The thing is rather large, i believe, probably because it has a large sensor, larger lens, taking more light, its my guess, um kind of new to this night flying so this is uh. You know first build seeing how everything works, cheap, stuff, ir illuminator 48 led 850 nanometer light led 12 volt input on that thats. What you see there, that is, a iflight micro, bec power distribution board. As you can see, i mounted it right behind my buzzer and the front. There had a little room on my seven inch, so there it is all plugged in youre gon na fly it at night here actually early early morning, probably about an hour before sunrise. You can see there kind of the light were dealing with the park itself is pretty dark in the middle theres, some lights going around the outside, but you know for the most part, its pretty dark there so were going to take it for a flight, see how It does um, like i said early morning, a little teeny bit of light. First thing i noticed is the color kind of has a purple hue to it. It is going to change here pretty soon. I dont know if it has to do with ambient lighting or how close you are to objects or something but theres something automatic going on with the sensor there. I think thats causing it to. You know change contrast between like that gray, which is what i would think traditional ir illumination uh at 850.

Nanometers should look like. I think this is just a camera. Setting that i havent changed. I think i might be able to change the auto auto sensor and then get you know, get rid of that, keep it all on the same contrast spectrum, i guess other than that it works really well, i know the dvr is kind of bad doesnt show um. You know all the frames and not the best quality dvrs, a mid school fat shark goggle, so i think its an hdo its pretty decent, but not not like some of the new dvrs in an analog realm but yeah as you can see, it works pretty good. Im going to see if i cant fix that auto setting in the sensor forgot, i was flying a seven inch there for a second, i bumped the tree. I wanted to show you as well uh how good it looks once youre not near anything and theres a little bit of ambient light. So im used to flying a caddux retail recently tried out the retell 2.. It works works very well, but this is cool because it seems like it performs like a retell under low light uh. You know when, when theres nothing in front of you and the ir illuminator isnt bouncing anything back, i was kind of wondering how it was going to switch between those two modes and it looks like it does phenomenally. So you know, i think this is something that you can fly in a in low light or no light um depending on you know what what type of flight youre gon na go go for.