In terms of the flight controller stabilization, you got your beginner intermediate advanced modes. Uh uses a controller that is almost identical and then they sort of rebranding this under the easy rc brand, you can see youre familiar with the other valentix rc planes ill link, some of the other older videos down in the description. So i expect this one to fly the same. Its got the same, uh four double a batteries in the back, but the thing is different about this: one is theres, no screws for assembling this, so sometimes theres screws to attach parts and etc. Nothing like that on this model, everything clips in so theres no screws. That needs to be done, so they dont include a screwdriver, but you do need a screwdriver for the screw in the back of the transmitter uh, so its a phillips head. So most people should have something like that, but everything else is clips in very easy to put together aileron elevator throttle and rudder control, four channels. The prop is um breakaway, so well detach, and i did not see a spear prop in the box. So uh thats a little bit unusual for some of these. Usually they include a spare prop, but because its breakaway, it should be okay again, its a microplane. So not great for windy conditions a little bit of a breeze today about five, maybe 10 miles an hour. So i expect this to fly pretty similarly, so lets get this up in the air and see how it does okay.

So this one has a on off switch on the bottom, which is again, you know fms uh they make um. You know nicer planes, you know more in terms of quality um bill construction. This is a little bit nicer than some of the other valentines models. But again, you also are paying for that its a little bit more expensive, something to keep in mind, but this one does have an on off switch on the box. Well, turn that, on put it flat on the ground, turn on the controller should bind up check out the control surfaces theyre all working in the same, in the way that they should be throttle up and down to get the throttle activated and its working all right. Toss it that way, but the lighting in that direction is not good. The winds coming from this direction so im gon na fly that way and then turn it around and fly towards me all right. Just uh thats a hands off take off there Applause, so the uh, the rate on the rudder out of the box is like huge thats, all thats, all runner, steering they just saw there and then the the gearing on this is the gearing on the propeller, the Motor is uh not not too noisy its a 10 size. I think 10 20 size, coreless brushed murderer, of course, in this class theyre all going to be brushed murders, but yeah pretty quiet, see. If i can get this nice and low very stable, its uh, pretty the wind conditions are pretty good.

Today, you can do a lot of steering with just the rudder on this one. All right lets see if i can uh get some nice flybys here. I got a pretty good idea of how this is going to fly control wise, bringing on in here Music, all right flying more aggressively with more speed as well. I am in beginner mode. This is what i prefer to fly these little microplanes, because uh these controllers, dont, have a lot of precision. Look how slow this thing flies. Thats! Amazing i mean it is going into the wind, the wind, its not that windy its, maybe 5 10 miles an hour. Most its pretty consistent, though, which is making this a nice smooth flight here, just bring it by here a little bit of an angle. Just keep it in front of me. Slow down oh and theyre, installed so theres a certain point where you cant uh, get it to go too slow and then theyll, just stall out on you im trying to make it hover lets see here. The little battery door popped off, thats no big deal and the prop popped off a little bit, but it didnt break away completely and looks totally fine. Nothing else broke off can hear the gyro going there all right, so no problems there yeah. So, just like any plane uh, if you dont, maintain your air speed, itll stall, but yeah no worries with this one. Just like a lot of these planes with especially with the breakaway prop, they will, you know, take the abuse pretty well, but lets see if i can get this to come by nice and slow thats, basically hovering oh im, so low to the ground.

Yeah. Those those turns you can see are mostly rudder, nice and flat, so the uh nice authority, on the rider on this on this model, see how how the wings are pretty level there im just turning it with a rudder, well cast how this does uh in some Of the more advanced modes just curious, see if the um the model seems to be pretty well cg, but i was going to take it up higher all right, put it into intermediate mode, so it still levels out and then you know it actually limits. Your bank angle, but its a little bit more, so you get a little bit more authority, all right, ill, put it into advanced okay. I can tell its a little tail heavy. It has a lot of up trim Music, im gon na put it back into beginner mode, bring it back here, Music, so lets see. If i can uh trim out the elevator a little bit so when youre using the beginner mode gyro, it just keeps it level anyway, an advanced mode. You have to do that, but i think the um cg is a little off a little tail heavy. Oh now, the winds picking up again lets see how this does here: im gon na okay, so thats interesting, advanced mode. It wouldnt. Let me flip it over im gon na hit the aerobatics button here, oh wow, okay! So if you hit the aerobatics button, itll do the roll, its very slow, so yeah, and i i personally i dont, really find uh extra mode enjoyable on these little planes because you got ta, take it up real high in case it stalls out on you id Rather, just keep it in beginner mode and fly low to the ground like this, where i can see it really nice thats how well these gyros are because they they the gyros, can you know basically stabilize the plane way faster than you can they have its? Obviously, you know computer controlled and you can see how how well this is flying.

Somebody landed in the grass here. Oh yeah, well, now tried it lets see yeah. This grass is not short enough for these wheels and a size, so its not going to work all right lets come around the other way lets see what the plane looks like on the right side, Music. This is going to be downwind, so im gon na have to take it down upwind a little further and bring it by its gon na come by fast yep, much faster yeah. These rotor turns are nice and nice and flat Music. How flat these turns are really crazy: Music whoa! Oh, i tried to get too close there that flew right over my head. Get close.