This is going to be one of the first giveaways in a series. So if you want to find out how to enter and win, lets, go Applause. Music, so thanks guys for being here, i really do appreciate it its good to see you if this is your first time here. My name is keith and this is alien drones. I do mostly tech drones, photography and, of course, faa industry news if thats something thats of interest to you, you may want to hit that subscribe button. Now that will let you know if there is future content that might be of interest to you and of course you must subscribe to win which were going to talk about later. All right so lets just go through this tripod here were going to show you the specs and a few of the features, and, of course you know on this channel that i never would show you guys something thats not worth your time. So, even though this is not the super highest end tripod that you could ever see, it is not a thousand dollar manfrotto uh, it is going to be one that is still going to support your gear. It is a little lighter weight, but that doesnt mean that its not strong one of the things that i do like about it is. I have been holding some of my b roll cameras and things like that, just trying to try it out in some different things.

I actually put one of my sliders on it for a while to see if it would hold up and the nice thing about this is it does have a reasonable weight capacity, its up in the five pound area. Now, if youve ever looked at some of the cheaper models, youll know that theyll start talking about a one pound range thats, not good. I did have that experience once where i chose a really cheap tripod, just because it was cheap, and i put my nice sony camera on it about a week after i bought it, set the tripod up across the desk, where i couldnt quite get to it, and I watched it fall backwards against the wall because one of the legs is sliding and collapsing. So that is not something that we want to do of course, and as we pull this out of the bag theres a few things that youre going to notice Applause, one is that it does come in its own carrying case, which is nice, has a little strap On it so right away, you can carry this and i have been doing that, throwing it over my shoulder. It does work pretty nice. Also, in the top of the case, we have our little manual showing us how to connect the legs. Things like that, and also has this handy dandy little connector now i do have a few of these from different action cameras and things like that, but this one actually works really good.

Now one thing thats nice about this. Of course it does have the quarter. Twenty connectors on the back and on the bottom uh. So what that means is, you can indeed connect it to your phone in multiple orientations depending upon what kind of a mount you have now. This does have a nice shape inside of these grooves here theres kind of a little tab, thats sticking out on the sides and ill show you what i mean here in the camera, and what that does is allow your phone to sit in here. So it doesnt pop out a lot of times theyre just flat on the edges and ive had phones pop out of little holders like this. So it is a pretty good. Little add on up into the tripod just to be included like that. So inside of this carrying case bag, then is the tripod itself. Now one thing that youll notice is, it does have not these little round legs, but they are tubular here, and the first thing that i notice that i like about this tripod is its got. These handy little clips now this is a preference thing. I realize that some people do like the screw legs that you have the little screw on it instead of these. But if youve watched any of my previous videos youll know that im a big fan of these snaps. So when you pull these out, you just snap them in place.

You know theyre there, its nice and tight youre done. This is a bonus for me to have these nice little snaps on there. So, of course, is the three legs on it with the snaps on the bottom, going from the bottom to the top. We do have these nice little swivel feet again on a tripod thats. This price and ill put the current price on amazon up here for you, thats nice to have these swivel feet a lot of times. Theyll just have fixed feet or little pegs down there and, of course they wont sit level. So when you put this down uh, if youre a little bit off level youre trying to do something, these will actually adapt to the the ground and keep it level for you and stable, so thats nice as well so down here. There is the little nut which tightens the uh kind of the supports here, the struts when you just tighten that up it does a pretty good job and again that just makes the base real stable, so were building on a stable base going upward. So all right as we work our way up, the tripod ill go through and ill talk about the little levers and knobs things like that. Just so, you can see how to use these and kind of their function as well. So first im going to do is im going to tip up the head itself here, just kind of get it out of our way, and one of the first things youll notice here is that there is a little lever here.

This little crank will be for fine tuning your height – if you have your camera on here, for instance – and you have your feet set up to your level and you want a little bit of fine tuning. You can go ahead and use this lever, then right over on the side. Here there is a knob which, when you tighten, will keep this extra section tight drop this down out of your way, and now it is tight from all the way up to here, and the next part youre going to notice is the head itself. Here does come, it does rotate as well. So when you have your camera set on there, you can rotate it. You can pan it if youd like, which is nice, and once you get that in position, then youll be able to tighten this knob over. Here you see this knob here on the side. Thatll allow you that will lock it in place, going farther up the tripod youre, going to notice this big lever kind of sticking out here, and that is our tilt here. So once you get that in the position you want it lets just say we have it down here and you get it in the position you want it. Then you tighten this knob itself. The whole handle becomes part of the knob and that will then lock it in this position, so it lock your tilt all the way up at the top here, then we have a kind of a dual purpose.

A pad up here. One is youll notice. Theres this little lever thats up here well with that lever, comes out our mounting plate. So you can mount this to your camera or whatever youre mounting to it. Then you can go ahead with your camera. There drop this in. It drops down and youre good to go with mounting your camera on the top of there. Now one thing thats nice about this as well, is not only horizontal. You could do you could do this vertical, and that is this last knob way over here, which is going to control the actual direction that this is going to be sitting. So if you want to take some vertical photos, you can go ahead and tip this thing up. That will allow you to do a vertical shot. If you want to do that and then you can lock it there again with the little knob thats on the side. All right, so this is the tripod all the way extended. It is sitting on the ground right now, uh with this extension tube here all the way in the down position. So we do have a little bit more with that. So if we measure that getting a real number uh, this is uh to the top of this plate about 47 inches for four feet. Just to give you some idea now, we could of course loosen this up and we could gain some more height by turning this little handle up here.

So we could gain a few more inches here and well put this up until it stops and it stopped right there so its as far as it can go im going to go ahead and tighten this and believe it or not all the way up here, its Not bad, it is a little bit wobbly um i mean im not worried about the camera falling over, but definitely i would definitely want to weight this uh. If this were something that i had an expensive camera on, because thats kind of uh, i dont want to say wobbly, but it is of course just hanging way up here, so i would put some type of bag or something on here – a weighted bag to hold It down, if you havent cranked up that high, because the center of gravity is quite high up there, but really it is pretty stable. I mean yes, it does move, but it is pretty stable, its not bad so with the extension tube cranked. All the way up. The height of this is about 59 and a half inches, or so to this top plate, where the bottom of your camera would be sitting so thats, not too bad of a height. I mean thats comfortable. If you wanted to look through a camera or something like that, its not too bad at all and it feels relatively stable, so i wouldnt feel too bad setting my equipment up here at all.

So that is my quick overview of the photo pro tripod, its not bad at all, not bad. I think its a reasonable piece of equipment to have in your bag, certainly as a backup tripod things like that. So i will put a link below and you guys can go ahead and check out the other specs and things like that that meet your needs. So lets just give this tripod away its always the most exciting part. For me, i really do like giving you guys this stuff, so theres only three things that you need to do, one. Of course, you need to be subscribed, two need to like this video and three, which is a little fun im going to allow you guys that are watching now and really paying attention to enter more than once now. What do i mean by that every day for the next two weeks, when i choose the winner for this im going to allow you guys to enter every single day now, every day, its, not just an entry? What youre going to do is go into the description and i will change the question every so often in the description. I will point you to a web page or something like that, and i will ask you a question about whats on that particular page or maybe photo pro site, so you can go there that day. You answer that question in a new comment and that new comment then will be dated, of course, with that date, and i will match up at the end to make sure when i pick it that the answer that you gave matches the question that was appropriate.

For that day, against the date that you actually did the comment, so that way, i kind of eliminate the people that just browse through didnt, even watch the video just go and see theres a giveaway and go in the comments and copy the guy below you. You know thats those people that did that in school. Looking over your shoulder, copying stuff right so were gon na, allow those people to get weeded out and you guys that are truly the ones who watch and pay attention and listen to me. Blather on about a tripod right were going to give you the bonus of entering every day for the next 14 days and at the end of the 14 days, i will go ahead. I will pick the winner and then i will notify you via the comments. So youll need to contact me back in the comments. Uh well connect via email and get some addresses, and things like that now, if you are in the us, i will pick up the shipping for you if youre outside of the us. I will still give you this tripod for free, but we will work it out. I will get a shipping thing for you and no matter where you are. If you really want it, you will go ahead and get the tripod for free, but you will have to pay for shipping and its only because right now in the world we live in. Shipping has just gone insane and, although i dont mind giving you guys something uh, if its going to some corner of the world, thats going to be 5 000 to get it there, and you really want it that bad thats great.

I will give it to you for free, but youll just have to pick up shipping and lastly, even if you dont win this specific tripod, it is worth a look uh. They do a pretty good job with it again for a budget tripod its pretty stable. So i would go check it out. Photopro is nice enough to send me this one just for you guys to give away so be sure, show them some love by going and visiting the site and check it out, im sure youll like it when you get there.