This is a new drone by flywoo theyre launching it at the end of this month. This is called the flywoo venom h20. It is a hex drone, its different than most hex drones on the market, because its a flywoo, hex and flywoo makes the smallest micro size, powerful drones on the planet, and this hex drone is no exception. It is also supposed to be according to flywood the fastest. Two inch micro, hex drone on the market going 140 kilometers per hour. I dont know if it can go that fast, but with this wind i think its gon na go that fast, no problem, let me tell you a bit more about it. Its got six motors thats why its a hex two of the motors point downward, as you can see here and four motors point upwards. So you got a bit of a pusher system happening plus you have the normal pull system happening, ive flown this indoors and i will say its extremely stable. You can fly this indoors. No problem probably wondering how could i fly this indoors if it goes 140 kilometers an hour? Well, you just dont fly it that fast. It can carry a series of cameras. Matter of fact, they put a picture on their website of all the cameras it can carry, but the biggest camera it can carry is a dji action. 2.. I didnt put one on i put an insta 360 go 2, which is the camera thats.

The next weight category down because thats what i think is more appropriate for this, of course cameras not in here thats, just the mount. What else can i tell you about it? Digital camera up front, so you do need the dji fpv goggles to fly this baby and oh, my god that wind is blowing and its got an elrs receiver inside. So i have an elrs beta fpv unit on the back thats going to communicate with this, because elrs means i can fly behind all these buildings back here and still get reception, no problem or i can go out like 20 miles and still get reception, no problem. Although my limitation at 20 miles would be my video signal back to my goggles and its not going 20 miles, total weight of this drone with no battery is under 100 grams, with a battery its still under 200 grams and with a camera and a battery youre. Still under 250 grams so extremely light to meet all the requirements of most countries, its also very glowy. By that i mean its got led lights on certain portions and if i show you some video of it flying in the dark or at night or in my house, you can see it glowing right here, its pretty cool. Looking now the recommended battery for this is like a 700 milliamp hour light bulb battery. I dont have one. I only have a 650 so ill be using that in this flight today.

So how about we go? Try this ill put a gopro hat on and show you some footage of this just spinning around me and then well go take it for a super fast light. Here we go all right, so the radio im using for this flight is the radiomaster tx16s mark ii. Its the newest one on the market – and i do have the little beta fpv module in the back for elrs and im going to put this down and then plug this in plug in our little battery were just gon na fly this here with no goggles. Just to start its pretty windy, so this should be fun. You can kind of see the light glowy stuff inside see it happening there. I dont know if you can see what the light these light up, these light up inside lights up so anyways. Let me put it down right: there take our little guy here i do have up there. You can see a dji mini 3 pro just circling me as im filming here. I want to stick this in angle mode because im out in the wind and arm it and uh here we go in the wind. This should be fun there. We are just blows with the winds ill, bring it back. It is pretty stable, even in the wind. The only thing i worry about a lot of time is those little legs see the little legs at the bottom.

I dont know if you can see them. Those legs look like if i slam that into the pavement, i might break them, although no problems indoors. Now you can get prop guards for this. They do sell prop guards on the website. I dont have them, but they do exist so for beginners or people that were flying indoors or you might crash into something uh. You might want the prop guards as well. So all im, showing you out here, is the sound, so ill be quiet, listen for the sound im bringing it close to me there. You go its very, very quiet. So i think this is one of the more quiet fpv drones, with six motors on the planet and, like you can see its very stable here, fly it around im, keeping it close so that i can keep it in the camera. In my gopro on my head – and i do have a little camera over the front over there – oh i dont know if i can get it over to that camera with the winds going score its good its on an angle, but there we go hopefully thats in The view and ill bring it back to me there we go and then lets see if i can lay it down on the ground really softly here with those little legs look at its in the wind on an angle. Oh, this is going to be tricky. Oh, my god, here we go coming down coming here, coming down on my feet and hit the arm switch and were off and were done all right so now the next thing to do is to uh wheres my little camera up there.

Next thing to do is to take this and put my fpv goggles on and slide around its super windy, so this could be a challenging play, but were gon na try it out here here we go, all right were ready for our first flight. You can see. I have the insta 360 go 2 camera up top and i have the 650 battery on the bottom. You are supposed to get 8 minutes of flight time if you put no camera on it and you put like a 700 or 750 milliamp hour lipo battery on the bottom and you fly at a very relaxed speed. Youll get you know over eight minutes of flight time, for the average person like me or anybody else, especially in these windy conditions, ill be lucky. If i even get five minutes with this battery and this weight, so uh lets go for a flight make sure this camera and the pilot camera are on about the same angle. They are good were all set to fly. See. If i have a video signal in my goggles. Do i see anything? Yes, i do there we go. It says: disarm, thats, a good sign, because i dont have an arm all right so im in the back of a school area, theres, no kids around or anything like that um. What am i going to fly it in im going to fly it in acro mode to start with, just to see how it goes? So, let me try acro there we go acro mode arm it.

I see the props going so here we go first flight. In actual mode see how this baby goes all right, so i am going with the wind now i believe so. I dont know how stable that is, im trying to keep it nice and slow for this first maiden, video coming back thats the playground. I was hanging out in to fly everything so far, so good lets bring it down over here i can go down low, almost smash into things uh. I dont know if im going with or against the wind at the moment, because the wind is coming from different angles bouncing around, but so far the image is good. The control im barely touching the joysticks to keep it nicely under control and well spin it around and im going to give it some power. I just dont want to run out of power there we go so, as you can see already thats a tiny thats. Like 25 percent power and were moving, look at that im all way over here, yeah thats, pretty good. All right lets go back this way. There we go in the background. You can hear it screaming now, so i might be going against the wind hard to tell you know a drone like this, so small and everything youd probably want to fly it lower to the ground vice higher to the ground. Lets try penetration im going behind the building. You know the jeeps, the other spot, no problem, everythings cool here go up and lets slow it down again slow it down, come back to me.

There we go its definitely got lots of power and in the wind im having no problem keeping it pretty stable, which is pretty good so there i am there my series of cameras. I can fly through them, nice and slow. I am in acro mode too so, which is the cool thing normally. This would be like stability mode to go this slow, but no acro modes. Good and lets. Try some freestyle. If you go up and you want to go forward – and you want to do something like a flip there, we go thats a fast flip. I didnt mean to do it. That fast lets try a roll whoa. Nice goes nice that way so theres no problem with freestyling this, even in the wind. Okay, now i think, im being blown by the wind because were gon na go when i go in that direction. Im over the forest now im leaving if i dropped it down there, i wouldnt find it its theres too much stuff down there all right well since im away behind the school over there, but look how far away i have now i got to bring it down The last thing i want to do is lose this little guy and have to wander around looking for it so ill. Tell you my impressions already its a really cool drone. I love the concept. It responds im. Sure every reviewer is going to say the same thing. It responds like uh, its amazing, like it was just made for your type of flying skills.

It can go super slow, as you see here, it can go super low to the ground. I can pop it up slightly to go over things it its so responsive its and because its elrs theres tons of penetration. You can go behind things. You can fly far away and not lose any signal degradation, no matter what its really good for that. So whats over here lets go slow down this way, theres a building entrance there im not familiar with this area too much so lets go over here. I dont know whats coming up if theres fences or anything yeah, its all good, all good. This thing flies like a champ im sure anybody who buys this is just gon na be blown away now, im flying on one of the windiest days in the fbv hobby. Uh we dont really worry about the wind because we fly like five inch drones, but this is a two inch quad. It is super powerful, so i havent noticed any problems with the wind like not being able to move forward or backwards through the wind. I know im only flying on one area and thats just because once again, i dont have to go look for this thing. If i lose it someplace all right, so lets bring it on back and lets. Put it on down over here, come in coming in coming. In those little legs going down, i got to find my arm switch and there we are oink all right, its much too windy outside so im going to show you an indoor flight, ive already flown this indoors, when i first received it and bound it to my Radio and everything and tested it out and it flies perfect, its very stable, probably one of the most stable drones ive ever flown its really good.

Even when i was flying in acro mode there in that wind it was super stable. I never had the feeling that i was going to lose control. It always felt like it was flying like this like very stable, but no, it was like this and cruising along its pretty cool all right. So a few things to tell you other things i didnt mention before its got: an f7 flight controller, cadx polar nano, digital camera up front digital vtx. I already mentioned you saw me wearing the fpv digital goggles for that theyve made the system in here. So it doesnt overheat and it keeps it quite light if you want to get extra batteries for this, just get anything thats a 4s 800 milliamp hour lipo battery all the way down to like a 450 milliamp hour, lipo battery just make sure on the battery of An xd30 connector to plug into the back and what else to tell you before i take it for a flight. Oh the motors are 48 000 kv motors and the props are gem fan, and i already mentioned theyre two inch props and they are one two. Three. Four five bladed props see, if i bring it close, you have five blades on the props. All right, ive left the little uh camera mount on top im, not gon na put a camera on it. Im just gon na put a gopro hat on fly it around. So you can see how glowy it is indoors and how stable it is, and im gon na fly it in angle mode.

So here we go all right. Let me stand back here. Let me make sure this is in angle mode. Oh, i got it right on the first time. Sometimes i get that wrong. All right, just powered on the motors are spinning and take it up. Youll see how nice it is look at how stable that is right there, because the camera still have it. Now that my gopros got it uh lets go rub the house. Okay, i want to show you the glowy light so ill, keep it at head height and stick it around. You can see how the two bottom props are like pusher look. It is blowing everything on the ground away and the four upper props are like pulling it up in the air there. We go very easy drone to fly. It has a flight controller on it that has been tuned so perfectly for stability uh for the weight that you put on top. So you fly low to the ground like this. If you want – or you can fly it higher up in the air, i dont want to go too high ill hit the ceiling, but yeah thats, pretty cool isnt. It all right im sure a lot of you if you get this youre gon na love. This drone, because i will say i dont really have any negatives to say about it, its like so freaking good all right, so you plop it down. Make sure you hit your arm switch point, or else you do some bouncing.

So you see its super easy to fly indoors, really really good. Fpv drone now im gon na take off my gopro hat and a lot of people always comment. When i take off my hat that i have a big red mark on my forehead. I dont have enough hair or bangs to like cover it. So uh yeah, youre gon na see a red bark but uh ill. Let this uh try to heal itself a little bit and uh for now. Let me show you what comes in the box if you buy this check this out. This is the box. Your flywoo comes in, and these are the specifications of the venom h20 i was using in this video review. You will note that the quadcopter is constructed of carbon fiber, metal and plastic accessories in the box include spare props screws, nuts and bolts spare battery, strap and zip ties. Important information guides documentation and stickers. Here you can see the weight of the drone with various batteries. All right, so the red mark is going to remain. I guess its going to stay that way until i finish this video. So what are my final thoughts on this drone? Well, when flywood told me about this drone about a month ago, i was like man thats going to be pretty impressive. I hope it lives up to the hype that im thinking it will have, because flywoo has made an awful lot of small drones in all their little drones.

Micro size have been so amazing, like they are one of the few companies that make these super amazing. One of a kind drones that is so difficult for other companies to copy that other companies dont even bother copying their drones. So if you have a flywheel drone, you pretty much have the only type of drone of its style, because other companies dont have the technology to copy it. So i will say this one is amazing, its incredible. The only thing i couldnt test out is the fact that, well, it goes 140 kilometers per hour, but i couldnt test that out, because id have to put a certain type of battery on here. That would allow me to get up to 140 kilometers. What that means is a battery with a really high c rating, maybe 160 c, or something high like that and id have to take the camera off and have no wind that wasnt really what this video is about, so ill just take their word. It goes 140. Kilometers per hour for those who wish to fly that fast for freestyle and everything else, its very agile for flying, slow doing, cinema type video, you know low to the ground its perfect for that, because you saw i could go really slow, even in acro mode, which Is very rare for a lot of drones to allow me to do that in acro mode, but this one here no problem and you can go super fast if you want, which is really good, see these little legs.

I keep looking at them and saying you know if i was a newbie and i flew this into the ground im probably going to break the legs now the legs just screw on and off, so you can easily replace them. So are the legs really required? If you destroyed them, the answer is nope not required at all. Why? Because let me just show you see those legs. They are there just to keep the drone off the ground so that these bottom motors, the props, do not touch. But if you take a look, when you attach a battery, the battery is longer longer so that it will sit on the ground and the motors will stay up. So you really dont need the legs. So if you did destroy them, thatd be fine. So with all that said, i dont think anybody is going to be disappointed with this drone. I think this is going to be a very popular drone and theyre going to sell a ton of these things. I dont know how much theyre selling them for, but im sure theyre, going to sell an awful lot of them and the fact that its e l, r s means that you have tons of penetration when youre flying this behind things low to the ground going around Buildings, you wont lose any reception. The only place you could possibly lose reception is in your goggles, but digital goggles are really good close up. They only have problems when you get far away and start going behind buildings and stuff, then they become problematic but close up.

Theyre fine, so the links below are to this drone and since its e l, r s, i guess what i should do is how about i put a link to this radio. This is the radio master tx16s which i used in this video, the mark ii. I have a full review of it. I even show you how to set up a model in it. If you watch that review, so you could actually set up the model for this drone. No problem and ill also put a link to this little module on the back thats from beta fpv. I think its like 40 bucks for an elrs module. Uh is my red bar still there is it gone? If you have questions on this drone, this quadcopter just post them below, and i will get back to you with the answer. But for now i say thanks for watching. If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in future videos with many more cool reviews.