We are back today here on the preview, build from playground, games and turn 10. huge. Thank you for them. Making these episodes possible, if you guys have not already pre, ordered forza ryzen 5 or waiting for it on the game, pass, make sure you guys are ready to go because this game is coming out very quickly and uh. Today we have some drone cam footage chasing down the train. Now, to note you cannot go higher than previous forzas uh drone cam limits unless youre falling off the mountain in the cliffs itll just kind of glide down, but i would like to see them open up. The drone cam footage and allow us to actually climb up higher than say you know, maybe what is it like? 12 13 feet that we can go up there? So you know it would be cool if they gave us some of the restrictions off of there. I dont know if its just because of the you know the performance factor why we cant do so, but i feel like it shouldnt be an issue i feel like. I dont know if thats just me or not, but it was really cool, though seeing uh the brand new train in forza horizon 5, just kind of cruising around. Here we have the red locomotive on the front, pulling we have what five to six yellow cars in the back there um i dont know if the train glitch is gon na, be possible still uh, where you can kind of go in front of it pause and Then you know shoot yourself out of there.

I did find myself uh hitting a lot of the tunnel walls uh. That was probably one of the worst things. Hopefully they can shave down some of those edges for us, so the drone cam doesnt get stuck in the tunnel there. That was a big. It was right, but this map is truly breathtaking, though, when youre looking at it just the mountains, you know theres the sheer cliffs, the runoffs that we have out there, im really excited to be able to go and just explore a lot of those, and just you Know off roading and doing online lobbies with you guys and just cruising all over this map uh. I i cannot wait for this game to come out man every time. We look at new footage man just absolutely breathtaking stuff here from the map. Hopefully the longevity is going to be there and hopefully theres enough spots to keep us tied over. I think there is so far right. I dont know. Let me know your thoughts down below the train. Rail is definitely interesting. How it kind of you know, goes up and off of the actual map itself. I do like that um and we just kind of follow the train as long as i could. However, though, some of them uh were very damn trees in the way man, some of them, though uh, were a little bit harder to keep on. Like. I said this rail right here following this was extremely tough, just making sure that youre on there, but if we can get some cars on these rails uh, we got some possible potential possibilities to get flown off of there right, hopefully theres a spot that we can Kind of wedge ourselves in, like previous forces, where we can actually just you know, get flown into the air um.

I dont know if thats gon na be a thing or, if were gon na, have any of those spots, but im excited about that. Let me know your thoughts down below on the train this year. Hopefully we can stop it. I doubt it theres theres, no way you can ever stop the transmit. Any game that you play. The train is unstoppable and uh. I lost it in the tunnel. Thats thats, where my train run came to an end here i couldnt get over the other mountains and right it was just gone now. We do have some other footage going up here for today, not a lot, though, because it is sunday we have the coated gp going down at three oclock today, um and i wasnt really prepared for today. The video that i wanted to put out is gon na be getting put out. I think either tomorrow or the next day, so make sure you guys do subscribe and post notifications and if you see anything coming out with my live event at coda gp racing. The other 12 youtubers – or you know streamers, make sure you guys click on that episode. Slap that like button on. I really do appreciate it. We have that also too uh next level racing just put out their brand new ws 2.0, absolutely beautiful product. They sent me one over there to review and take a look at for the channel, so i will be opening that and uh posting some of that footage very soon.

But it is really neat its a very quick setup and tear down process. Tear down setup is gon na, be extremely quick. You can upgrade it to a full rig if you wanted to down the road, but if you are using your gaming chair, they do include a chair, cradle uh, to put underneath the wheels of your chair when you are under braking. Your pedals will kind of slide ahead. Weve all had those problems right now, uh with the chair cradle youre, not gon na have any of those issues anymore. If you guys are looking for an upgrade. This is definitely the one make sure you guys go ahead: check the links down below uh to get yourself the ws 2.0 and just a huge thank you to uh next level racing uh for hooking up to channel one to show you guys out here. If you guys are grabbing one, let me know in the comment section down below uh: we had a lot of wheels on forza horizon 5.. There was a lot of new ones. I dont know exact numbers on the new wheels uh, but from what ive? Seen though we had some works coming in there right, we had the works coming in there we had the road of forums. There was actually quite a few work wheels this time around, so theyve definitely listened to us and uh. They know what we want here, but how long is it gon na take for these wheels to just get overused um to be honest this year i think its going to be different theres, so many new wheels and theres so many work wheels.

I think that you can have a full lobby of just new and different wheels i feel like, and you wouldnt even notice, gon na, let the wheels play out for today and just showcase every single wheel. I went down the list left right up down every single category for the wheels uh just to show you guys exactly here on the super, but just a huge thank you to everybody that has been showing their support on the channel these last few days on the Forza horizon 5 content really do appreciate it huge thank you for everyone coming around for today, a little wheel, selection, little train gameplay well be back tomorrow with some proper content on the channel. Huge thanks for watching today.