Now a lot comes in the packaging. Just get the video transmitter itself, along with some wires to hook up to your flight controller, pretty standard stuff. Here, obviously, flight controller, switchable v8 beta flight up to 350 milliwatts is the power rating. That is 48 channels. I believe um slightly larger than the uh tbs nano pro 32 nano, i believe, i believe, is about the same width, but just a little bit taller and i think its about a gram yeah. So my scale is coming in at 0.94 grams. So really not a whole lot to say about this doesnt come with an antenna. Obviously you have to attach some sort of a micro ufl antenna on here. I think a lot of people that were looking for the tvs pro 32 nanos. That are, i think, pretty hard to find still relatively low stock have been kind of going to this video transmitter as an alternative, because its similar weight and similar in terms of power output. But i ive heard that a lot of people that use these um the tbs, the nano 33 nano for racing, apparently the other alternative, video transmitters out there are not allowed at races, not sure how truthful that is or not, but something i heard um some of The comments previously so something you might want to keep in mind in terms of whether or not you can use this for specific types of spec races this, while it might be desirable for the small size and weight it may not work for your particular race.

Youll have to consult your race administrators on that, but for the rest of you, theyre looking for something for your micro build something pretty light. This is very viable. You know i dont do a lot of video transmitter reviews anymore, because they all kind of look. The same pretty much in terms of performance really boils down to your power output and the antennas you use. You go behind some objects, that kind of stuff you know, trees. Whatever penetration is going to depend on a lot on the power output and also the antennas. You use – and you know your performance is going to vary based on that and your environment, and what kind of you know video suit youre gon na get? Generally speaking, if you go behind any kind of obstacles, especially trees or if youre low to the ground, for example, youre gon na get a lot of video breakup, thats typical for analog doesnt really matter. If youve got a 10 video transmitter or a 200 video transfer, they all pretty much perform about the same in my opinion anyway, so i did put this in the recon 4 fr. You can see. I put that here in the back and i replaced the hdrc zeus in there, so you can see its a similar size thats. All the hdrc is a little bit bigger and heavier because its got the rf shielding on there, plus its got the additional mounting options here for 20, millimeter or 16 millimeter looks like so.

Those are the pros and cons. Of course, you know if you want more mounting options, its going to add more weight, but if you just do what i did here with a little zip tie sort of a diy solution. Yeah, you know keep your weight down as low as possible. Now um, i did switch the motors out on this recon 4fr to these new 1603 uh 2800kv motors, but these motors were not intended for this model. I apparently misread a message from hglrc, and this is these motors are intended for the long range version of the recon for um lr and not the fr. So i wasnt going to make a video about this, but yeah um im going to get another set of motors for the lr youll see. This is main. You know 1603 sizes kind of for more for efficiency, layer, wheat, but yeah. I just wanted to show you guys if you notice that the motors are different thats, because um i made a mistake but ill have a video on the 1603 motors later, but in the meanwhile you know heres the footage from the um reaper vtx and you know Nothing really to write home about its pretty standard, uh type of performance for an analog video transfer, its not super awesome or terrible. It is your typical analog video transmitter, um performance now and really the thing about this is the price pretty decent, being 20 25. Usually sometimes less, depending on your discounts etc, and it is very light for your micro builds okay, thats gon na.