Thanks to its captivating looks that, as the name implies, looks like a spaceship and it’s one of the best looking drones on the market, it’s also an excellent drone for kids, thanks to its ease of use, led lights and its fun factor. On top of that, it delivers excellent features to its affordable price, making it a very compelling drone. First off, i want to praise the excellent design of the force – one ufo 3000. This drone sports, a super modern body, that’s, streamlined and refined, to make it move quicker than most drones in its price range. What makes this drone more attractive is its ultra by led lights, on its prop guards that shine bright, green and blue light, and it makes the drone visible at night, and some users have reported that you can take breathtaking long exposure shots thanks to this feature. During my testing it revealed to be true, and with time i could draw words using the long exposure on my camera. The drone comes with a super useful and convenient remote transmitter that offered excellent controls from the controller you can use all of its features like the two speed modes, low and high one button take off and landing headless mode and from there you can also perform amazing Tricks, like the 360 degree flip. I found this drone appropriate for indoors in low power mode and for outdoors in high power mode inside its package. There are also two 3.

7 volt lithium batteries and each has 10 minutes of flight time and take about an hour to charge a usb charging cable, spare, propeller, blades and a user manual explains the drones every function for its listed price. The false one, ufo 3000 delivered excellent flight and stability, even in windy conditions. However, i would not recommend flying it in the wind as a beginner due to its light weight.