You know a year from now, so we got um 40 millimeter hq four bladed propellers or 1.6 inch props. 1202.5. I think these are 5 500 kv motors, so this is designed to run on 4s. I fluid on a 4s 450. It is also can run on a force 3 300 for less flight time, but i don’t have any batteries that size um got a obviously the hex flight controller. So you got the six motor output 16 by 16 stack 13 amps. Each the m, the m4 or maytag f4 foot controller. It does have the itc functions, so this does come in a version uh for inav, which will have the basically the gps on top here um, along with a lost model alarm. So a buzzer – and i guess it’s for people that want to do like position hold and altitude holds so yeah. If you want to try out yourself and which inaudible actually one. I hope they send to me, because i actually don’t have anything with iron out yet and it would be kind of cool to give it a try. Uh comes with the caddix ant camera um. I think the video transmitter was up to 450 milliwatts it’s their standard. One on the uh 16 by 16 stack, crossfire receiver. Antenna here and crosstalk is over there. Uh the space between the top plate and the bottom plate is very no, basically not non existent, so there’s a screw.

That goes through the back here and a nut. That goes on the bottom, i think, or maybe the knot goes on top. I forget which way, but i couldn’t quite get the well. Basically, if you wanted to put the screw on the other side, you have to take top lid off, which i didn’t feel like doing so. I just used some dental floss, but you can use the screw if you want, but that was it. That’Ll reduce the weight. A little bit it didn’t really matter, because i just used the insta360 go mount they did send along the smoke. 4 came out, but something is wrong. With my smoke. 4K camera it doesn’t record anymore. For some reason, i think i crashed it a few too many times, so i have to get another one later, but the uh small 4k camera um power cord, is already pre started to the flight controller for power for that camera. So you just plug it in um, but it’s a pretty long wire, so it’s kind of wrapped around here, just just where to get it out of the way, and you got your atomic antenna in the back here. Pretty nice compact package, one and a half millimeter unibody bottom plate here, obviously for six motors and one millimeter toppling all very lightweight um. The foam pad on here is slippery, so the battery just slides in and out, which is a bad thing actually in my opinion, so it does slide around here.

They should use some sticky material here instead and then this battery strap is not possible to get that tight enough. Is it it’d be better if they switch it to one of those um, the ones the buckle or you could use something else? Maybe rubber band something like that. If you got creative but yeah, they need to get rid of this foam. Uh let’s see how much this thing weighs all right, it’s coming in at 64.3 grams and then with the force 450 and it’s coming at 117.9 and then with the insta360, go it’s coming in at a total weight of 136.6. So, like i said it does come in two different versions. This one’s here is the betaflight version, it’s 160 dollars the inev version with the gps and obviously different firmware is going to be 180 uh they’re, currently currently running a promotion. I think from now, until the 5th of may, which they’re actually on vacation. So if you order now, which i think is still in pre order, uh, you won’t be getting it until they actually won’t be shipping until after they get back, which one that may have six, which is why they’re offering a promotion now for five percent off. If you have an order during this time period, if you order anytime during may from flywoo link down below in the description, they are going to send you a free set of the polycarbonate prop cards. So this does come with a set of parkours, which they didn’t send to me, because it’s not actually made yet it wasn’t made in time for this video uh but anytime you.

If you order anytime, it may from flywheel they’ll send that along for free uh, but those are the promotions they’re going around right now, um if you want to order from flywheel. Obviously the later on i’ll add links to other stores that these are currently not available. At other stores, right now, but um in terms of overall my thoughts on this is, you know. I think this is kind of a novelty item with the two extra tiny motors and tiny props, it does seem to have some benefits in terms of efficiencies um. I i felt like the flight time was a bit longer than expected on the force 450. I didn’t really think it was going to be as long as it was and um maybe the force 300 might be viable. Obviously, it depends on the pack and the quality of the pack. If you get a low quality pack, you know it’s not going to fly very long. It does seem like it has a lot more control with the two extra motors, obviously being hexacopter. I haven’t flown a lot of hexacopters, but this is typical. You know with more two more motors, you do you get more control. Even the props are very small, but at the same time you are adding extra weights. You have the the weight of the two extra motors, and the question is: is the extra weight of the two extra motors and two extra arms offset by um the extra power and control from the props? I think long term? The answer to that is, i don’t know i think i’m just gon na have to fly this for several months and let you guys know how i feel my thoughts are a little muddled at this time.

I you know. I i in some way in some aspects: it’s, it feels like it has more control, but where it lacks is in hard turns, it does seem like it’s a little bit um. The momentum of the extra weight that this is carrying around is a little harder to control in the harder turns, because, even though you do have two extra motors, you are actually actually a lot of extra weight there that being thrown around so um it. You do. A little bit you do need a little bit of different throttle management to fly this properly. If you want to fly like a quad, but you know it’s kind of like well, do you want to fly it like a quad because it is a hexacopter? So it is, i guess the question um. Maybe you need to learn how to fly differently, because this is a totally different class of craft. Maybe this is not intended to be racist to be raced. You know i did try to kind of race it a little bit and i felt really different from a quad. Maybe this is more. You know better for just kind of cruising around it. It does seem like it’s, fairly quiet for a 40 millimeter propeller craft. So you know normally with just four motors and four props it’s fairly noisy, but with two extra motors carrying the weight around and distributing that thrust, it did seem like it’s a little bit less noisy and you know no scientific, sound measurements right like that.

I don’t have a sound meter, but um you know you could hear it from the camera now again, video from a microphone on a video or or audio from a microphone on. One of these videos is just like you, i’m, not sure how much you can tell from that, because it just doesn’t sound the same as it is live um. But to me i just tell you that it doesn’t seem like it’s as loud, but you know take that with a grain of salt anyway, um that’s cute, you know i’m gon na continue to fly it and hopefully they’ll. Send me the inaud version and i’ll have a an in depth review on iv later, because i haven’t done any reviews, and i never, i don’t think i think they’ve i think it’s still on beta. If i remember right, i don’t really know a whole lot about it, but check it out, but yeah i’ll give you an opportunity to check it out and yeah. If you want to check out einer there’s an inadversion coming, i think it’s still also going to be a pre order as well. But yes, this is kind of a new class. What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments um, you think it could be something we’ll see a lot more of in the future. I think the flight was the only one that’s kind of experimenting with this class. They have this one.

They have the other larger hex copter it’s, four inch, props, which i think is using the exact same stack so yeah. The amp draw must be pretty low, even with the smaller props anyway interested to hear what you guys have to say about this um and what you think the future of this might be. Maybe they’ll make some other ones i’m. Opening like a two inch prop version, might not be bad because we have a four inch version, so we’ll see anyway, links down in the description and here’s. The fight footage talk to you later, all right so i’m, just gon na give you guys a listen hear. What it sounds like it’s, a little windy, it’s, not too bad, pretty stable. Usually these hexacopters are pretty stable. Yeah flies nice surprisingly, first uh, tiny, 40 millimeter propellers again two more motors and two more props makes a big deal. Yeah pretty good. Doesn’T have a lot of like pop, but it runs. It flies pretty nice, pretty predictable, that’s, pretty quick, too watch out for the bush, all right, there’s a little prop wash there it’s uh fairly hefty. I think it’s pretty heavy for the prop size, but you know Music running a 4s 450. I think if you want it to be a little bit more acura you’re, going to probably want to go with a force 300, but i don’t have any of those that size. Okay, the wind’s really kicking up.

Now. You could probably hear that in the audio the microphone does have a wind muff but it’s the wind’s, starting to really pick up and get a little bit of voltage, sag doing like a little bit of a race here, it’s uh weight carries it around. These turns it’s a got a lot of momentum. You have to kind of fly around that, but overall, very stable let’s see how it does flying kind of slow let’s go around these bushes here. Oh, the wind’s, pretty getting pretty bad now plenty of voltage. Three and a half minutes of flight time got the insta 360 go on top here, hopefully, it’s still recording uh. I think i’ve gotten through like three of these and uh two of them don’t work anymore. This one is my last one is kind of flaky, hopefully they’ll record the whole flight. This one uh, sometimes we’ll, just stop recording in the middle too many crashes, probably yeah. So you can see the voltage is a little more stable now that i’m just kind of cruising around almost four minutes of flight time. Forest 450 testing out these new apex lipos from pyrodrone. You can get them in a pack of six they’re, pretty cheap whoa. You can see the uh that crashed right into that bush. There didn’t really affect it too much surprisingly it’s fine. Now there will be an eye nav version of this later i’m, not sure if i’ll be testing that or not but uh.

If you want to return home and all that inav goodness, this might not be bad for a sort of medium range. Nano 14.3 volts, 5 minutes, not bad yeah battery’s about dead.