That looks and feels so much like him that every couple years its forced to do a paternity test in another release in the series somehow its its own thing, though each forza has offered some new place to explore and forza horizon 5, is no different. Mexico fields. Volcanoes beaches, terracing through someones drug selling location, then smashing off a mountain in the hope of being a second person to send a car into space, thats forza horizon. In a nutshell, their virtual celebrations of real cars in a virtual open world made to look as real as the developers can get it and thats some surreal when you think about it, forza, horizon 5 for pc and xbox and coming out day one on game pass. Will be here soon subscribe if you like videos that arent two minutes long or filled with sponsored bull, crap lets begin with graphics, so forza, horizon 5 actually finally meets its namesake. It is literally forza to the horizon, like a bob ross time lapse, where every single one of his little mountain paintings was actually made to be a flip book and no one realized it for the majority of its gameplay horizon 5 looks like art. It also happens to have one of the better representations of speed now, and this is a mixture of a games terrain, its ever changing and littered with alternating biomes, as you traverse up and down the elevations of mexico, but its also the way the game connects.

The cars to the game world sometimes games show a speedometer and the representation just doesnt feel right, like you bought a 1 16 scale, rc car and not a grown ass. Mans 110th. Each of the 400 plus cars also looks awesome, whether youre in their special mode or youre, just driving around better, of course, in the showroom view. But honestly, if youre on the console and you choose quality versus performance, its still gon na be a result. That is insanely good, looking much of that is backed up by playgrounds used of photogrammetry for the textures and a lighting engine that, even without retracing on, looks incredible, theres, some pop up for sure that you will notice, especially in performance mode and in those faster cars. While performance mode does drop the resolution and some effects, it gives you an almost locked 60 fps on the consoles, its also interesting to see the next gens dole out both modes regardless. Sadly, my xbox one is dead, so i couldnt test it on that. Forza horizon 5 uses a more gradual system for change of weather, with higher elevations, offering different weather patterns than the lower ones. Then, as the seasons will continue to update and change, and yes, they will like forza 4, well see that weather adjust accordingly, and this is one of the places where the game shines. The lighting highlights as far as we have seen. This is one of the most advanced when it comes to open world dull dreary dusks are some of the hardest to ever light correctly in any kind of game.

It comes across almost always flat and just poor. Looking horizon 5 finally gets that right. What it doesnt get right, though, is the avatars in the game and replays. First, i got to talk about the avatars. The game is so sedate and awesome and scenic until you see someones soulless eyes of their avatar peeking over the steering wheel. Dolly like catatonia is a store that sells comfort, animals and hes, just dreaming of going there. They get out of the vehicle and they look like theyre from a game one or two gens ago small quibble. But since they do draw attention to you in the story many times and in the replays its worth mentioning speaking of the replays other games feel like they supply perfect drone footage versus the chick with too much bronzer holding up on old gopro and throwing a duck Face and the peace sign that we sadly get in these horizon games its interesting here because its always been a weak spot. They know its a weak spot, but once again that replay system not the best and before youre like who cares well obviously the devs care, because they want you to see the cars all the time. The full robust features in the viewing modes – everything from 3000 vinyl layers to different visual representation of a ton of homes that you can buy so not caring about it, is like buying a brand new car washing it and then looking through the people or your apartment Door at it all the time and thats a place where id really like to see them shored up, certainly some issues in the replay division when it comes to just allowing for that awesomeness to come through onto the camera, so were going to talk a little bit About performance, forza is one of the best looking games ever in the open world racing space and amongst just racers as a whole, consistently outpaces, many of them, but its also stunning, that this is all in an open world game.

There are some loading when you go into particular races, but you can drive around and explore it at any time in any way you want on pc. The game runs incredibly well, a 2080 ti giving you well over 80 fps with ray tracing on also with the settings on macs. You can see a bit less pop in than quality mode on the xbox series x. Settings run from resolution scaling. If you need it to everything from shadows to msaa on the pc version, however, dlss is not. There. Resolution takes a step farther down on the series s with that implementation. However, it still offers profoundly solid performance on the xbox series. S theres always going to be arguments about these racing games and how they handle things, but an open world racing game that offers this many cars this much open territory and does it in the way that forza horizon does it? It is impossible to not be impressed. Looks like youre attracting the local news youre on tv, so nothing is better than that. Patter of dirt and mud paint in the underside of your car in places. Youve gone before its like history, on the undercarriage of your car and when forza is replicating that its doing it perfectly. Those moments are sonic imprints. The first time i scraped along a series of rocks for a close win. I heard my taillight sacrifice itself on a sharp edge, and i remember thinking to myself, damn im going to remember that forever.

The car audio has been fully or almost fully re recorded, and the forza team have dropped some videos of their setups grabbing new samples from vehicles instead of reusing the older ones and many times, procedurally adjusting them. As the titles move forward, cars do feel more layered. Tonally than before, the sputter of exhaust, the layering of the cars interior as you tear down a country road in the older vehicles and that sound of movement and crack and crinkle as they sound like theyre just gon na fly apart. Im really happy with a lot of those changes i do wish the games audio would better reflect the camera angles, though, as interior and exterior dont have a large audio difference its there its noticeable but, for example, far away third person and close third person isnt a Huge difference or what you might necessarily expect it is better than prior games for sure and its most noticeable. Of course, in a 7.1 or a headphone setup and of course you can jump into the audio settings and you have the ability to change things from home. Theaters sound bars and headphones as well as layering it out to make it focus more on the car sounds versus lets, say the world itself. Whats odd is the new work seems to have added a couple bugs, though, and one of the biggest and most noticeable and is still here after todays last update, is that in some of the replays the car forgets to shift out of first gear.

I cant tell you how horrible that sounds, and i dont know how this bug would actually be in there. You can look in, and some of the cars wont shift out of first, even though youre going at full speed – and you obviously are because you won the race, it is not a great sound and unfortunately, while its been improved with this update, it only happened in Two vehicles post update – it still did occasionally happen if youre in the replays – and you notice this shifting the camera a couple times does seem to sort of unlock it. With this umbrella of new changes and awesomeness that we got in the audio for the cars. It is unfortunate to see a bug like that. Musically, the game does offer more than 90 tracks set across a couple stations. You should be aware, though, that this is of course focused in mexico, and i couldnt find a lot of stations that exactly resonated with me. Well, i did find a couple channels and of course each one has 15 to 20 different musical tracks on it. It didnt really necessarily grab me when it comes to the presentation of the music. Now a lot of people arent gon na care, and i get it but its a little bit like your dad trying to describe rock in this day and age, and you realize its now 11 genres. It feels like it should be a bit more of a broader offering at least for people who want to jump in here and play for long term.

It would be nice to be able to play your own spotify lists and stuff like that from directly within the game, but i didnt see that option and speaking of options lets talk about voices for a second, because there aint many, sometimes telling you about the history Of mexico as youre, destroying or explaining a barn find youll be driving around with these npcs, who will talk a little bit, but this game isnt really centered around any kind of voice, so dont expect a whole great number of options at any one time, not a Big deal, but they are presenting it as sort of a story driven focus in some places. So hey a few more options right away would have been better and one place where microsoft has made sure that options are available. Right away is in the gameplay its basically like welcome to mexico and drops you out of four or five different vehicles to sort of set you up make you understand, whats going on and then youre, not necessarily out of the prologue but youre, mostly out of it, Which is a vast difference compared to the prior game? Horizon events are spread across the map, each one with particular levels and new sections that unlock by getting accolade points. These are points that are collected for many things, from completing races to finding new bar finds and so on. The environment spreads out more and more as you establish horizon outposts, and while they do try to attach a story to it, trust me its better that you just do not care it pretends for you to have a reason to gather and thats good enough and gather Is what you do raging across mexico? You unlock these events, get more cars.

Mexico is a diverse map, its elevations rise up into volcano domes and down into jungles and swamps, a little bit more effortlessly than the prior maps, and it offers a feeling of exploration that its truncated to fit the technology perfectly, but never feels particularly jolting. Now, speaking of the technology, the games, car selection is a reflection of the years from the earliest cars that you can cruella deville through the countryside, to the newest in electric cars. Sleek silent ninjas, who seem to only have one target. Your own launch from their window is you miss a turn because youre so accustomed to using a combustion engine. You have the auction house to buy and sell cars. You have normal and ultimate spins that you can unlock for doing things in the game. Think of a giant slot machine that hands out cars and money and clothing, which is a bit odd, especially because you can get a rare car one spin, and then you can get a hat for seventeen thousand dollars that you cant resell on the next bit. Progression is the name of the game here. Forza horizons, always slightly struggled with it, especially when it mixes in that spin system. A lot of people have complained about that. Push for pull where they feel like theyre, just sort of getting a lot of stuff. Whats got 420 plus cars, you get a lot of them by those spins and just following the story, you unlock skills for each car as well.

They do things like double the xp for particular events or maybe give you another spin. There are car barn finds as well, which you can do again here: special vehicles hidden around the game world that you have to explore to find, and then you get ready for racing. Some of the better vehicles are found out there by exploring and if you decide you dont want to explore and just do the normal racing. First thing you need to look at is the cars and the tuning upgrading the vehicles can be done at your home. Upgrading everything from the tires transmission, switching out rear wheel drives with all wheel, weight, reduction and more the mains that you expect are here for tuning, though we are still missing some particulars that i would have liked to have seen in an advanced mode, but we all Have to understand that forza is not forza, motorsport and its desire is to make you feel like youre, somewhat driving every one of the different cars versus understanding that getting a day one viper and throttling it past old, grandma speed was gon na result in your death Or a zondas idea of steering being charitably known as you its just not that kind of game. Each change does adjust the cars stats for things like off road racing, handling, top speed and launch. Now, once youve spent some cash, you can download other peoples tunes for your car as well or manually tune whatever you want in the car that allows for you to jump in and as long as youve bought equipment for the car that allows for tuning.

You can do so drive, train and camber and braking and shift times those can be saved and also shared. Lastly, you can pay for a general upgrade. So if you dont want to do any of this yourself, if you just want to get a car and upgrade its class, you can do so, and the game will outfit it with what it thinks the best upgrades are, but, prior to going out, you may want To tune it a little bit, and i also found myself having to tune the gamepad gameplay just a little bit, it seemed a bit off. I had to adjust some settings and sensitivities to really get it. Where i wanted it, you can leap in with a gamepad or a steering wheel with the options for the wheel being about what you would expect for a forza horizon game, and i have to admit once again i love the game with a wheel. Some titles may not feel the best with a wheel, but once i dialed it in, i just think that the wheel offers a far higher level of fidelity and that feeling of the road, as you tear ass, through someones church, with your convoy of other online friend Jackasses, giving the middle finger to something thats been there for a thousand years. It feels more organically connected when you use that steering wheel here, a lot of people banter back and forth about force feedback power. Those options are in this game and everybodys going to have a different wheel with different sensitivities and settings, but i actually felt it to be quite well done, and another thing that has been improved is the past ai, so for horizon games.

This has always been a bit of a hit and miss the difficulty. Spectrum in the past would run from racers purposely just stopping if you were too far ahead to laser line freaks glued to the tracks like magnetic racers. If there were a higher difficulty here that feels to be adjusted, experience seems directly connected to the takeoff times the cornering, picking of lines from those different level of enemies without the massive divide, easing extreme dont feel necessarily so jumpish when it comes to that difficulty bump. Here it feels a little bit more like racers, who just experience a fatigue or idea turn down where they make a bad decision here or there versus a series of bad decisions or, in the worst case, a bit of rubber banding. And the reason why this helps so much is because horizon isnt, just about fans from the past four, its about bringing in new players as well, and thank god because this is where the beginning and the way it handles. It is just so much better forza. Horizon 4 began like the driving version of war and peace, with the prologue feeling like it took forever to get into the main game proper, while five does offer far more quickly and facilitates experimentation with different events and multiplayer single player content. Much faster, which is a huge boon, and while there are some things that are locked as you continue to unlock them and go forward, i just felt that you were able to jump in a lot easier.

Horizon has a ton to offer and it wants you to know too. It is unapologetically busy its like. You can feel its nervousness if its not telling you how special you are every three seconds. It feels even more catered a little bit to the achievement trophy generation where worth is getting a digital picture of a real trophy, except here, its anything. The games really interested in making sure that theres not a lot of down time. So i would suggest, maybe leaping into the options and turning down some of the notifications, because being in the middle of a race and having it tell you that youve unlocked three cars. That a new house has found that a new event is open and that you got an achievement, can be sensory overload and i think, its vital. You see those things, because there are a ton of things to do. The game has its events: championships horizon arcade mini games, rivals, though its been cut down from that original introduction and is never really probably gon na go back to that we have the ability to go head to head with racers or drivatars and, of course, make your Own events and courses which to me is one of the best parts of these games and that design work, allowing you to save your own blueprints and give those out to people is something i liked in the past game, and i love it here. It does offer something very tangible, while i didnt run into any game killing bugs.

I did get a disconnect or two and their desire to make sure everything is on the x button can be a bit infuriating. So youll be racing. You want to challenge somebody youll be hitting the x button to challenge them, and lo and behold the game shoots you into the horizon spin wheel, because a pop up for a spin that you just got just got unlocked or an accolade – wants to tell you how Cool it is but whats funny is its hard to argue with it. There is so much content here, whether it be multiplayer or single player, so many different experiences. You can have so many cars the ability to not only make your own races if you dont, like whats, made, but also experience so many different driving styles, various difficulties and a ton of accessibility options for people who have any kind of sensory issues. There is a tremendous amount of content here, but tremendous amount of content means nothing but its not fun. Remember when racing games were just that there were tracks and specific cars back in the day. I was racing and racing games where they were locked down to fake brands, because companies thought that crashing a car in a video game made the car look bad versus the cheeto eating grease balls. Slippery fingers. Cant hold the trigger down some developers. Have this repository of ideas like 4d libraries, an interstellar just packed to the brim, with freshness, forza horizon isnt, that its freshness was originally iterating away from the prime forza games into an open world title running that tech until it sang on past consoles and continually upping The graphics game and offering each sequel forza is comfortable its not madden, nfl comfortable thats, a vehicle for just hooking up a lifeline into a kid who can take their parents visa from their purse late at night.

Here its that feeling of understanding that, when you jump in sort of whats going to be expected from you and that feeling of exploration, not in the content of the vehicles themselves, but also just in the exploration of the game, world and new things that you can Do and the freedom to do it at here at least a much more your pace than in the prior games and in the prior games. There was an issue that does still exist here, which is the fact that forza doesnt really know what to do with the avatars. It puts them in the story. It allows you to customize them, but everybody looks like a home street hobo willing to score a pair of sweatpants cost you twelve thousand dollars, twelve thousand dollars and half of the time the options just arent that good you can buy a douchey beanie. That looks like an elephants condom, seven days, past expiration, but regardless it always looks like youre shopping at some place, called douche, nozzle and snooze clothing. Nothing feels like its actually cool looking and yet it takes apart and takes money and takes different roles from you when it comes to the special roles that you can lock and so forth. It just feels like they dont really know what to do with it. So, as you guys know, i rate games on a buy weight for sale, rent or never touch it again, rating scale. This is on game pass so well also talk about game pass or pass its well worth getting, even with some of the issues with audio a couple of the bugs and the busyness.

A lot of those can just be optioned out which i definitely like, in fact, forza. Ryzen offers so many options to a gamer that i personally tell people who want to jump into it, get a crappy car, whatever it is, and dont worry about wrecking. So many different racing games have you penalized for so many different things when it comes to how you drive, forza horizon, is sort of the opposite of that, and a lot of the races allow for you to go off the road on purpose. But people arent accustomed to it jump in here grab a car that you sort of like the feeling of and just race the same section just a couple times, because there arent really preliminary laps on any of the races which sort of sucks as well. But this isnt necessarily the game for it heres the thing, though man forza you get behind that wheel and it doesnt matter if its quality mode, its dropping a couple trees here there or youre on the pc and youve, got it nailed down or the s and Its still looking mighty fine, its just that its so enjoyable to explore and experience that breeze in your hair kind of feeling, even if its not a convertible driving full speed, feeling that change when it rains and youre going through that race, it is so fun to Head to head someone as well, whether youre in the solo mode, where you got the drivatars or youre online with other people, the ability to just go around and say i want to race boom, flick those headlights, which is something we have seen in other games.

This isnt a brand new thing its that it all comes together, and these guys do such a good job of putting these together again, a lot of people are going to play. This are going to be like this is a lot like the forza horizons past. Yes, its not a first person shooter, my dog agreed he barked right there, but what it is is a title that offers a tremendous amount of gameplay. It offers a lot of different vehicles for people to mess around with customization and a very cool place to explore. With a couple caveats so anyway thats it for me, hope you guys, like the video, if you do continue watching the channel, youll, see more reviews from me, a bunch of stuff coming up for various games, that i can talk about. Some that i cant talk about got a great number of videos coming your way. I hope you guys like this review. Please share it.