In this vlog. We shall share our first impressions after driving new force gerco on day, one which includes some off roading. We shall bring you a very detailed video soon after testing it to its true potential. Please do subscribe and make sure to click on the bell icon to stay connected its when you leave the road and hit the trail that the gurkha comes into its element. The slushy pits rocky sections and hillocks on our path. Dont challenge the gurkha and the fact is itll achieve more and too will drive than most suvs within their off road setting. Visibility is excellent and the squared out shape makes it easy to place on narrow paths with its boxy shape, cliff face sides, clamshell bonnet round headlights at al. The new gerka carries forward the old ones g class for the masses look. However, the overall treatment is far more sophisticated, every panel is new and the shut lines are tighter and the enhanced quality level alone elevates the gurkha from a rudimentary off roader to something more lifestyle: Music. The flamboyant shade of orange helps to this end too. We have chosen the same color for our gurkha. The new model has its share of eye catching details as well. It wears the new gurkha lettering on its grill as a badge of honor. The traditional round headlights are now all led units and get a cool jewel like daytime running lamp theme. The high set position of the indicators hasnt been tinkered with, but the bonnet is chunkier the front.

Bumper is fuller and, like the previous skirka, this one snorkel is standard with official waiting abilities rated at 700 millimeters flush, fitting windows, higher set tail lights that sit on the body work and a new bumper are the changes of note at the back, a full size. Spare tire that sits on the tailgate completes the look theres scope to personalize your gurkha tube. Our car was decked up with a rear ladder, roof rack with a jerry can holder and at tires and therell, be more on the accessories menu too. As on the old gurkha, youll need to make the most of the footstep and grab bark work your way into the new once highsec cabin, its not cutting edge by any measure, but the full length, dashboard, rotary air, con vents and even the storage slots between the Front seats make this a more habitable place. The front seats are large and supportive. The big highlight inside the gurkha is the level of comfort for rear seat occupants. Music. The rear seats comprise two forward facing chairs access to which is via the side, hinged rear door. A footstep helps with the steep climb up and you have to duck walk your way through the passage between the seats, but it sure beats entering via the front door and contorting yourself is in the dark. The new force gurkha has indeed come a long way. The new gurkha is now capable of taking you to work through the week, while also carrying your friends and family to picnic on a mountaintop in the jungle or beside a far lakeside on the weekends Music.