You got some johnny drone flyer fans here. Look at this guys, like i said last weeks, friday show im gon na, say: im too sexy johnnys shirt. Yes, baby! Look! Im! Sexy for this shirt, hes changing it from fpv free to sex, to sexy, johnny, johnnys shirt, all right guys. Welcome to the flyzone drone show we have a great show for all you tonight and were going to see if the evo 3 thats going to be released versus the mavic 3 now, which one do you all think will be a better drone were going to discuss That in the show tonight – and we got some specs on the autel evo 3. – i have it here with me – were going to share it with everybody and uh yeah its going to be a good show. So stick around guys and dont want to miss. It stay stay strapped to your seats, because we have a lot to talk about about this evo 3., so johnny maddie uh. Thank you. How was your day? How was your day, you guys well well for me not good nothing but taking care of kids and flying drones or, as bill would say, dry and flowns yeah there you go. I had a great weekend. Did i actually did a little flying yesterday and uh? I got my new mini tablet: uh mini six ive been trying to get used to it and kind of set it all up.

It takes a little while to get all and just deleted some apps and all that but yeah. I like the way it uh. I think itll be fun to fly with a lot more territory. I know matt uses a a tablet so uh, so what processor does that have? Do you know what processor that one has the 815 chip, i believe its, not the m1 okay on a mini but its uh. It seems you know the only thing. Everybody was a little disappointed and i think its 500 nits but uh. You know a lot of times i mean in bright sunlight. It could be a problem im sure it might be a little bit, but you know a lot of times. I fly late, i mean early in the morning late in the afternoon. So, and sometimes you can just do what i do – expand in the shade right, thats, what i say there you go. I try to look for a cover. A lot of times. You know got to protect the head there. You know maddie, you know how that is. Maddie yep yeah, i mean thats one thing that i hate is when, when youre, either using a tablet or a phone smartphone and youre out youre out in the sun and its just that glare its just not its not right so yeah, i actually, i went, have The i went to the new mini 13 phones. I had to make a choice to get something a little bigger to fly with so but anyway, i think itll be, i think, itll be okay and hey.

I need a new tablet anyway. So, hey, hey, hey johnny, johnny its the phone. Is the phone yeah thats it well. This is pretty little yeah, but that still does that still does amazing shots. It does absolutely yeah camera, oh yeah, itll, be it would be small to fly with so thats. Why? I you know kind of ordered uh, the mini the new mini, so yeah im excited, but just got to get it all set up, and that has ios 15. Now the updated ios, 15. cool cool and speaking of the song of the sun and the phone we got the video coming out on the new sun shade by start rc. I actually finished it. I got some time in and i actually did the video. So look out for that guys, but uh johnny whos in the chats lets see lets see who the family, what family we have right backwards here. I guess because i got it now. Chris redwater broke him in uh arizona, drone dave, joe blaylock uh brad austins in the house, chucks in the house, i think chuck and his wife is in the uk right maddie. Yes, sir theyre on vacation and demarco ordered me a new drone. He got me a nano coming uh mike mike rennick uh robbies in the house. Travel tech 360. check his out. The world drone community well coming out jody drone shots uh, who else bran ariel garys in the house, tomas leonard oglesby, um uh, who else robert racing and i think demarcos got a friend trying to sign.

His name is kyle from virginia. He wanted me to mention. Mention him uh, okay, hell be in with us hell be able to be in. I think hes gon na log in uh yeah, so weve got a great uh great crowd. Yep, always nice ill try to catch you in a little bit: leonard oglesby, uh, hey brad, great crowd in early and hey lets, get the show started. Thats right and um just want to mention that uh we have a uh, a new member that has joined the uh, the channel and its joe blaylock, oh yeah, joe joe joe welcome to the family i dont know which, which which one hes in um. I got a fly zone, drone crew, oh so hes got the the very first one. Okay, cool welcome in my friend. Thank you. So much for your support by neil whats up so yeah, but uh yeah. We got our members now section you guys can join you get some perks and all that good stuff and uh yeah. So dont forget guys. So we have here is traveltech360 thats, robbie, yeah, robbie, uh support and some love, and he does amazing stuff so um. Well, just put a his uh yeah ill put it up right now, you guys can go check out his channel ill, put it up, um, that is travel, tech, 360 and ill have the banner across. So you guys can grab his um um his info there and um robbie.

Also. Does the world drone community hes got the world drone community facebook page make sure you guys go and join um. That group – and i mean its a great group – i mean theres theres a lot theres a lot, a lot of people in there there you guys can put your videos, you guys, can talk about drones. You guys can talk about anything in there. So i mean great thats, a great great group there and um. You guys. Dont know how it looks like this is. This is robbies logo. This is whos sponsoring the show oh robbie joe blaylock, by the way, just upgraded to the fly zone. Executives club ooh youre in good manner. Oh thank you so much bud. Thank you. Thank you. So much joe mike. I want to reach out to uh. I know if everybody doesnt know ed meyers uh had a, i think, a heart a stroke, a stroke. Oh yeah, did he really good guys, yeah and uh? You know so keep them in your prayers. I think hes hes doing okay. I actually message him a little while ago and hes feeling better hes, hes still kind of numb and stuff, but you know so. Uh keep him in your prayers and a good guy hes, a big supporter of a lot of channels. So there is an actual gofundme page for him. Um that i will find the link real quick. I know i have it and i will put it in the chats as soon as i possibly can yeah and it uh hes having a rough time right now.

He has a big. Oh, i hate hearing stuff like this yeah, but i think the bottom line is hes gon na be okay, so he he uh. You know at least the way out the way i take it. I think hes gon na be okay hes in hes in good spirits. Right now, of course, hes got a lot of friends that love him and take care of him, so yeah hes doing well ill post his job captain ray kelly is in the house ray whats up captain ray, i miss you ray yeah yeah, captain ray they did A little mini meetup again yesterday with lawrence and herman im, not sure who else uh im, not sure who else was there, but yeah guys always doing meetups whats going on yeah what the hell i know dude and nobody tells us nothing yeah, but yo thats in New york, they were in new york. I know, but i dont know nothing about that, but you know im a busy guy, tj tj is in the house. Also tj won himself. Some tj won himself. Some little battle drones on here already said drone a few minutes. Nice congrats congrats cj. I saw that and um tj. Your stickers are going to be on your way, but so dont worry about it. Theyre already on your way, dont worry, yeah, t.j kelly we sent kelly to address. I mean you now live in hammond louisiana, just letting you know yeah right, hey! No! I think maddie uh texts, uh kelly, the address right yeah i sent him.

I sent him your address. Tj, so youll be good to go. Awesome, yeah, all right! So lets get to it. Lets get to the uh mavic 3 and the autel three um. Now i have the specs for the all, tell three im gon na pop them up. I want to compare the specs to djis mavic 3.. Okay, ill pull them up, but right now lets jump to the auto. Now this is the auto that theyre saying that this is what the auto will look like. I dont think that ill tell is going to look like that man were the sensors on the back on the sides. Theyre gone guys, theyre gone well, the question is: do you need them when you have fisheye lenses like that? I dont know because the skydio does the same thing: thats a good question, thats exactly why they made them fish eye because those those type of lenses right there should be able to pick up damn near everything on top and both sides of you, because i guarantee You they probably stick up, maybe a quarter of an inch or so so you never know when you see the front account they kind of bug out yeah i mean they. Definitely i mean theyre saying that though i mean the front, is not changed. The fronts gon na stay the same. I believe so that almost looks like an oversized version of the light series. It really does it does, except with the except yeah, except without the sensors yeah.

So are you guys thinking that those fish eye sensors right there? On top theyre, like sticking out more up there yeah, what theyre doing is there is where it covers all the way around yeah yeah and they hover all the way around degree field of view. All the way around mix its pretty much the same exact thing, the skydio does the sky deals got the three on the front three on the back on the arms and it picks up almost a 360 degree view of whats around it, yeah, yeah and um. So so we know that now the bottom of the drone youll will will probably it will probably remain the same. Everything thats on the bottom of the drone will stay the same, but the back that one sensor towards the back theyre going to move, move three theres going to be three of them on on the bottom. There, instead of two yeah supposedly theyre supposed to keep now im wondering what what those those two above it above that other sensor right there im sure that those are sonic 2.. Those are infrared, i think right, yeah yeah yeah, so i totally understand that theyre going to put that fish eye and remove these sides because, as you see in the front here on this one on the original uh evo 2, they only have them on the sides. The top and the back towards the back. They have nothing in the front on top, but the front eyes.

Well, if you, if you, if you, if you want an idea of what theyre trying to do, if you look at the mavic 3, now the the back sensors do not shoot backwards, they they dont, have side sensors on the three anymore yeah. The two back ones are pointing out at a diagonal, so what theyre doing is theyre going with less sensors with more field of view, yeah its kind of like jqs, whether you know they try of catch it upward inside. But you know a lot of people. Remember, though, a lot of people dont, dont dont, really use sensors. That much really i dont know if you really dont use that i turn mine off. I dont have to listen to the beeping. Well, the beeping still happens, but you just turn your phone volume down, but uh yeah it it it to me and then to me also like the air 2s, when you turn your uh, your um, your a pass on it flies really weird like it doesnt do. What you want it to do? Yeah, because it oh yeah. I know what youre talking about. I know what youre talking about like itll move in a different direction, because its picking up like 40 feet in front of it. No, i know yeah, it flies really really. Weird it it just the the the dynamics he had now. Yeah, oh well, but um were gon na show the specs now on what theyre theyre thinking that its going to be on this tell three i mean three, so i got the i got.

I got it right here were going to share the screen real, quick im going to pull it up, and here we go. Let me know if you guys, i see it yet because im going to press it right here, one second: where is it? Where is it? Okay, there, it is all right come on, let her rip boom boom boom brandt, ariels gary says, sensors dont work with wires, and he knows all too well about working with wires. He was showing those wires last night on this on yesterday on the stream huh. Third, when was that third yeah yesterday yep um, all right so heres what theyre saying about about the autel evo three leaked specs? Okay, before we leave um released before the mavic 3. theres, with a question mark, though guys remember that its with the question mark. So they dont know exactly ill. Tell you one thing about this: guy jasper ellens this dude, like 99 95 of the time, nails it right every time he does this. He does this with every drone yeah. So it says that the um theres gon na be three different versions: theyre gon na come out with the evo three, the basic. With that one inch sensor. They got the evo three pro. They got no theres, four guys theres four, oh god, im looking at it right now, the the evil three pro the evil, three zoom and the evil. Three super sense. Wow, okay and youll see right there, the size of the uh, the camera, the sensors right, the ones with the micro four thirds, and then you got the 8k and then you got the one and a half man look at that guys.

So this is competition. This is huge competition for dji man and were going to look a little further here. The evo 3 is delivery. October 2021 theyre saying that the key speculations, professional aerial images, um excellent picture quality, folding portable perfection lets see yeah 10 kilometers flight range, uh, 38 to 40 minutes flight time images in the dark environment, so its kind of like just an evo 2 with a different Camera almost almost pretty much, i guess but theyre just adding a sure, two different things on top theres. I guess theyre changing the top a little bit and – and here it says, right here the options and then it says all four models have the dual band: high definition: image transmission with the range of 10 kilometers and youll see that the super sense has that 1.4 Inches fish eye, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and thats thats, the yeah, the omni, but i i dont. I think these are going to be pushed back other than october, with the release of all the other drones that ill tell just put out myself yeah well to think they just released them and theyre, not even theyre, not for sale, yet right right, yep its. So i dont know: are you going to get one not me, so the alter evil light dji similar similarly specs on for the altel evil light the dji air 2s competitor and the all tel evo nano dji compared to the dji mini 2.

, so theyre, comparing the Evil light to the r2s theyre, comparing the evil nano to the dji mini 2 guys, so there you have it right there, but what i um. This is something that i wanted to know, though thats. What a lot of these people a lot of these articles do conduct where autel is comparing with dji, yet autel is not really competing with their pricing, not even close, so i dont think they really care well, i think they got caught up in in labor and A higher chip, price and and dji really hadnt released a drone you know with, since you know, since that uh yeah, really since the air 2s. I guess i mean the se edition was kind of put together with some parts and pieces of the yeah. That was all leftover parts and pieces. You know i i dont, i dont think you may not see a if the air 2s came out today. It might be similar in price. You know which it it is pretty close on price already. You know right yeah, so i dont know you know cheap ‘9 or 499. You know so and heres a light right here. Bam right in your feet. Yeah with carbon fiber company were saying that there wasnt going to be carbon fiber, and i see carbon fiber on those arms unless its uh the carbon fiber printed. Well, you know what i wouldnt be surprised if it is carbon fiber, because the autel evo 2 enterprise is always got carbon fiber arms.

So why not hold on mike put that back on there for a second bam right in your face. Dont move guys! Please dont move leave it on there. I want to check this out – oh my god, its a sexy, looking, oh my god, im so sexy for that one dude! Are you okay, yeah, im? Okay! I like it im so sexy for that what a dirk this guy! I tell you all right so nice, one all right, um, all right. The mavic 3 lets take a look for that. One too, it makes me want to go fishing yeah. It looks like a fish right, the eyes, a large amount of bass with the eye Laughter, see thats, why they see how they pointed at an angle like that. You know this is a bad looking. Drone guys i have oh, it is dji, did a good job on this mavic guys its its bad looking man and it it like mike said it looks like the arm looks like like its bulky like uh. It presents itself. It looks almost like the inspire right right, yeah, the way the arms yeah they have to. They have to keep it up there and get that camera off the ground, and it looks like this. Like ah im mean you know its pretty cool. Looking i like it. I like the way, but that camera that camera is not plastic, no way, no, no hell. No, no theres! No way it does look pretty awesome, yeah yeah, those sensors, the way they point forward and out, and then the back sensors, how they point.

Diagonally theres your omnidirectional right there dont and those are big. Those are big sensors. Yes, they are wow. So, yes, you know that thing is going to work man i wish i wish the price is lower than whatever is going. You got ta understand this drone is taking over a line of all of djis line of drones. You know its gon na its gon na be like a mini, inspire and a mini phantom and a mavic all in one. You know so yeah. I just. I just hope that the dji contacts us and say this and you want yeah, okay, i dont think so. Youre gon na have to youre gon na have youre gon na have to have way over 10 10 that goes to spam. Buddy all right, thatd be like lets. Look at his channel garbage im, just saying yeah, but looking nice, who cares search because i mean its? Not bad its been pretty big for us not now that we got we, we do got banggood now so im happy that that bingo contacted us well, thats a big thing i mean. I know you put it in your community tab, but for anybody that doesnt know in the chats fly zone, drones got offered to do reviews for, which is pretty big and downtown yeah, yeah and diatone, and they um. It was a nice email. They said your channels gotten a lot of recognition and theyd love to work with you guys, so you should be proud of that.

I i am. I i didnt think that that day would come with anything, but this, like i said this would not happen if it wasnt it wasnt its true. We did it just its, not its not about just me my brother, its all of you that made this happen all right, johnny or matt, and everybody else all right. You interrupted johnny go ahead. Go ahead, go ahead! Johnny, i was just saying: lauren says: save your pennies. It aint cheap. It aint going to be give you a penny. Remember what youre getting for it yeah! Well its a different drone, guys i mean yeah thats a whole another level, man yeah its! Not it is its. You know, youre thinking, youre, going to jump from the f2s to that. Well, youre skipping a whole lot of big price difference. You know a lot of big time pros are going to be looking at that sure, absolutely yeah, and if you do uh, you know commercial work it it. May you you probably cant recoup that fairly thats thats what thats going to pay for right there, man yeah that little air 2 s right. There is going to make me enough money where i can buy that guy all right. I always say this fly. What you have, if you have a dji drone, all the dji drones are awesome guys they all do wonderfully its not like youre gon na go and shoot a um universal pictures movie studio movie, okay, with the thing youre gon na need bigger ones.

I mean and dont get me wrong. They do use the the mavic 3, sometimes in the movies but and stuff like that. But its not the sensor in the camera is not what they want, so they want it more. You know like something like that or in the inspire to do to do movie sets, but i mean and thats a thats pennies for those guys you know so, but but shooting houses and and and uh you know stuff like that. I mean uh. You can probably pay for that drone fairly. You know easy if you had uh, you know constant jobs, yeah, okay, take a look at peter mckinnon, his channel look at maddie maddie uh uh, his channel, the other guy maddie hall. Whatever his name is maddie whatever and peter mckinnon look at all their their their cinematic uh videos that they they did with the air to us. It looks beautiful gorgeous something like you would see in a movie. So what you have is good. I always recommend that you dont always have to jump onto something thats. The next best thing when you have something thats good already and plus you guys, will you know, imagine youll save your marriage. Well, i mean you know, i mean so many people can do stuff in post now. So you know i mean you, can you can do so much editing and stuff too? Now you know yeah so lets see. Let me lets look at the specs again on the uh mavic, again mavic 3, comparing to those that we just saw on the air 2 on the autel wait.

This is not it jack! Welcome man, half chrome, jackie boy, welcome my friend yeah. So, as you guys know, wait, let me shut this off, as you guys know were going to be on jack show. On october 10th, we set the date so wed like to see you all. There go check out jack october 10th well be on his show. So thats jack from half day, where is it at 3, so 5.2 k, video 20 megapixel sk uh stills, i was gon na, say skills uh do they have to have master shot in this uh wheres? Okay, here we go so here are the specs take off weight 920.. They didnt put the weight for the uh, the ill, tell the evil. Three we didnt see and he just threw himself out yeah. He did he hit the right mike Laughter, bmac, welcome in hey mack whats up brian gene fox mike kenny maddie, oh maddies, in here hey. I know him its gon na be interesting quad. I think its going to be a a winner but yeah, like i said, im happy with my air 2s man. You know if you got it, you got to have something serious going on if youre going to spend that much dough on them on a drone, you got to have it yeah. I mean it thats, not one that you buy just to have you right. I think you have to have a reason i mean you should have a reason to buy that drone and listen.

You know i dont want to ever try and tell anybody how to spend their money, but you know if youre not going to use it to make a little money and stuff i mean you know: thats uh, but hey thats thats, you, you know its a its A big its, not its, not gon na be cheap yeah, i mean you know if youve got a little expendable cash, you know that you play with and and you can afford it – yeah thats one thing, but i mean if youre not going to use it for You know you know commercial work, then i dont think theres really a no you got. I mean you got too many other drones that yeah, you know you can have a lot. A lot of fun with and lets do lets get an uh dji air 2 ss. What do you say like uh, like a matte black, finish bam that would be cool, so yeah theres? Can you guys hear me yep yeah? We can hear you im im trying to get this thing off of this. I got it. I got. I got it search. I got it bro, so it says the uh hold on so yeah i mean theres, all the specs. I i im looking at the other screen here from the evo 3., i mean yeah. I think the evo 3 is going to be just a little a bit better im. Looking at right now, lon said the three is gon na be 1600, i hope its only 1600.

But then, if you go up with the higher package, the fly more is gon na, be two grand. I guess or something like that im not really sure, but i mean its still thats still a chunk of change for the average hobbyist right. So you know god yeah, but yeah hey like he said they said uh they so many of fpv drones with 15 1600 bucks, so yeah, and that i mean when you buying that youre definitely just buying that for more or less fun. You know what im saying yeah so lets lets hear in the chats. What do you guys all think everyone in the chats? What do you? What do you guys all think? What do you think will be a better drone, the mavic 3 or the ltl3 lets see what everyone says. Well, youre going to get the fans of the autotail telling you its all down the fans of dji tonight dji. If you all think the mavic 3 is going to be better than the all tell three put the put the number one in if the ones you think that the all tell is gon na be better put number two lauren says the fly more combo is gon Na be over twenty five hundred dollars, so there you go. This is my number thats expensive, but yeah, but remember we have to see the flight characteristics on the altel 3, because theres people complaining about the flight characteristics on the altel too billy kyle was complaining about that.

Theres. A few people theres also people complaining about the one on the of the evo one, too theyre theyre. They both had issues with the flight characteristics right and thats. What i love about dji thats, what i love about tgi out of the box. That thing is its its an its right here. Bro yeah done you you pitch forward. That thing goes straight: it doesnt even go off course, so uh yeah, i dont, know well see well see how well autel has done on the three and yeah and – and you know its good for the hobby. Of course, its good is it great for that everybody wants to see drones its good for me because im, a dji fan and when alltel releases something dji put something better and then i get to buy it so hey keep them coming. I dont care competition. Yeah! Absolutely man, you know: wow hubsan, hubsan, god bless their souls, they tried. They got a lot of people. They got a lot of suckers to buy that drone. Johnny. You got your money back. I know you got your money back here right here. Look thats! My new hub syndrome, there you go great fitment, welcome in its always good look. You know you get to like the fema mini its a piece of boo boo, but you know it was cheap. You know these little 250 gram drones and then somebody somebody you know. Somebody soon is going to come out with something thats going to try and compete with these guys who just dont know who it is youre right.

Its all good, though man, its good, its good uh autel, is a straight caitlyn jenner. This is the biggest competition for dji right now. This is like really good for them. This is really good, because what theyre gon na do is theyre theyre, gon na, say: okay, you know what now the mavic 3, the mavic 3 or the mavic 3 zoom, maybe or the three pro or whatever theyre gon na, come out with next or the four. The mavic 4 dude its gon na be like even better now because they want to be top dogs so yeah. This is good miguel silva welcome in my friend welcome in miguel miguel. I think i think i think the mavic 3 is going to be good. I think i think its going to be. I me personally its going to be better than the evo 3. period. Without a doubt, i think yeah, everybody um, you know everybody their their choices. You know ive had an auto and you guys have heard me explain many times that i had nothing but issues with that freaking x, star premium and i am – and i almost i almost stood in the garbage before i sold it thats. How quick i got rid of that and it you know whatever i mean. I know theyve come a long way since that drone, but once you go once you get it once you go dji point no point going anywhere else: none yeah, but its its awesome, dude ive, always loved dji.

Oh dude cant complain so bob casey says mike and sergio flies on drones. New video uploaded epic sound epidemic sound check it out. When you get a chance. Okay, we will yeah well check it out. Bob and bob well share that on um next friday on the on our next show. What we do you know how we share share drone videos. We share everybodys drone videos friday well, well play that bob so ill, save that. Thank you so much a little spoiler. That video was great. That was a great video. If you know you guys are going to have to go, watch it and and jakes drone life makes a great comment, thats kind of what i always kind of say too. You know i mean, i know were all just talking for fun and speculation, but yeah you dont, say anything bad about something if you, if, if you personally havent flown it, you know because yeah exactly right. You know people love that people love thats, people that love hubsan, the original xeno uh. You know people brag on it now, of course it took about two years to get it to fly good or a lot of updates. Everyone has their preference everyone right, yeah, yeah yeah. I mean im, not ashamed to say that im like man, i prefer dji, you get a dji, you you get it you open it up. It works it works, but but you know that doesnt make you a fan.

Boy, just because you know it does what its supposed to do on a box and thats kind of yeah, and i think autel i think ill tell – will not have a problem with that. I think when you open that box, i think itll fly fine yeah. It probably will theyve come theyve come a long way. Theyve got theyve gotten pretty deep into the r d department there, so they have some ex uh. You know dji people working in that department now yeah yeah uh. I wish them all the best of luck for sure, but you know you know personal level. I i have no interest in buying an auto on and if i want better than what i have now ill, just wait for dji to give me better than what i have now yeah and thats it. Thank you mac. Thank you! Yeah brian. I remember when you were on our show: we had only 219 subs. I totally remember that you were on our show and yeah. Thank you so much brian, its just hard work thats all it is yeah its not impossible to do guys just work hard on it. Thats, all i didnt even know i was going to get to that to 1k this year. Tell you the truth. Uh lets see lets see what people are saying in the chats now uh lon said that evo2 isnt it and hes right its still, not completely sorted. Its still got things that need to be addressed that i guess havent been right.

Im not sure because i dont own one, but from what i hear and i hear it a lot. You know you know and then theres another thing right there avoiding flight restrictions guys its coming. Do i hear an echo? I i hear an actro too. The heck was that hello, the hell was that oh, its called hello, hello, its gone its gone penetration penetration. You want me to do an app or singing; no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Stop right! There yeah! So the people, a lot of people that buy autel for the for the flight restrictions for the no no fly zones hate to tell you guys but its coming well, they got they did. Why do you think they put? They did put a warning on a new update. Well, they didnt do it just for the warning. They did it because theres other countries right now that are restricting no fly zones on those hotels yeah. All it is, is a warning in the united states right, but if they werent bringing no fly zones, they wouldnt put it on in the first place sergio. Do me a favor check your mavic air tube, real, quick, see how much dust is on that right now. Never mind im, not sure how much dust, how much dust do you have piled up on that mavic air too? I feel so bad for that trump. No, because i i dont because i i clean you every day.

Oh okay, i think i flew mine. Yesterday we flew mine yesterday, i flew mine this morning, all only because it was screaming and i felt bad for it staying here. I felt bad for it too. Hey. I, like this thats, a good drone, its a good. That is a great drone. That is a great job. I love it. I dont care that was. That was actually the only thing that upset me about that. Whatever the only thing that upset me about that drone, was they changed the model uh the way the drone looked? I love the way. The original mavic air looked, i love the body style of it. It was cool as hell looking, but they went with the mavic look, which is okay. It works its my ignite train. Welcome in mikey whats up buddy good to see you, man, sunrise water, media, so um what was whats his name jake. What was jake saying i kind of missed what youre saying? Oh yeah, the geo fencing is on the horizon for the for all major yeah. It is im sure, yeah and – and its going to be like that with everybody pretty soon trust me, because if these drone companies want to keep making their drones theyre going to have to comply with the government to keep them to keep them going so hey, they Want to keep making money thats what theyre going to have to do right, im laughing at lawn polishes and drones, yep thats right santa fly 101, how you doing herman hey! We got to get lon on the show.

One day oh yeah, youre gon na come on the shoulder rap man ill. Give it to you straight yep. We got ta get line on the show herman yeah, so i think its gon na be uh boy ill. Tell you what going to be expensive, an expensive christmas for for these, for us, older, kids, huh youre, not alone santa claus, so we, you know oh dude. This is not. You probably are santa claus. No, he was on our show that night, you dont, remember bob bob dempsey. All you got ta do is text text bob whatever you want and hell deliver it yeah yep yeah a lot of people like to go four over the fly out and i understand it. I dont mind it. I dont mind either one i had to go for that when i had my phantom 4 and my spark and i liked it, but the flab works for me. It just works so yeah. I some people are a little more sophisticated. Like i dont mind, not having so much information in one spot, if i have to go for dig for it, i will, but you know, uh miguel silva. What happens when you try to fly a drone and it starts entering into no fly zone with a dji. It hits an invisible wall and it will stop flying and it will start crawling sideways right and thats for safety. I know i live next to one i know so: yeah yeah the fly ups getting better um.

I think theyre gon na, i think theyre gon na juice. It up. I think i think theyve got updates coming to it for the for the mavic 3, because the mavic 3 is going to run off the flight, because the mavic yeah yeah theyre, going to run off that flyer manny. Do you still get the altitude zone on r2s? No, you know you want to know what is what does your say? What is yours, altitude zone say man, i i think it went away the last few flights guess what mine says my my altitude. It says altitude zone and its whatever the amount of feet. I have my return, my max height set at oh really, so my altitude zone is 1624 feet or whatever the max height is. I i dont i but thats only here like in this area. When i go somewhere else that might be right. It no itll itll, give me a max flight height of 492 feet. Okay, see mine, mine went away uh the last few flights. I dont know its kind of weird. It still is a weird thing: yeah market calendars, everybody dont forget, look at the bottom april, 2nd thats, going to be a hell of a hell of a weekend, guys hell of a yeah a hell of a event, and we got a lot in store for for You guys a lot of lot in store and its so funny. Look. Look how i messed this up guys.

Do you see how it says on the bottom, when i did that it says 2021., i got. I got those two confused between spin up and that one and i put on spin up, i put 2022. yeah. I noticed that so thats wrong guys on the second annual south florida drone meetup is april, 2nd, 2022 and spin up. As you see now at the bottom, its 2021. about six weeks away – well, yeah buddy, yes, sir, yes, sir yeah im excited so am i and we uh johnny? Did you call to try and get the group discount? One thing? No yeah! I i met my phone rang when kelly was what did kelly say tonight about that. He said that he got uh. He caught, you call the spring hill sweets if youre staying there if youre booked there right and you talk to the manager. Her name is nicole and let her know that you are there for spin up and they have a group rate that they will give you now. He said the group rate was not the cheapest in the world because its kind of an expensive hotel, because theyve got a lot going on that weekend and im about to say. I think i think it went up a lot. It did mine my what was yours book when you booked it 502 for three nights. I think yeah thats, what mine mine was five. I got double bed well, yeah.

Did you get double bed yeah? You got double bed thats right, um. I think thats about what mine is and i think its a little bit higher than that with with the im, not sure what yeah whats your name. You said you said her name was nicole yeah, yeah, okay and um me and bill me and bill romain from bill running toys uncle bill. When we were on his stream. We were on a sunday when i was on the stream. We were. We were looking at some hotels – some, you know pretty good, you know not bad, but good. You know we saw the inside of them. They were really nice well furnished and everything, and we found one that was really a really good price compared to spring hill, and i dont know if hes going with that, if those going with that one, but if he goes with um, were thinking about going with That one um – i forgot, the name of it – i have somewhere but its cheaper, and if bill said he might go with that, one too, he might stay at the same hotel, but its not too far from spring hill, its like um down the road half a Mile or something yeah im staying at this from well believe it or not, im actually riding up were my me and my family are riding up with bill. Weve decided to take his suv and rent and were going to get a little a little trailer for all of our stuff, a little in box, trailer and im riding oh bill.

So bill is staying at the spring hill. Then he decided no there. No, he said he there uh what was the name of the place he said he was talking about. I dont know what the name thats the one thats, what im talking about yeah hes going to yeah, but kelly did say that there are still rooms left at spring hill. Although its supposed to be expensive that weekend but um, i got actually im yeah three night im, whatever i mean its its walking distance, it was like the one that was like one. It was like 1 30 at night, but by the time they do the taxes and all yeah, of course, and then then keep in mind. You always get some of that back as thats deposit, which is what i did yeah so yeah its. Not i mean its not too bad thats. What i paid in flawed, i paid 125 130 bucks a night. You know so lost girl heights. Angie is here by the way angelo yeah angela bought the fpv drone too yep. She got one. She got hers and long got rid of his yeah were gon na say were gon na have angela on the show guys. I talked to her and uh were gon na set a date, shes, not uh, because she says that that she gets off work by the time we go on or something like that and i dont were gon na set up another time for her but and angelas A cool uh, cool girl, man, shes yeah, shes, good shes, a good pilot.

She does. She loves to fly yep yeah shes, enjoying it guys. Dont forget down in the banner below check out yeah its good looking site yeah. We also have a dot live ourselves. Maddie, did you get yours whats that no not yet yeah nope, not yet, but i will be its a good. Its a good thing. I, like i like i like gravitys work, hey spin up is closed. Its gon na be a ball. Oh, are you kidding maddie? What did uh and kelly kelly be on the fly for fun show wednesday to give us a little update and what what group of tickets is he into uh maddie hes in group, three right now actually hes. I, as far as i know, hes almost out um theres, going to be a lot of people there. Oh yeah yeah its going to be a, i think in the second and third group, which is one yeah, so i mean looking at near 200, i mean and thats thats people that bought tickets, which i mean you know hes got yeah. You know people speaking and im sure he got some other people coming so yeah were looking at a big crowd. Yeah thats going to be a lot of people, its going to be a lot of fun, a lot of the guys that were used to seeing on a on a weekly basis on live streams and in live chats and drone nation guys and everybody theyre all going To be there, yeah yeah, my buddy longs going so my daughters excited as hell about that because she gets to see her buddy, so he finally finally decided hes, definitely going, which is cool but yeah, theres gon na be a hell of a crowd.

Man were gon na were gon na tear that spring hill sweets up yeah, my kenny in the house whats up, i put my deposit into maddies name, so we can do anything. We want to the room, yeah well thats funny, because i put my deposit in your name: isnt captain rays name, you guys are jokesters man. Oh no! Well put it in uh, marcuss name. There we go there, we go yeah marcus can buy it all man hes! Actually, hes actually renting the rooms to all of us, hes paying for everything paying for the hotel. Hes got the whole 6 4 run it out, yeah, so so um lon says for matt. There will be at least four mavic 3s. That spill, i wont be so i wouldnt be surprised, probably does have him already, and i know ken donahoe has one already for sure he has to have one ken has one already for sure hes already test flying it. Probably i would say i would say so: yeah so yeah, so uh mike knight train says that uh, your wife just broke the flight for texas in the 15th, like 200 bucks round trip, oh wow, but michael you and sergio are driving right. I think yeah. We decided to try, we got, we got a deal from my neighbor. She works at uh, we were talking outside one day. She goes. Oh, my god, you guys. Let me go. She goes uh. I work at budget like really discount cool, unlimited on everything.

Unlimited two cents: do you do you know? Do you know that, mike with cash i got paid for gas, though do you know what i just thought about? I thought about that. Pina, a sister works at a car rental release. She works like for rental. Cars like like a lease plan yeah but thats, not a rental that thats leasing like for leasing vehicles for businesses, no its, not its, not for because, like regular people like us, yeah its more for like uh executives like people that own businesses and they uh yeah. The top guys, you know rich people, they get to least their like limos and stuff like that, but uh yeah, hey mike when you, if you, if you was taking a plane, get your stickers and zap it on a plane before you fly, you know your flight. Your fly fly zone stickers. Put on that big jit. I know right youre like what the yeah give it give it to one of them, guys that stole the bags, i dont say: hey heres 10 bucks, oh youre, hilarious, bro, youre, hilarious, all right! So what else? We got going on in here. I guess thats about it for tonight its what 9 30. Almost what time is it yeah? You know 9 26, for you, 10 20s. Here yeah yeah yeah. We got a few more minutes. It was. It was a big week, though. This week in drones you know the all tails and and and and dji i mean theres a lot theres a lot to spend our money on coming up guys.

So, hey you know, no matter, you always say it fly. What you got and yeah maybe check out some reviews. Let let some of this dust clear a little bit and you know dont rush out and in order i mean hey, i did it with the xeno. Of course i got my money back. I did it with the fema. I just sold my little femi mini on ebay, so yeah, you know let the dust settle a little bit and, and you know let some of the reviewers get it in their hands and yeah. You know just keep an eye on them, keep an eye on the reviewers that you watch too, because not all of them will give you the honest truth. Unfortunately, yeah pay attention to who youre watching yeah it is, i mean the next drone you buy. You know i mean you know if you already have the mini two and a hair, two as well: youre youre, not gon na, buy anything less so youre talking about a big step in money. You know you know you want to make sure that you dont have buyers remorse, you know a month or so later, yeah spending 15. 18. 2. 000. You know for something you you got that you can almost do with their 2s right now. You know yeah greg, batman man once again my condolences, my friend and um. My prayers are with you and um for the answer to your question.

We are leaving on thursday afternoon. So am i so? Are we thursday afternoon, driving straight through 18 hours and then uh? Well be in on friday for check in yeah and guys dont forget check out johnny drone flyer. The fly for fun show wednesday at six theyre gon na have billy kyle and theyre gon na have uh kelly shores from ready set john on wednesday, so go show some love and a couple weeks after that, we got haye kestelu coming on so yeah, damn yeah Yeah so lets do it before we end the show. Before we end the show we got two more minutes lets do some lets. Do a one sticker, giveaway and uh ill leave this up to uh, either matt or johnny. To do this? One uh no worries it. Doesnt matter to me, johnny: what do you want to do? What do you want to do pick a number? Is that what were doing uh whatever you guys want to do the number? I guess pick a number, then put it in the chat in the private chat and for those of you that won the stickers on the other uh last two shows um theyre getting sent out. I havent had time you guys are probably all wondering when wheres wheres your stickers but um i havent had time had a busy week. I was doing mikeys football game, the videos and all that stuff all right number one through 50 guys i put a number in the chat.

Well see anybody knows me, my favorite number. They should already know it. Yep ray got it okay, that was quick. Everybody stopped guessing ray already, got it 22. yeah. Of course he did. He wins everything kelly ray kelly. We got a stevie capps, live connection, well throw in a flag there. You go johnny, go ahead and go ahead and throw it in there. Buddy all righty lets see here here we go one through what im 250. one through 50.. Let it rip lets, get some nice stickers, some giant drone flyers. There we go capture life connection, yeah, i thought uh we got. I got, i got ta get some music. I got ta get some music. I got one of the chokes ill, throw in and uh. Oh mike renick micro air2s army photo mike, got it yeah fortified, wait who got it? I got it. How many likes you guys see? Uh yeah yeah make sure you hit the like button. Guys dont forget mike hit me up. I dont want to see five. We have 37 top chats here. We want 37 top chat. We need likes. Ask nicely, can you please give us a like appreciate? It? Have a great night no im just kidding yeah, it would be just a 10 day if you guys dont want to like it. I understand it: dude theres, 34 bro. What do you need? You need to refresh theres 34. yeah you got to refresh now.

I apologize ill ill pause. I dont know you know we got to get that. You know. I didnt see one all right: yeah yeah somebody just done it hey yeah, but whoever put that thumbs down come and see me and maddie and johnny and sergio after the show. Okay, we got the quad mafia after your ass. Ah, thats, all right, hey, let him let him have that thats their opinion. Yeah, hey nobody caught that nobody caught that by the way i just did okay, i i always get a one. I always get a one or two doesnt matter, no big deal but um, hey guys, thats the end of the show id like to keep it at an hour, matt, johnny, uh sergio. Thank you. As always, you guys are wonderful. Yeah, oh and and – and i just want to mention our members once again – wed like to welcome matt bagwell hes, a member of the uh fly zone – um executives, i believe, um we got joe blaylock. That is a member and we have lets see. Who else do we have? We have uncle bill bill, roney sam burns, and then we got, i think, mike mike henrick. I think too right, yes, no hes, not no, not yet im sure he will be so. Let me see who else i had someone else here. You got joe right, blaylock yeah i had joe blaylock. I had chris uh. No, i had uh joe matt magwell.

We have um from the other show we had sam burns, we had bill ronin, i think thats it for now. I think i said im all yep yep yep, all right, yeah thats, it yeah guys get out there and fly this weekend yep. Thank you for all your support, guys all your love and um ill. Take it around the room again to everybody to say this advice. Matt johnny sergio go ahead. I had a good night guys. Another good show there. We go much appreciate guys, love you yeah. Thank you guys, honey. Now. I just want to thank everybody for watching thank yall for having me and get out there and fly uh and the weathers getting uh. I know cool in a lot of parts of the country and uh its still hot here i know its hot in florida, but hey get out there and fly and have fun yep absolutely. I agree. Man fly what you got enjoy it while you have it send that sob man send that sob and post videos thats. What i forgot keep posting yeah Laughter. I think dustin had a birthday this week. I believe yeah.