Obviously well everyone says that, but the next week another drone comes in and then next week you just keep adding to cart check it out, buy something new. Whatever else come out so yeah, i know its a sickness all right see you later lets do some flying Music. What is going on guys welcome back to the vlog and in this video were gon na be reviewing this. This is a tiny little quad from iflight. Its called the iflight protect 25 pusher, its their version of the cinelog 25 and whatever else thats got 2.5 inch and its meant to carry a its meant to carry a naked gopro. So in my rig here you can see. I have a hero session because i dont have an ak gopro, obviously, but i think it would carry it well, hopefully because its just a 30 gram difference of the weight theyre 30 40. Something like that. Im gon na fly it around here, theres a little false in them at the end of this creek. Hopefully it doesnt fall into the water because i dont have any more money to spend in drones. Obviously, well everyone says that, but the next week another drone comes in and then next week you just keep adding to cart check it out, buy something new. Whatever else come out so yeah, i know its a sickness. All right see you later lets. Do some flying Music, so yeah? That was the first part there, its craig, i love doing creeks because um its just, you know, if you put a nice sound effect to it like a nature.

Nice, music, its gon na, be its gon na, be an amazing video at the end of the edit well anyway, so ill tell you what i think about this drone when i first opened the boxes. What got me amazed is the the quality of the plastic here, as you can see its its a its a really tough plastic, its well im im, just comparing it to the synlog synlog 25, which has a bad quality plastic. Some other people would would agree to that for sure. Nothing like this one. If you look at those bumpers here, youll see that theres like a double wall in each of the like the edges or whatever. That is the corners and also here in between the two. What the was that, oh, my god, well well, in between the two two guards you have like a brace two braces, which makes it, which makes the guards really tough and no vibrations. Would it would it wouldnt be shaking around or whatever, unlike unlike the other ones, which have like an individual prop guard, they could vibrate by themselves, unlike this one, which you could really see its a unibody which makes the vibration lester all right. So what thats? What i like about it first of all, by the way i have not been paid by iflight or any company to do this review. This is my honest review and im just i just want to share my thoughts about it yeah.

This is just my honest opinion. All right, okay, lets get lets, keep going with our review. So what else do i like about it for some of you, some of you already know, but these types of drones is meant for um fly through videos like whenever you cant fit your three inch. Three inch scene, whoop, youre, gon na use this and put it on a naked gopro. But for myself i dont have a naked gopro thats. What i have a hero session up top there, which is not much of a difference in terms of the weight but with the quality theres, a big difference for sure this is way worse than the gopro 8 or the gopro 6, but anyway, yep thats. The purpose of this drone its more for flight through cinematic, slow type of flying, but who cares you can fly it, however way you want. You can even freestyle it yeah thats, a good idea, actually lets. Try lets try to do some freestyle around here, because its an open spot, no one, is around no kids playing no dogs walking around running and walking around alright lets. Do this next slide: Music, oh Music, all right guys so to wrap up this video. I would say my thoughts about this drone is that its got a really nice build quality, its very tough? Also, it flies well, it doesnt fly bad. You know it flies well for its purpose, which is slow type of cruising, not freestyle.

Obviously. Well, i dont know. I think it would fly well freestyle if you put in a naked gopro on it, but with the with the hero session that i have, i would say: no, we wouldnt fly well with a freestyle, but its not built for that anyway.