The review on the splash drone 4 made by swellpro. So please stay tuned Music. All right guys again welcome back to bucks wild outdoors. If youre new to the channel, please hit that subscribe button, please hit that bell symbol for new notifications for any new video uploads and guys. If you liked the video please hit that like button. So i did the review on the uh swell pro splash drone 4 and some of the issues that i was having one with the remote and one with the aircraft and in the comments uh. You guys left a lot of great comments and stuff like that. But i also had comments from swell pro themselves and they uh. They made some suggestions. Um. I made some suggestions in reference to uh the way the remote was built. We threw around some ideas and theyre still gon na keep that rubber flap on the back, but they decided that with the new remotes that that are gon na come out with the aircrafts theyre gon na put stickers on them. To help remind the pilots, hey check the rubber flap on the back to make sure its closed before you go anywhere near water or whatever uh its a start, its a start. I i, i think, theres a design flaw there, but yeah. You know im im. Just one person and uh, i put my suggestion out there and well if, if they want to put a sticker on it and hope that will solve the problem, then we shall see.

I contacted urban drone. I sent the video to urban drone. They in turn contacted me uh, immediately like after as soon as i sent them the email with the the link uh, it wasnt even 20 30 minutes, and they were calling me they uh. They recommended that i send a remote back to them. They decided that they were going to replace my remote control for me as a warranty option, so i ended up getting a brand new remote for the aircraft. Before i sent it to them. They made some kind of uh statement that it was almost my fault um when they went back and started reading the comments and and re looking at the video, but they had already made a promise to replace my uh, my remote, so they um they upheld. That decision – and they were like you know what were well go ahead and replace it. Since we went ahead and promised you we were going to place it, so i sent my drone back to them and i just recently got it back. They sent me an email with a video showing that the aircraft was linked to that remote and everything was working all that stuff, so uh yeah i mean they. They were, they were great. They were helpful um so as well pro so well see well see so. Im gon na show you guys real, quick uh how everythings working with the drone ive already uh, pulled it out.

Ive already uh redid the imu made sure that that was uh on point and the compass and all that stuff. So here we go all right guys. So were gon na go ahead and get set up here, get so far it onto that get the phone on. Oh you painted, but there we go. All right now were going to turn the aircraft on. Well, i think its this battery thats having an issue there. We go all right remotes on now its just got to sink turn on my wi fi. This part right here takes a little while, when for the remote to pull its wi fi and connect to the aircraft, all right now, weve got a wi fi connection. Lets go ahead and hook to it. There we go bing just going to open up the app log into device and, as you see this thats my couch, where the cameras at so were in video mode now, cameras up and down good switch over to video mode. I mean crushing photo mode thats working back to video, that working yeah up and down all right lets see about the bait release, thats working, perfect and lets run the motors Applause. All right Applause – i mean everything seems to be uh working im gon na uh. Take it out and put it in the air in a little bit and make sure it uh. It flies nice all right, so we just powered the uh aircraft up and remote up just waiting for it to connect again that always takes a while.

I i do not know why flights out of the water they recommend the antennas down so well. Tighten on the tighten up on the antennas there. You go all right. Thats good were connected dog again to the device. All right well lets see what we got Music. Now again, this is on a single axis gimbal, so youre gon na get the movement with of the aircraft, so lets do a turn im not seeing a lot of lag, switch it over to photo. Do some turning all right lets go up some more its cloudy outside i dont want to get too too high and snap a picture. Okay switch back over to video. There we go and we are recording. I havent adjusted any of the iso or anything like that. Yet im just testing it out, so quality is going to be a little off flying forward. Nice angle, it down there, you go spin the aircraft there we go back up, huh, Music, all right now. What were going to do is do a return to home. So, Music, all right all right. So what were going to do now is: do a return to home so im going to hit the uh return to home button. Hold it down aircraft just spun around its coming back, see what it does so shes going up to the required desired altitude that ive set just directly over top of me right now, and its descending im gon na move over this way.

That way it doesnt hit. My cruiser its literally right over top of me, almost but Music bam i like that that was that was real nice that was real nice compared to what it was its really nice. I like that. I mean she. She landed right there. She did a little bit of bounce, but it didnt flip nothing like that. So yeah right now, im happy right now. So again i just got it back so well. See uh im gon na im off tomorrow, so ill fly it again tomorrow and if anything comes up ill. Let you guys know guys if you enjoyed the video hit. The like button. Please subscribe hit that bell button for new notifications for any new video uploads and guys. Thank you for all that.