Now, basically, this channel is going to become a drone channel, probably specifically fpv style drones and in this video we’re going to be doing a simulator review. But before we get into that, definitely like subscribe to the channel i’m sitting at over a thousand subscribers. I would love to reach 2 000 subscribers on this channel and if you want to follow me over on odyssey as well just in case something happens to my channel on youtube, you can also earn lbc coins, which is a cryptocurrency uh, and you can also follow My cryptocurrency journey over on daily mint there’s going to be a link down below to that channel. Now before i jump into the simulator, there are two things that i use on my computer because i play simulators on my computer. I don’t play them on a on an xbox or a playstation, or anything like that. But you can. There are some that you can do that on and i’m going to be reviewing those later. But the controller that i use is the fr sky tranus qx7 uh. It is uh, you know this. This is the this. Is the controller i’ve used uh ever since i got into fpv like over a year ago. This is the you know. This is the transmitter i’ve been using from day one. I did just order a tango, 2 and we’re going to be going over that once i get it, but the taranis qx7 that’s what i use and you can use whatever you want now.

The other thing that i use so that i don’t even have to plug in a cable, so i don’t even plug a cable into my computer. From my controller, what i use is, i use an fr sky sim usb dongle. Now i will say this: there’s gon na be a link to banggood down in the description, but do your due diligence because it is actually cheaper on amazon. The only reason i’m leaving a bank good uh link is, you know, just because i’m, an affiliate for being good but i’m, saying that it’s going to be cheaper. Now and now in this video we’re going to be going over the uh, the fpv, sim and it’s. Not really a simulator it’s, actually free and it’s called worlds adrift island creator. Now this is actually a someone from another youtube channel. He actually made this. I don’t know if he made the game or he’s one of the devs behind making the game either way. It’S pretty awesome but i’m pretty sure he he coded the whole simulator by himself and a big reason behind me talking about this one in particular, is because it’s free the game is free to get on uh steam. So if you don’t have steam uh it’s, definitely it’s, just a it’s got it’s just a marketplace where you can get a whole bunch of different games, but it’s free, the world’s, a drift island creator. It is all free on steam and you can even come in here and kind of create all of your own games and like your own places, to fly essentially now.

Basically, all i do is i just come in here and i hit play and you can create your own island if you wanted to, and you either hit featured subscribed hall of fame i’m going to end up turning the volume off on this. Just because i think that they do play music and i don’t want to get copyright striked or anything on my channel but uh. So what you do is you go up here and before it didn’t it wasn’t even like this, but you have to hit quad. Simulator click – and i think right here and then the other thing that you’re going to do now, i already have it set up, is what’s initially going to happen. Is gamepad is going to be on you’re going to want to turn that off and allow motors reverse and you can even do 3d flight mode? If you want, i, i wouldn’t necessarily recommend that and then what you do is you click assign and you just move. Whichever one you want so i’m moving my throttle and then we have yaw and i’m moving that and then we can have pitch and you move the stick that you want for pitch and then we have roll and you move the stick that you want for roll Right and then reset you whatever switch, you want for reset, and you just hit close so i’m going to reset this, and you guys will see – and you can like what’s kind of cool about this one – is that it’s, like it’s it’s, like landscapes, that you don’t Get with the other sims like you’re, not gon, na, see anything like this on any of the other simulators um and just the whole reason i’m.

Even talking about this, one is because it is all free, and that is what’s so cool about. That is that this is all free for you to fly with so i’m just gon na fly for a little bit, and this is just one of the islands that you can choose like, like there’s, just a whole bunch of places that you can choose to fly On now, i will say that the gravity on this is probably not as good as some of the other simulators, but because it’s this game, isn’t meant to be an fbv simulator, is kind of why you know it’s not going to be as well coded or it’s. Not even going to be as well like put together like you’re, not gon na have options to like choose different stuff. You can choose the camera angle, which is kind of cool. So if you wanted to Music like be a lot higher right, you can change the camera angle to what you want. I would say in this kind of sim a higher camera angle in this sim might be better for you just because of how it goes, but guys this one is pretty cool because you can choose so many different places to fly at so i’m going to choose A different one, so you just hit escape and right here you see pick here where it has a picture and you can pick kind of whatever you want. There’S literally, like thousands of places so let’s go to like hold your square, and you can just fly on that’s kind of why i like uh this sim so much, especially if you’re stuck at home.

Now i live in the south, so it’s a little bit different. It’S pretty warm, i live in texas uh, but for people who live more up north, i think and then also people who live in, maybe in the uk, where the lockdown, like you’re, really locked down like for real. So i think something like this is probably what you’re gon na want, because you can choose so many different places to fly, and that is what makes this one so awesome. So now i’m flying and probably the biggest selling factor on this one on why you should get it just because it’s free there’s it’s not going to cost you anything to get it or anything like that so like as far as that goes like you know, and If you are wanting to get into fpv, the very first thing that i would recommend is to buy a controller and just start playing on a simulator, and you can get the one that i that i’m using you can get. The tango 2, which i’m going to have showing up you, can get the the beta fpv light 2 se that one is going to be coming up too, but both of those are on back order, they’re, so popular right now, so it’s a bit crazy, like those Ones, but this simulator guys like this is actually like. This is really fun to just like, if you just kind of want to zone out and get that stick time in this is definitely a sim like that.

You can do because it i guess i didn’t really pick a good landing spot there. We go it’s reset um, but you want to get that stick time in, like i know for me, uh i haven’t flown in a while. You know i’ve just been busy with work, but i i’ve started studying for my uh part 107, because i really want to like. I just want to kind of go like drones, full time and so i’m just trying to get that stick time in you know you work. I work during the day like almost every day i’m at work, so i want to get that stick time in because if i don’t come come here and play on the sims and and do different stuff i’m not going to get that stick time in so i’m. Never going to become a better pilot because i just don’t do anything. So this is what i’m doing is coming and playing on these simulators, and this one’s just kind of cool, because you can just pick different environments and fly in them. I’M, not the best. But i definitely am going to rate this one as far as drone simulators go. I definitely think you should start out on another one, but as far as getting the stick time in to to just kind of fly in different environments, you know because everyone gets bored of stuff uh for that this one’s a 10, because you’re never gon na find You’Re, not no other.

No other simulator has this many places to fly on, like literally there’s like go to subscribed uh like i think this is like paid it like there’s, some things that are pay to play on here and then most everything else is all free and then, even if You wanted to you can create your own island to go fly around so now. Uh, probably just gon na go five more minutes. Gon na stop, talking and just flying enjoy. Maybe put some video put some music on this after we do it.