What is up guys. My name is changer danger. Im here today, at this beautiful waterfall, i was going on a hike with brittany. Yeah so were doing a vlog. She was like. Oh lets. Go and do this waterfall hike and i was like yeah always good fun to do a waterfall hike. We dont normally go to this one. You might be able to tell it looks a lot different way. Bigger and theres a swing here, uh, so crazy, cool stuff. Go check out the vlog after you watch this one, but guys i brought my dive gear. Of course i was like what, if someone lost some treasure in there, so i brought my dive gear. I went and looked at it and you know if theres, a video that i found something freaking awesome, so go down hit subscribe, ring the bell, if you guys, are new to the channel and if youre coming from youtube shorts, let me know: put the shorts emoji Down there love you guys watching my youtube shorts. I try to post three a day. So if you want to see some crazy underwater youtube shorts, make sure that youre following me um but yeah guys. This thing that i found today it might be the best footage that i ever review, because it is a camera that i found you guys saw on the thumbnail, um and im. Just you can tell im so excited like. I cannot wait to get home to watch this footage.

Britney. Are you so pumped to watch the footage yeah? So we are both like crazy excited to go. Watch this footage soon before we get there. We got to go find this thing, so lets go hop in that waterfall and then were going to see what we found today and then im going to take you guys with me through the whole step of or the whole series of stuff to find the owner Of this thing that got lost out in this crazy jungle, waterfall valley – that is just absolutely beautiful and breathtaking and dont ever go here, so lets go in the water and see what we can find so right when i got in, i was like lets see if Theres anything nearby, the entry point and literally right away. I found this bracelet and i thought it would be something nice uh, stainless steel, which is not a precious metal in case. You didnt know that, and it was just like a steel bracelet, so not really that high quality. I honestly thought that it was gon na be silver, and i was surprised to read that it was stainless steel, so kind of like a kids piece of jewelry or something so anyways im looking for whatever treasure is in this waterfall. There is a ton of debris in here, so one of the reasons why its so dangerous to come here and why its extremely not recommended and illegal this waterfall is closed, is because of the constant landslides here so uh.

The water is also super orange, but then it kind of turns green or blue at the bottom. Its really weird, i think the gopro was changing the color just a little bit, because i kind of remember it being mostly orange down there and hey look at that. I found an apple watch, so no freak out. I was trying to conserve my breath. I wanted to keep on looking for as long as i can down there, because its freezing so im really just trying to get it over with and so keep on. Looking around zoom through all this, because it stayed down for a while finally go back up and show brett. This ones been there for a while, and that apple watch seriously was like disgusting. It looked like it had stuff growing on it, its so so messed up. So i dont have a thing to plug it in with, but i think its dead anyways and its so old. I highly doubt that the persons gon na want it. So i was trying to look at this spot where you can kind of like cliff jump here. Its like a three or four foot jump, but then theres been so much more debris coming in here that its like really dangerous, now to jump off of this rock right here that you can see. So if you do go here, which again i dont recommend, do not jump off of the rock without checking the depth and feeling for where the trees are, because you could definitely land on top of one of these sticks, and it would hurt you a lot and I was honestly afraid, diving here its like five feet, deep right here from our recent landslide, so there may be treasure down there.

That will never be found. So, like i was saying, i was honestly afraid. While i was diving because i was like what, if like something falls on me, while im underwater here like i could get trapped and so found that necklace – and maybe someone left it here as like an offering something like that, so um im gon na end up Leaving that on the rock but just kept looking around and looking and looking like im sort of like all the way in the bottom now and no way. I i like again wanted to like save myself and keep looking around just to see if theres any other pieces of it or something but like i was freaking out after i saw that because i know exactly what that thing is, and you guys already know from Thumbnail but oh my gosh, oh my god, i got something freaking crazy. You have to guess what it is: a phone. No, oh, wait! What an sbb drone with a hero! 10.! So britney guessed it she nailed it. I think she was probably saying drone the whole time i just kidding her and yeah. I just i wanted to look at it just relish in that moment, finding an fpv drone that someone lost out here at the waterfall, so freaking cool and its got a hero. 10 on it look at that, are you kidding me so someone was flying theres, a gopro 10 on there, hero 10.

. Can we keep it? Uh maybe well get lucky and the person will give it to us as a reward but um or if we cant find them yeah if we cant find them thats ours. But here a freaking fpv drone with a hero 10 and it has the dji fpv sbb setup. So this is like a 800 to 1000 setup on its own and then also has a gopro hero, 10 uh, and so this is freaking awesome. I cant believe that this was here and nobody said anything like nobody posted my head. I lost this because its such a small pool its like how can you lose it and itd be like oh well, yeah its not even like the ocean like, i would come back and get it yeah and, oh, my god, it says meat on the bottom. They heated this into the waterfall. All right lets go, there might be more treasure in there. So im hoping back in and see what i can find. I got this necklace too, but i think im gon na leave that here cool so im back in the water. Now its uh lots of sticks and debris here, so i really do think that there could be some other stuff in here and its like underneath stuff, okay britney. So what did you think when i pulled this hunk of junk out of the water, not a hunger junk? Well, i guess so at first remember yeah, you said i found something or whatever yeah i was like.

You got ta guess and i couldnt tell if she was saying drone or phone. I didnt know that ten times and i was like i was like something. It was enough, though, because i understood that i was like okay. She knows that its a drone so but its so sick that it has a tent on it. Weve never found a gopro ive, never found a hero, 10. yeah, even back before the 10, was out. We never found like a gopro that was like brand new. So, by the way, its an fpv drone. So if you dont know what that is, it means that you wear goggles and then you look at the view that the drone has so even the drone has this little camera. I cant point it out because my hands are full, but you can see that little camera right there, thats uh from this perspective above the gopro, and then they just have the gopro there to like record what its seeing. So. The view from the fpv is totally different than than uh. I mean anyways they like, so what i want to know is: did they crash this on the wall? Did it go into the water? Oh yeah cause one of the wings is bro or the one of the arms yeah its all busted up. So it must have hit the wall somewhere. But then my next question is: did it bust into the wall and then sit there for a while suspended and then finally plunge into the water or or did it like, hit bounce and then fall straight in the water because im wondering if they hit it like Way up there or even above the waterfall, and then it got pushed down by the water, and then i only found it because they gave up because they were like.

We can never get up there right because i was like: why would they just crash in the water and then it plops in the water and then not even trying to come back and get it yeah its like, like hike down, go, get your dive gear. Come back up and get it expensive, yeah, so yeah youre, probably right, you probably crashed up there and rain like brought it down or whatever yeah so were gon na have to find out from the footage yeah. So so im super excited and then were gon na get to return this to the owner almost 100 percent, because this is like a thing that is uh like an apple watch. I feel like is more forgettable, but then an fpv pilot would never forget about losing their drone at this waterfall and theyre gon na want that footage, so freaking bad, so you cant find them. No. I can find them. Okay. Well, you guys are gon na need to help me find them just in case i cant figure out who it is from the videos and so make sure you share this video, especially if youre local, if you know fpv pilots well, get it around the fpv community Ill make sure uh uh they could have been visiting, though yeah maybe ill make sure the sheep steel, whatever the the fpv guy on youtube, ill, make sure that all of them see this video and send it out, and we will find the fbv pilot that lost This and then uh, maybe we can do something cool with the fpv companies or something i dont know, but we got crazy ideas here were gon na find the owner of this thing, but before we do lets, go review the footage? Okay.

So brittany has an excellent point. There is this one or two videos so were probably gon na, have to split it into two videos, because i got ta get this out before the vlog comes out right, so well review the footage right now and then what will happen is ill. Do the follow up video returning it to the owner and then maybe well look at some of his other fpv footage because im sure that its going to be awesome, im sure hes got some great clips here. Ive been wanting to get great fpv clips here, but i just dont have the time to dedicate to like, because you have to be really good at you have to practice a lot and so its just not something i have time for, but i love it. I think you can get really cool footage of it, and so we can uh spotlight this guy and – and you guys can see some of what he does around here so come back for next time. Also, if you want to see all of that and a story about how it actually happened, yeah yeah so were going to interview him all of that in the next video, but for now were just going to review the footage and then get this this video up. So lets go home and uh lets find the owner all right guys so were here at home. We got the camera ready to go im about to bust it open right here and then uh britney is going to record it because i was starting to and like water was gushing out of it.

So this thing could be flooded, really yeah. So here we go im gon na get a close up. Video right. There wait not too close, though, because id like to do one on one x or two yeah, so back up a little bit even yeah and then start recording okay, its like a spring. This is a different battery. Two interesting okay thats, not a gopro battery right yeah. It is oh, its just the new gopro okay. So we got the card out um only 32 gigabytes yeah. I know what kind of videos is he making and wait? Oh no thats! Fine, okay and the contacts look good, so we should be all good for uh uploading this so lets put on the computer and see what we see moment of truth, baby. Okay, so this might be one of the craziest things that ive found and i realized i forgot to show it to you guys again its this fpv drone, absolutely insane. So this thing was flying and then dunk into a waterfall and its very dirty yeah. We need to put it outside after this yeah its going straight outside after this okay, so we are connected to the card im gon na switch over to show you guys, uh the view over there theres only five videos date modified is 2. 10, 20, 22. So its been there since february, which is pretty crazy, that its been there for such a short amount of time.

They only took one video on that day, yeah from one theres four videos from before then so were gon na go in chronologically. Well start in the beginning, and then i cant wait to see them. Oh, oh, we already found out who it was. Does anyone know that guy dont drink and fly dont drink and fly? He says he was drunk? Oh, my god, thats why he was flying all crazy. Oh my gosh! That was a crazy that was funny, but now you got the palm tree over the water. We know where that is yeah. We we know all of these locations – oh and hes, walking out and does he? Why is he gon na fly that pb drone while hes out there? Does he not have a race? Is he looking with his eyes or through the goggles right now? Is he walking in third person view Music feels like really sharp turtles? Oh thats, a pretty sick, shot Music hes like swinging back and forth, yeah its like its okay when youre doing it, but when youre like watching it its like very easy to get motion sick from this kind of footage, weve got some idea of what this guy Looks like hes a young guy, probably in his 20s and still dont know if he lives here or not its not like uh, it doesnt seem like um yeah hes at that beach by those condos like who goes over there unless youre staying there, yeah theres a Little bit better view of oh yeah thats, our guy.

What did he say he said lets get it baby, get it baby sushi said tonight were eating sushi kind of cringe. A little bit. Grinch hell make a good uh personal interview. I know totally totally um Music at the waterfall five minute clip. Oh really good. Baby wait is this already. You know what this is 110., oh interesting, so he might not lose it this time the swing was still there, but im surprised weve, never seen above the waterfall. We went down bro, oh my god, thats, so cool high up there. My friend knows how to climb up there, so i could talk to him and we could try to climb up there if you want oh hes going all the way up. Oh my god, hes gon na dive down this is scary. Closer look! How crazy that is! So much bigger than that. Oh my god. I know this is the coolest footage ever the wind is like blasting in this footage, wow that was crazy, its a little its so much when you came up, it looks yeah we went up, it was so cool wow. I cant imagine you know somebody that went up there. Uh yeah, my friend does repelling like he goes above it and then repels down its like a total all day thing yeah thats, like so freaking sick and its always so close to it. Oh, my goodness, someone was sitting in this way. Yeah those pools are so sad might have to fly my fpv here, hes so low.

I cant believe it has service like through those, oh, my god, what he probably thought he was about to lose at all right. There i would panic, i would have totally done a panic move right, yeah shane, always shane cant play a pet food because he panicked yeah. I get too scared im like shaking the whole time its like me when i play videos. This footage. This is like star wars footage. I know this is so crazy, like jurassic park like wow, those pools are so beautiful. I want to see the big waterfall yeah there. It is wow thats, like a thats like a two or three hundred foot waterfall, that is magical Music. Oh my god, im so excited to make this vlog guys. You know whats so crazy about this is that he recorded all of this footage and never got to see it. You may have never looked at it. Did you see that that was crazy? That was like what false looks like, but huger yeah, oh yeah. Try to sorry that sorry, im too excited im; sorry, oh my god, hes playing so risky on those edges or even is he okay, yeah theres nothing cool over here keep going back up yeah! I know – oh, maybe hes gon na play in this thing, Music, because that would be super cool to be going like straight up or straight down that its like each time. Hes like. Let me see how how much lower to the rocks yeah.

He went in between the swings hes going through hes good at flying. It yeah. Oh, i thought hes gon na hit the wall. Oh my god, this hat is crazy, hes getting so much every time he goes up there. It gets better yeah. You know what it could be, he could be getting up here and then he starts to lose signal. So then he turns it back. Like you, cant see very well wow. It goes from so no look at that. Its all green – oh my god, thats so freaking, beautiful guys, nobody goes up there. You cannot get out there since i was freaking out. Ive, never seen photos of it, never not from anything yeah. I can this. This youtube. Video is gon na, be so sick. Yeah make sure you subscribe to shanger and brittany also because uh were gon na, have some footage over there too Music, and thank you thank you to this guy for losing and letting us see this really sick footage hes. Just by himself. Oh, my god, i cant even believe that thats not even real hes tripping, oh my god, hes so stoked. What did he say? Hes, like i cant believe that thats thats not real, lets go yeah. I dont think thats really fair. Oh my goodness. That was insane. Oh, my god, i wish that we could get up there. Okay, guys, this is the last clip. This is the crash clip we think and its uh a month different from the first time that he flew it.

So so he came back because he was like that footage was so sick yeah. So he probably has all that footage. He just plays not this clip right right, so he probably got it off just didnt click yeah. So this clip is a minute and 30 seconds. Oh here we go hes going with it out there. No hes never been this close. Oh, my god, its like a wall, wow thats, warm here, hes like got it pointed down and then pushing it to go faster now, its faster than gravity, its got a ball to the wall like right, thats it it just cut right there yeah, because the file Got damaged, i think, how uh well, when i turned the gopro on it, it said like repairing your file, and so it probably hit, so you should have turned it on it. I mean it would have been a damaged file that we wouldnt have even been able to see. I wanted to know where he hid it in the water. I think it i think it might have crashed on top. Well, you know what is were gon na find out. No, when we find him when we interview him, i know so. I wanted to find out now. I know i know so that was crazy. That was so cool guys. Are you freaking out as much as we are, so that was absolutely insane? I cannot believe that we got to see the guy like so clearly and uh.

So once again, this is what he looks like and we can hopefully find this guy, because i just have to post that on my story and then i think well be able to find him as well as posting. The drone, like, i think, just the drone – will get him but yeah that was seriously insane footage. Cant wait to meet the guy. If you guys want to see us meeting, the guy make sure youre subscribed. I hope he lives here. So we can meet him yeah. Oh my gosh, if its a voice call thats going to be so like okay, so hopefully he lives here. We dont know his name. We dont know anything about him. Besides that hes a young dude that is flying a drone, i dont even know what kind of things he does like, because he could be military hes, the type of guy where he looks like he could be military, but it doesnt look like military yeah. I dont think so: um yeah, so this is crazy, were gon na find whoever lost this hunk of junk. I took a video of it. Can i put it on my story? Yeah, okay, yeah yeah so were gon na find out who that belongs to and then do an interview on the next video. The follow up then were gon na talk to him about everything that went into those crazy clips. Uh, maybe learn a little bit about him. Find out what he does like how much he flies that thing, because he must be a really experienced pilot to be able to navigate through those narrow turns and especially while, not being able to have a perfectly clear view, because i know it loses service up in There um so thats it guys thanks so much for watching.

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