatts ive only got mine set right now to 200, so i save some battery power, but 350 is quite powerful for a little whoop. So if youre flying indoors or outside, you should be able to get a video signal back to you at quite a distance. The camera up front is a cadx nano ant, which gives you pretty good. Camera quality were gon na. See that when i play back in the video does have an f4 flight controller, it does take a 1s battery.

They do include two 1s batteries in the kit. Right here, so it should give you some flight time, im gon na guess. I havent flown this im gon na guess, since these batteries are only 300 milliamp hours and theyre 1s and the weight of this drone is not very much but im going to guess everything together, youre, probably averaging – maybe four minutes of flight time per battery. Of course, you get top quality motors on this little guy, because its from hglrc, so theyre 25 000 kv brushless motors, and they do have that really cool system on the bottom, where you just plug them into the flight controller. So, in other words say i dont know say you destroy a motor and you need to buy a new motor. They cost next to nothing, you get one and you just plug it in the bottom. Its that simple next thing i want to show you is the included controller. It is a t8 light. Controller by radio master at radiomaster is a big company, so pretty decent ive had this controller in many different iterations, with many different drones in the past and youve. Seen lots reviews using this controller flying drones of all types, its pretty decent? The thing that i like about it is you can plug a usb in the back and hook it up to your computer and practice on flight sims. So you get the skills of flying fpv, very good for that it has tons of switches, theyve already configured it out of the box, so you dont have to hook it up to betaflight and configure it yourself.

So its configured and im going to show you what all the switches do and if you have a pen and paper write them down just so. You know i put labels on everything. So there you go, you can see my switches. It probably means nothing to you at the moment and if i flick it this way, theres. The other switch is that upside down no thats right side up there we go theres, the other switches there, what they do all right. So if none of my labels made sense to you when i showed you the one that said off arm and air mode, that means off is your motors are not spinning when you flick it to on which is arm, then your motors spin and you can fly And air mode just means youre gon na fly in a way that you can do flips and somersaults and everything else over. On the other side, i have angle mode horizon mode and acro mode, so those are your different flight modes ill. Show you a picture right here of what you can do so, basically an angle mode. You are pretty much limited for stability flight. You cant do flips or anything horizon mode, your stability flight with some flips and then, of course, acro mode. You can just go crazy and do flips everything like freestyle, like a lot of us do when we fly on the front. Another switch called beeper when you flick that your drone will beep in case you lose it in the grass or someplace or in the snow, and your last one is flip over thats in case your drone is upside down and you have your goggles on and you Dont want to go get it.

You put the flip over switch, move, your joysticks and then the drone flips over, and then you arm it again and fly away for all the newbies out there. A little tip just make sure when you power on this controller, to fly it with your drone that you keep the left throttle stick down. This is a mode too, so the throttle sticks on the left. Make sure all your switches at the front are all pushed down, and then your drone will connect and you can go fly all right. What else do i have so? You do get a set of goggles, and these goggles here do come with two antennas put them on im, putting on the antennas right now. So as im putting the antennas on. Let me tell you about the goggles theyre pretty straightforward: all the buttons are really well labeled on them. The display is pretty decent for a beginner theyre small in size, very light theyre rechargeable. Just like the the controllers rechargeable everythings rechargeable here, you dont have to put batteries in anything. The only thing i will mention about them is a few things one is. You cannot put a micro sd card in them and record your flight, so the flight youre going to see me flying today, im going to fly with my fat sharks and record the video in here, but what ill probably do is put a gopro in front of This looking straight in and youll see what it looks like other thing to mention: they are small in size.

So, if you wear glasses like me, you cannot fit them over your glasses. They will not fit no matter what you do so yeah if you wear glasses. These might not work for you, but, like all analog goggles, these goggles will work with any drone. That is analog that you buy in the future, so you can keep on using them. If you wish other things you get in here, its filled with stuff in the back for your goggles, you have an audio video cable system. In case you want to shoot other video in i dont know, watch movies or something you get a pile of instruction. Manuals for everything plus stickers, cant forget the stickers. I think you get two sets of usb cables for charging everything you get a micro, phillips, screwdriver im. Just looking at what i see you get a prop removal tool. You get spare props as well for your drone, you get a connector in case. You want to hook it up to betaflight, to do some configurations if i missed anything ill show it to you right now. Now the last thing to say about this little guy is: it is designed for indoor flight, its advertised for indoor flight indoor racing. You know like if youre in a gym or youre flying around your house, really fast im outside of my backyard and its a little windy its not designed for the wind but im gon na fly it out here in my backyard, in a very tight space and See how it goes so lets try it out now.

Oh the winds. Picking up this is gon na be fun. Here we go okay, so for this first flight im, just gon na take my hat cam here and film it flying around in the wind. So i dont need uh my fat sharks at the moment. Im sliding on ice down here i dont know if you can see it so when you see me moving back and forth thats uh its just me on a sheet of ice, so i dont need these right away ill put those over here. What im gon na do, though, is im gon na power these on and put the gopro in front of them. I dont think its gon na turn out too great, but uh well see what happens all right to get everything going. Just make sure all your switches are down down down down, left throttles down power, this on hold it down, all the lights will come on and its powered on its all set doesnt make a sound or anything like that. Next thing we take our drone here. Ive put the battery in you, see just slides in the bottom like that and then just plug it in makes a little sound and its ready to go so im just going to stick it down here like that. So now ive got the controller and ive got the drone theyre set. So that means this is sending out a video signal to my goggles which are over here.

Let me just put my goggles over here, so you can see them in the image and what im going to do is im going to take a gopro and stick the gopro looking inside so lets see if theyre on they are on. I dont know if you can see it in the image there we go. You can see its picking up an image from the drone right now. If i can hold that steady, so im going to put a gopro in front of that and see what it looks like. So if i go like this, put this on record and ill stick it down here and it should look inside and see everything its going to get some reflections from the sun and the light lets see if i can put something over top of it here. Ill put a hat put my little hat. I have an extra hat that should help all right. It might be a little bit blurry the image going through the gopro looking in the goggles, because theyre so close together and gopros. You know they need about this much distance to be in focus, but yeah well see how it works, so were all set to fly now. So next thing were gon na. Do is take our little drone and put it someplace where you can see it take off. So let me stick it right over here on the ground right back here on the ice and then ill take the little guy here down here on my controls here you see, i have it on off.

Hopefully my hat cam picks this up off and over here. I want to fly it in angle mode, so that means its the switch all the way uh down so thats angle. Next, one up is horizon, then uh acros, the last one. So there we go make sure these are down beepers off. Does the beeper work? You can barely hear the beeper here, heres the beeper up hold up to the mic heres the beeper well thats about as loud as it gets all right. So lets fly it. The reason i say make sure your throttles down, because if you have it up a little bit and you flick the switch, nothing happens, your drone, your drone – will not start up, but if its down and then you flick the switch the motor spin here, we go So ive got an angle mode im taking it slow here so that you can see it in the camera there. It is right in front of me so thats our little baby, and this is in the wind too, and look at it its really really good. I obviously cant see the video, but the video is going into the the gopro over there, so hopefully that looks pretty cool lets, bring it over to the other little camera filming well lets bring it down between these little cameras here. So ive got a camera filming over here there we are whoa, and then i got a camera filming over there whoa its probably out of focus but yeah, so it works really well no issues there.

You should be able to fly this indoors really well. Beginners should be able to fly it. It will stay more stable when youre in angle mode indoors, right now with the wind outside its just moving around and lets see. If i want to turn it off off and catch it well, lets see how it does in the snow. Ive got snow all over it. So im going to use the same battery and now fly it with my fat sharks, wont be much power left, but lets just fly it around the backyard here and see how it does im going to put it down here, get the snow off it lets see What the image looks like in the fat sharks – i might have it on the wrong channel. Ive got a race band one, but every i can make out enough. So i see all the good stuff so thats good enough. I can fly with that yeah. I can do that. I can see my glasses and everything else. Hopefully this image is recording and you can see it so lets go and put an arm. Lets fly it. There we go now. I can fly around my backyard once again. This is designed for beginners. So theres my bird feeder, i have it so. The squirrels cannot attack that and you know what i did. I greased the pole here see this long pole woohoo go up to the bird feeder. I greased it and the squirrels its hilarious.

They try to get up it and they just wipe out with all the grease. I do have a little bird, a squirrel buster thing that i ordered from amazon. That im going to put on is that a tree i just hit, but i dont have that yet and, as you can see in the backyard here, you notice that we have less and less snow yeah. It is melting away. I dont know why. Its almost like spring all right, so you can see im having a fun time and im, not even getting a low battery, and the video signal is shooting back to me at 200 and whoa lets go with the wind. Just got me there. We go now im getting the low battery, so low battery is due to the wind. The wind is blowing it around im trying to control it Music land it there, alright, so flying in the snow. This is what you get there we are down here. Lets get all the snow off it so, like i said its probably about average of four minutes flight time. So let me just pull that off and ill put another battery on thats. Another thing too: if youre new at flying, fpv drones out in the winter, you can crash in the snow land in the snow. Anything it takes a while before the snow damages the electronics. You just have to pull them out of the snow, and then you know get all the snow off do whatever you have to do, to get it off and then its good to fly again.

I fly fpv drones all year long in the winter the summer, the rain, everything and ive never had an issue put our second battery on and go for another flight. So a lot of you probably wonder: can this thing do flips and rolls and stuff like that? It should uh but its pretty windy, so its im, probably gon na crash it here so anyways ill, try it anyways. So on my switches, you see, i have angle thats. What i was in horizon is the next one. It lets you do some flips with stability and the last one is acro. So i want to go on acro and i want to make sure when i turn the switch. I go off arm and all the way up. That will put me in air mode to let me do flips so lets fly this baby lets see. If i can lose it watch me, lose it all right here we go all right, its pretty cold out here. So i dont know how long this battery is going to last lets. Try armed whoa im moving the wrong way. Hang on im in acro mode, whoa, okay were going out this way back this way. At least i could control it in acro mode, thats, good. All right, so you want to see if it can do flips or anything so lets try this. Actually, i can fly it even easier. Am i in acro mode well lets find it yep all right, so we know acro mode allows you to do.

Flips just got to be higher in the air. So let me try that again here how much battery power do. I have left all right here. We go whoa get over that all right, so lets go up higher this way. I dont want to go land too far away because i have to go get it there. We go heres, my street. I could fly to the neighbors if i want, or farther away im going away up here. Alright, so let me show you some flips, as i go over the house going this way and then flip it there we go and then missed the tree missed the tree. I said wow lets: go back, whoa whoa hit the tree hit the tree. All right, okay, well, lets arm, kill the arm switch on that all right, so newbie steve here crashed his little drone again. Let me go get that i got it. I turned on the beeper, went and picked it up, so ive got it back anyways, hopefully that video came out all right, so this is a drone, its designed for flying indoors. What you saw me doing out here is the extremes. With this thing, in the winter on a windy day, uh flying this little guy, so it can handle this so indoors. If you get this for flying around in your house, youll have a blast because its designed for that here im just gon na turn off the beeper.

Here, hang on beeper off there we go pretty good drone. I, like it its a lot of fun and if you want to see that flip over thing here, let me show you that really quick all right to show you the flip over. I have to put something not smooth, or else it wont flip so lets say youre flying. Let me just arm it here: im going to show you so im going to put this back on angle, im going to arm it and then all of a sudden were flying and whoa we flip upside down, so turn it off there we go so now. I need it to flip over, so you have a switch over here, its called uh. My little switch is called flip over. I click that now, when i arm it whoa you get the idea. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video im going to put links below to where you can find this little unit from hglrc. It is a ready to fly kit and, i will say its very durable these ones here. These whoops, like this, are extremely durable with the plastic shrouds around the motors. They are designed to bang into anything in your house, not mark your walls and still keep the drone in one piece. Whoops are ive said it a million time. Are the funnest drones to fly, because if you have a friend, you do racing if youre in the house just race around in a circle someplace and whoever makes it through, i dont know whatever obstacles.

First, is the winner its its pretty decent? Also, like i mentioned this here, can connect to your computer by usb cable, thats included, and you can practice on flight sims. So you can get better theres lots of flight sims for whoops online and theyre free. So you can use those and have a lot of fun so, like i said ill put, links below i dont think its very expensive, its from hdlrc theyre trying to get people into the fpv hobby.