So this one for friend this is mine. So lets take a look at the digital version. Here it comes Music come on get out of there. Why do they make them so tight? Thats what she said: okay, we leave it for there. Okay weve got some cyclone props, some antenna, uh tubes and weve – got the mound, for, i think its insta. It could be gopro. Dont know. Okay – and here is the bad boy, take the hole out to get him out out of there, so there he is looks awesome. I must say it does have a little weight. Im gon na put the scale out in just a second thats, very, very interesting. They are using a full sized vista. I thought theyre gon na make a naked one. Im gon na have to install the crossfire because they didnt ship it with crossfire. When i ordered it, and here weve got the mount for the insta im really curious. If those bumpers im gon na hold up, i mean they are pretty stiff and theyve got some kind of uh strengths and molded in, but it looks pretty nice so lets just get the scale. Okay, so heres. The scale lets put him on and comes around 150 grams, its okay, i think, if you consider it whatever life youre gon na put on there, but still youre gon na be sub 250 and thats. What for my purposes, is really relevant so lets.

Take a closer look, i think the mounting these days more and more companies doing it like the way uh gabassi is doing with the cinelog or like home fpv, did it with the home suit. I really like this style.