Well, are you having a bad day your days, not going that great, nothing going right for you, you need something to cheer. You up! Well, go get yourself! One of these. This is by flywood. This is a drone and its called the firefly 1s nano baby, and it looks like this. Let me tell you about it really, quick: it has a carbon fiber frame, its got 40 millimeter props, its got an f4 flight controller, its got a vtx on it that shoots out a 250 milliwatts and with a 1s battery included, it can fly for eight minutes And you can use it for racing or freestyle or just having fun flying indoors or outdoors anything you want. It is a really cool, little quad and its super quiet and nobody would even notice it flying around you now, because we are the year 2021. The e l, r s express lrs receivers are just going crazy on the market and anything thats. Super tiny has an e l r s receiver in it, and this one is no different. It does have an e l, r s receiver in it and youre probably wondering what is he talking about e l, r s, thats express lrs, its a new type of receiver. Its super super tiny and ill show you a picture of it here. Super tiny and theyre sticking it in all the tiny drones because it weighs next to nothing and its got a range.

A super long range of like 35 kilometers youre not going to fly something like this 35 kilometers, because you just dont, have the transmission, the battery power, the air space or anything like that. But what it does have is penetration power. So when you fly these little guys, you can fly them behind houses, trees or anything else with elrs and youll get. You know telemetry reception coming back now. Of course, this little antenna at the top is your vtx video transmission system. So certainly youll get telemetry, but if you have a crappy little antenna up here or a crappy antenna on whatever goggles youre using, you might be able to fly behind trees and buildings. But you might not get the whole video reception back. So theres a bit of a disconnect with the elrs. You know everybodys touting it as the best thing since sliced bread thats for the drone, its just like crossfire and everything else, its its comparable to crossfire in many ways, except you still have that issue of the video coming back to you now with that said, and This little guy, i will say man they did their homework on here. They put a little 250 milliwatt uh power source up here on this tiny little thing from a 1s battery and it has penetration power. I can tell you that, right now you can sit in your house and fly this outdoors as youre going to see in this video.

I did that you can fly behind trees over things and the reception is really good with this drone. Now before i show you the video of me flying this, let me just tell you: you have three receiver options: theres e l, r s, which ive already spoke of a little bit too much in this video already, then you have crossfire nano which has a bigger Antenna and its a little bit heavier so thats, why its not as popular as elrs, but it has the same penetration power and then finally, you have spi fr sky, which is not as good as the other two but perfect. If youre, just flying around a football field or some other park area, itd do perfectly fine. So before i show you what you get in the box and tell you a few other things about el rs, how about i show you some flight footage now. The thing i want to mention is that when i took it out for a flight – and the reason i say you can put, a smile on your face is because i was so impressed at how this handles. When i flew it, it just flies so beautifully its. So nice, i didnt think it would fly very fast, but then, when i put my goggles on and put it in acro mode and took it for a flight, it flies fast that matter of fact, it flies too fast. I think its a very good race drone.

So pros are going to love. This beginners are going to love it. If you leave it in angle mode, then its all right, but if you put an acro mode thats more for pros its it booties. Next thing i did is i attached a where do? I have one here like i: have this uh insta360 go camera. So if i hold this like this, let me see if you can see that you can see its about the same size as the drone itself. Its pretty heavy. This drone is able to lift this. Now, when i flew with this, i was using a battery from a previous flight, so id already sucked out a lot of the battery power and you do get eight minutes of flight time. If you dont add anything like this, but when i flew it with this, i didnt think it would fly anyways, but it did fly and i didnt get a lot of battery time because it was it sucks up a lot of power to lift this much weight. It really has to spin the props, but its doable, and the last thing i want to mention is durability. These 40 millimeter props are gem van props and they are darn good because i crashed this thing. Youre gon na see in this video multiple times when i landed it and i also crashed it in my house, youre gon na see when im flying indoors. I was trying to get this drone from indoors outdoors and i was going towards this patio door and i missed the patio door hit the wall at full speed and this thing here just thundered in and i picked it up.

You know just uh armed it again and it flew perfectly nothing broke no props. I still have the same props. None of them have broken, which is pretty impressive. All right enough of me talking uh check out my flights. Now i have to say this. Drone is really tiny, but im looking forward to trying it out here just flying around. I have my hat cam on, so i can show you some video of it. Flying ive got a pile of batteries. I even have some old emacs batteries. They all work because they have the same connector and theyre all one cell, so its not a big deal there right control is all ready to shoot so lets give it a shot right. Little drones down there lets arm it. Our i cant even hear it its. So quiet look at this thing. It just flies so smooth. Oh my god. Look at that thing! That is craziness here. Let me get closer to it. So my tiny little hat cam could pick it up wow. That is, i dont think people would hear that if youre flying around them its so quiet, let me bring it over by the gopro here. Gopro might be able to get it in right there and, if i bring it over to my quality camera, thats – probably not going to focus on it because its too tiny. It is just too tiny so easy to fly too yeah its, probably a big blur in front thats it.

That is crazy. That is, nuts lets. Bring that back up. I got ta go try this flying it around all right. So the cool thing with drones like this, is you just put them up in the air you get the arm switch and you catch them like this. There we go. Okay, the drone is here. Can you see it in my hand? I know its far away im. Just gon na plop it down here on the bed of my jeep and lets go fly but its a school day today and behind me you can see kids being dropped off at a daycare on my street, so im not gon na fly that way too much. Im just gon na fly looping around here i know its so small, it wouldnt bother anybody and nobody would notice it, but still yeah little kids. I dont like flying around them all right. So look at the video image of me right here. You can see the core temperature showing 70 degrees down here and the imu or 71 degrees celsius in the imu. I look like i have been to florida or on the surface of the sun, looks really bad thats. What you get out of this little pinhole camera its not designed for cinematic stuff, its just to fly around and have fun so here we go all right, so lets put an acro mode that has lots of fun and uh. Here we go. Take it straight up, not hit me in the head and lets fly around here, get out of the sun there.

We are im in acro mode, so normally that would be like a speed, crazy mode, and it is if you dive, but you can see right here, its nothing crazy. Its no issue whatsoever here lets go down the street a bit, but not all the way to those guys thats pretty fast. Okay, i take that back. It is pretty fast, like i say, the video from this – its good enough to see with your fat sharks, but its definitely not cinema quality thats for sure here lets go on this side. There we are lets, go all the way over this side of the road. The street lets go way up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up over all the trees and the houses. Everything must look pixelated with this camera there we go kids going to school over there, so this is something you can have a lot of fun with in your backyard in your house. Im gon na go, try it out in the house, so lets bring it back to me here there i am right. There lets bring it down beside me. There we go. I thought it was on the ground. I guess not, but im on the ground. Now all right, the next thing i want to try is take this insta360 go camera and stick it on this tiny drone. Do you think it would even fit im gon na tape? It double sided tape it to the bottom with the battery and see how that works so lets try that and see.

If i can lift it now, the trick is. I have to get this as best i can center of balance ooh. I dont even know where that is so im just going to stick it right here. Hopefully, it doesnt fall off while im flying lets, see if thats stuck so it has to lift all this weight. Is it going to do it? I dont know lets find out. Okay, so since this is hanging off the bottom, i cant make it take off off the ground easily because it will sit like that and the props wont turn so im gon na. Have it sit slightly on this here, piece of plastic, the gocam unit and uh. Just balance it like that does this is this: is gon na end really well or not, really well its theres, no in between on this okay thats, not gon na work, so i have an acorn now so im gon na stick an acorn under here to prop This up see what i mean you have to get this drone uh level, or else it will not arm so the acorn is holding it up. So this is going to be the acorn flight and i have the insta 360 go on the bottom, so lets go. Acorn flight, ah my acorn flight fell over stay level stay level. I dont know. If this is going to work, it says land now, thats, not good. That means my batterys low, but lets go here.

We go theres enough power to lift it. How is that? I dont want to crash, because this uh insta360 is gon na fly off, but here we go theres footage with an insta360 go on the bottom and it can actually lift it. That is pretty sweet, whoa Music. I will say that it is pretty heavy its a lot of weight and, if you look on my screen its killing my battery this battery does not like the extra weight. So look at the land now thing going. Thats just means im really pulling out the battery power all right, so i just wanted to see if it work im going to keep it over here. It doesnt seem too bad, but look at everything everything on the screen is flashing. Maybe i should try a different battery, but here we go and since i have the insta360 go on the bottom im going to land it on the grass right over here. Next thing to do is to fly this indoors around the house, and i do have my little door open back here, so maybe i can get it to fly indoors and outside lets. Try it. So this is going on the edge of my table. Hopefully the gopro picks it up its right down here. All right here we go make sure were in angle mode for indoors there we go arm the motors and lets, take it up nice and slow so heres flying indoors.

How does the video look whoa this thing? Whoa, its fast whoa, this thing whoa its fast that was supposed to go out the door not into the door hang on. Let me do this again. This time i put the drone down right beside the doors so easier to get outside lets see if we can arm it again. Here we are so lets. Go up had to get out there all right, so im outdoors, im, sitting indoors and uh. This is it. I will say it flies very fast, look at this, and this is angle mode too. Maybe im in acro mode im, pretty sure im an angle though, but i seem to have a lot of spunk here. All right lets try to get back in the house spin around theres the hole here we go getting closer, getting closer get through that hole in the house, and can i bring it back to me without killing everything in the house? Where am i im over here? In this chair, so i got ta go over here crash im, the worst at landing. So if you buy this little firefly nano everything comes in this box and the configuration ill show you a close up of the drone that i used in this review is shown right here now inside this box is another box that we have right here and inside This plastic box would be all your cool accessories lets go through them. Really, quick included in the box is a 450 milliamp hour adc lipo battery.

You get two sets of props in a plastic bag. You just push the props on to hold them into place and you have another set in case you damage any. You also get several bags full of different sized screws in case you want to attach things on or repair certain parts. Finally, you get a mini phillips. Screwdriver and flywoo stickers and now youre wondering what is the weight of this little guy? Well, its not very much check this out ill put it on my scale and ill take my little gopro here. So you can see what i see and were at 21 grams, and now, if i grab the lipo battery thats included, what are we at were going up to ive got about 34 grams, showing on my scale, as you saw in the video. I flew this little guy totally analog, so i use my fat shark goggles. If you have any analog goggles at all, they will work with this drone, because all analog goggles work its no issue there and for a radio you can use any radio thats compatible with the receiver. You stick in the drone, since mine was express lrs. I needed this beta fpv express lrs 2.4 gig transmitter to transmit to the receiver, which is elrs in the drone, and this here transmitter fits on the back of only a certain number of radios. This is a jumper tea light ive reviewed this in the past. It does fit on the back.

You just have to configure everything for elrs if you dont know how to do that. Theres lots of videos online how to do it one day i might make a video about it because if youre a newbie, a beginner, you might have problems. But all i can say right now is that everything works nicely, and this is the wave of the future. So if you dont have yourself one of these ill put links to this jumper tealight, radio below and ill put links to this little guy below and maybe in the description, ill write. A super super simple uh instructions on how to configure this and bind all this to any elrs drone on the market, its not that difficult, but it does take a different mindset, especially if youve been in the hobby for a long time. Elrs is very different than the old way of doing things, and if youre new to the hobby, elrs is kind of an extra step on top of the old way of doing things. So it can be a little bit daunting to beginners. But honestly, as soon as you do it once youre set for life for the future, doing it for every drone that you buy in the future. So there you have it. As i said, if you have a little drone like this, its going to put a smile on your face because its so much fun to fly so tiny, it doesnt bother anybody.

Nobody can hear it its so quiet that you can fly pretty much anywhere in your neighborhood and have a lot of fun with it. It weighs next to nothing. So i think a lot of you out there are really going to enjoy this now. I do know that somebodys going to ask me: hey you, didnt, do any freestyle with this and i didnt even notice that i didnt do any freestyle with it in something that was recorded, but i have flown it freestyle. I just dont. Have any video of me doing it? I totally forgot about hitting record when i was doing that on a different battery. Oh well, youll have to take my word for it. So, with all of that said, i will post a pile of links below you can go check it out. Youll, see it everythings very inexpensive and see if you want to get into the fpv hobby on the e l r s side. That is the wave of the future and then check it out all right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more reviews.