This is the 1s nano. This is exactly how she comes so lets, get her unboxed and see what we get nice little case that she comes in there open her up and straight away. Nice little handy hints, which is quite a nice thing for flywheel to do, and just some props there so theres your propellers looks like you get two sets. There is a adapter. This is the battery adapter, because this one in here actually comes with the new um connector. This is the e2 or et 2.0. I believe it is actually – and this is the same one – that they use on the us pro that i reviewed. So it is the old gmb 27. They used to call it so et2.0. So its got the adapter, though you can plug that into the quad, and you can use your old ph2 batteries as well. If youve got loads of them, so thats a really nice thing to have actually spare battery strap spare nuts and bolts uh camera case cover camera case. Camera cover even little flywheel sticker, also nice to have a sticker next flywoo and there she is never got us in there, thats just foam, and there is the little quad herself. She is absolutely tiny, really really small vacuum packed sealed so were going to crack her open. Now there is in the bottom, actually a nice little screwdriver very nice to have so lets get her cracked open.

So there she is. She is really small, looks really cool, though, to be honest with real nice little thing see if you can see her in there, so lets just run over some quick specs and then well get hooked up to b to flight and well see if we can go And do some flights so lets quickly go with some specs and, like i mentioned theres the new battery connection that theyre using so this is the et 2.0 and theyve got the adapter if youve got loads of those ph batteries, so thats really nice of them theres. The battery strap holder on the bottom spare one of those youve got in the bag motors on here. These are the robo, 0802.4s and theyre on a 16500 kv. Youve got an all in one border here. This is a all in one. This is a five in one board actually because its got the built in vtx as well f4 and they call it a goku g o k. U, i hope, thats the correct way of pronouncing it 250 milliwatts of vtx in there and im sure you realize by now there on. The bottom is my crosswalk, because this actually comes with crossfire. I do love crossbar, so thats. What ive got in there well wear in a bit and get a completely way up, but shes supposed to be around 20 grams 1s camera thats exactly what they call it. They have no particular name for it.

Its a nano 1s nano camera thats exactly what they do, call it, but yeah very its got about a one. Two mil looks like about a one one point: five one mil carbon on there, quite small, really light, but i think shes going to be great fun. So lets give her a quick weigh there. She has no battery 22 grams slightly heavier than advertised and i think thats purely because of the crossfire receiver in there with a battery that im going to be flying her on – and this is the old ph connection so thats a 520 battery 36 grams im going To be using the actual adapter as well, and the adapter shifting doesnt change the scale where so 56 grams, all in ill be flying around light, as anything really shouldnt be a problem at all. So what were going to do now? Im going to connect her up to beat flight were going to bind it up with the crossfire receiver. Make sure switches are all in the correct place and then were going to go out and do some flights. So first things were going to do just before. We actually connected to b25 were obviously going to bind the receiver, so we can make sure all our switches, uh receivers, all work incorrectly, how it should what you can do is you can power the actual crossbar receiver off the usb power rather than sticking a battery In it so thats what were going to do now, sticking the power from the usb will power it up so plug it in there, and you can see that the actual cross file receiver is flashing, green ready to be bound.

Ive got my controller hooked up or connected on here were gon na select the menu were gon na select, crossfire and then were gon na select, angular, 2 and then were going to press bind thats flashing there. The red lights started flashing on here. That tells me its binding. It says its binding on the controller as well, so that should do its thing. Any updates required or anything like that crossfire system will just do its own thing and update it all, and everything could be good and ready to go so. Im going to leave it there a little bit, let it update and well be back and were connected to betaflight. So there we go as you can see, that is actually just bound, so lets update the receiver in there its bound to the controller weve got a green light on here green light on the crossbar in there as well. If my camera focuses – and i promise with this at the moment – green lights all around – so we are good to go so everythings bound up. What were going to do now were just going to have a quick look into betaflight were just going to show up the settings im not going to adjust any settings in b25 im going to fly exactly how it comes, obviously were going to have to make sure That our switches are in the correct place, everythings working how it should be before we can actually go out and fly so lets do that right now, so ive got it connected up to beautiful already and were going to hit connect and were just going to go Through these settings, receiver is the main one that you want to go into.

While the controller is actually connected, you can check how your sticks are. Working and ive got my throttle in the correct place, as you can see by the color bars roll your pitch. Everything is working, absolutely fine. If you have a problem with that, then this is what you need to change and ive got another video about that which ill link up in one of these corners do check that out if youre having issues modes tab. This is another one. This is where you set up your switches. Ive done a full video about the actual tango, 2 and crossfire setting up switches. Do check that one out as well. It is there that will show you exactly what you need to do and actually get your arm. If you dont have these set up, then you wont be able to actually fly your quad so make sure these are all okay, ive actually ill. Tell you now. I have actually set these up, how i like them already sorry about that magic of tv or youtube or whatever you like. So i fly arm beeper and flip over over after crash thats. All i use and they are there ready to go pids and tuning. This is exactly how it comes. I have not changed. One little thing at all rates are the same filter settings exactly the same were going to fly a complete stock, and that is about it. You can change your osd if you like, if you dont, want too much on the actual display.

That is how i like to have it. I have all my warnings up voltage. This is my rsi reading and this is the time for been flying and that is it thats exactly how i fly my quad well, im gon na fly this one anyway, so theres all the settings so lets go out and do some flights and ill tell you Exactly what i think about this see in a minute: Music, Applause, Music, so, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, you Music, so Music, Music, hope you enjoyed this fight guys. So what do i think about the firefly nano? I think shes pretty good, shes? Okay, guys, like all these little ones flyers, they do have their limitations so obviously flying on a 1s pack. She struggles with power, um out of dives flips and rolls and stuff like that. You need a lot of throttle to actually keep her in the air or you need to be higher before you actually do or attempt one of these maneuvers, but she flies very stable, rock solid. In fact, if you find that correct throttle position, you can sort of fly a very stable, really nice flyer. She flies like a freestyle quad more than a little whoop. If you like so yeah, i love the way she looks as well looks absolutely cracking. I havent seen many that are actually designed like that. Let me show you that again, beautiful little thing really do like the way she looks so yeah.

I, like a 1s flyer, has its limitations, but if, like me, youve got loads of these batches kicking around then to buy something like this is relatively cheap. To be honest with you, so yeah, not bad shes, pretty good um thats about it guys shes a nice little fly a nice little garden, flower, nice little indoor flyer, so there you go, maybe ill give it away any competition.