Given my feedback after testing it out and show you some flight footage, first of all, the venom h20 is available in two versions. The version that im going to test in this video is the dji version, which is equipped with a naked version of the codex vista digital transmission system, which means that it is compatible with the dji digital transmission system and the other version which im not sure that Its going to be available right away comes with a wax nail: digital video transmitter, which is compatible with the new avatar system. In addition, both versions are available with multiple radio receiver options, camera amounts and accessories. So when purchasing the drone youll be able to choose which one suits you best in terms of packaging, here you can see everything that came inside the box of the venom 20 hd. So, in addition to the drone, you are getting a spare battery. Velcro strap a card that shows you how to install the propellers two sets of gen fan d51 propellers, which means that you only get two spare propellers, because six propellers are going to be installed on the drone youre. Also getting zip ties, spare screws and nuts and a flywheel sticker as for its packs, the h20 hd features six flywheel nim 1203 pro 4850 kv motors, which will provide you with plenty of power and can handle up to forest batteries when pushing these five bladed propellers. In order to achieve a smaller foam factor, the center right and left motors are in a pusher configuration and on top of each motor covered by a 3d printed tpu part you can find an led on the center of the frame.

You can find the flywheel goku hex f745 stack, which is based on a six in one bles, 13 ampere esc and an f7 flight controller on top of it mounted to the top plate. You can find a naked vista unit, since this is the dji version. An express lrs ready receiver is pre mounted to the flight controller. Since ive got the express lrs binded fly version. The battery is mounted on the bottom of the frame and its using an xt30 battery connector. The antenna of the express lrs ready receiver is mounted on the top plate using this 3d printed tpu part, which also helps to secure the atomic lhcp antenna which is connected to the vista unit. In addition, the h20 hd is equipped with four stands that are going to keep the bottom two motors off the ground. The dji version is equipped with the kadix fpv polar nano digital camera. The action camera is going to be mounted on the top plate using a 3d printed tpu part which, as i mentioned before, is available separately and on the released version, a plug which will enable you to power. An action camera is going to be pre soldered to the flight controller. As for its weight on its own, the venom h20 hd weighs 97.8 grams, including an insta360 go to camera. It weighs 123.9 grams, including a 300 million pr forest lsv battery, which is going to make the venom h20 hd very agile and provide you with about three minutes of flight time.

Without an insta360 go to camera, the total weight is 1′.7 grams, including a 600 milliampere forest electric battery. The total weight is about 153 grams, and the fly time is going to be between four to five minutes, including an insta 360 go to camera, depending, of course, on how you fly, including a 750 milliampere forest lipo battery, which is probably the biggest battery. That youll be able to accommodate on the bottom of the drone. The total weight is about 180 grams, and in case you are just going to cruise around. It will enable you to fly for about 8 minutes while carrying an insta360 go to camera. The next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the flywh venom h20 hd overall after testing it out. I can tell you that this is a very fun to fly little hexacopter its definitely going to stand out and draw some attention thanks to its unique design, the pre tune that it came with works great, so you wont need to mess around with pid tuning, which Can be quite challenging, especially for non standard setups such as the hexacopter. In addition, it is relatively quiet. The polar nano camera is going to enable you to fly under low light conditions. It packs plenty of power, so it will be able to easily carry a lightweight action camera, while not reducing the flight time dramatically. As it features, a very efficient setup pay attention that in case you are going to purchase the dji version.

Since this is a naked vista unit, it is going to overheat quite quickly. So in case you need to power. It on the bench make sure that it gets plenty of airflow using a ventilator after arming the drone, make sure to take off immediately and preferably leave the output power on 200 milliwatts or below now, im going to wrap up this video with some flat footage and By the way, pay attention that the final version is going to be equipped with propeller guards, which is going to, of course, better protect the propellers and the motors. These are going to be molded, plastic, propeller guards, and i might get to test them soon. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this video, as always, i think of watching it in case you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.