I haven’t flown a hex before so i have nothing to compare it to, but you know: it’s got 40 millimeter props in there i’ve flown a lot of those props, but let’s address the uh elephant in the room yeah i have new glasses. These were overwhelmingly the choice of the eye doctors staff. We picked out about 10 different pairs. I had my wife on a facetime call and she was giving her vote and everyone picked these so hopefully it’s something that we can all get used to. I know that my two daughters are struggling with it a little bit so pretty new it’s a little bit weird to me. I tell you one thing i really like about them. Is i don’t feel like i’m looking through a tube anymore? I don’t have that sort of frame outlining my vision, so the clear frame uh does have that benefit, but i guess this is what it looked like for a while now powering the hex is six 1202.5. 5500 kv motors, the props are quad, bladed 40 millimeter hq props and yes that’s. As far down as i can get the props inside the flight stack. Here we have an f411 flight controller, we have a 13 amp esc and the vtx on top can go up to 450 milliwatts fpv cameras that cadets and light it does come pre wired for an hd camera along with this mount the mount as well as the Original connector, which i have swapped out, is for the 1r camera, but i did fly it with my hero 6.

That is naked xt30. For your battery connection. We do have a capacitor right down there on the esc, pad you have a circular polarized antenna that mounts up here to this little mount, which doubles as well as your control link receiver. I have an f sky xm plus, i presume that the hole through the middle is, if you had a crossfire receiver. The bottom plate is 1.5 millimeters battery lead is zip tied down, so i definitely approve of that. The foam pad on the bottom is just that. It’S foam it’s, not rubberized. The battery strap doesn’t have a buckle with my naked gopro. It weighs 91 grams. The recommended battery is a 450 milliamp 4s battery, which brings the weight to just over 43 and a quarter grams without the naked gopro and inch mountain screws. It weighs 62.8 grams and again with the recommended battery, it weighs 115 grams. The mount has a little nut, that is a nylock and it does seat down in the print. I used this tiny little flat screw, go right through that hole in order to secure the mount. Of course, i used the front two pieces to mount it as well. It also comes with an insta 360 go mount, but not for the two. For the original. A couple extra screws and the original end that came on the wiring by the time you put all the props on. You only got two left: an accessory bag, full of screws, washers and nuts.

Two zip ties. A spare battery strap little reminder where you can find the manual and a few warnings and your flight stack information. We are going to start off with a super windy, 27 mile, an hour winds according to the weatherman and gusts that probably go into the 30s. But it was sunny and it was warm. But i picked this flight because it’s one of the few flights that i actually flew fairly well, you know sometimes we have those days and i think it’s fairly surprising, having something like this. Of course, it’s it’s got some weight. It’S got six motors to it, but i i was impressed with how it flew – maybe i’m just a noob when it comes to flying hexes. But i really didn’t expect this to be more than just kind of a cruiser and, as you can see, i’m running it around the yard, just fine doing the things that i tend to do in the backyard. No real problems and the flight time is really impressive. I i certainly did not expect the flight time to be four minutes, not a solid four minutes, but pushing that four minute marker with uh my particular flights. So i think those those things are pretty dang remarkable, um it’s. Also, you know the fighting the wind some direction. So if you have a nice calm day, i wouldn’t be surprised to get well over four minutes depending upon how you fly. You know i do several different punch outs.

I go both ways over the house. I have the little punch out over the bush. I guess it’s not little. I get 20 feet, or so above the house on those punch, outs, shorter and longer punch outs are happening all over the place that that’s kind of the uh story as it goes here. When i fly around the house, i tend to do some similar things from time to time things that i enjoy doing things that i do when i fly not for review so it’s, something it was new to me and exciting that it flew so well. I was pretty pumped. I have not crashed this much, so my primary concern about this is that 1.5 millimeter, carbon and how’s that going to hold up in a crash. You know it could hold up great we’ve, seen frames in the past that have super thin arms and they just they don’t break all that much of course, everything’s breakable. I think over the years, we’ve seen a couple frames that have come out and made the claim they were unbreakable and and that lasted uh, not very long, because someone found either a way to break it or it just got broken through natural flight, so everything’s breakable. How breakable is this one? A time will tell on that so we’re just going to have to hold our breath a little bit and see how it goes of course, it’s going to be more expensive.

You’Ve got you know extra components. You’Ve got an esc that does six motors you’ve got six motors, you’ve got more props but it’s, i think it’s cool, because it’s a micro, you know i’m very biased when it comes to micros, and this is the first micro hex that i’m aware of i’m sure Somebody has built them before, but as far as a company making a micro hex, this is the first that i have flown and that i’ve seen around so that’s that’s, pretty exciting development. For me and those of you that, like micros just like, i do so we’re just a little over halfway through the flight uh one of the questions i have right away. Is you know if you’re, a micro guy like me, have you looked or built a hex and what did you think of what you built if you built one or what do you think of this one? You know this is analog um, so it’s, if you’re already jumped on the uh or your, if you’re, already part of a flying hd, whether it’s, dji or shark bite or something does this have any sort of draw for. You is this something that you might you know get, because it is analog. I don’t i’m interested in knowing a lot of different opinions. It helps me kind of scope out what the community and the market’s doing you know. If i do a build, how interest you might do be on a particular build when i get feedback like this, the grass is greening up that’s, a good thing Laughter we have we have had.

I think it was about six days of winds about like this. Just today i was out back flying a little bit. Oh the flight’s about over here i’ll talk about today’s flight. When uh we get to the gopro footage, which is next, you can see there. We’Ve ended the flight at just under four minutes, and our battery is just a touch under uh 3.5 volts per cell. So maybe three four seconds too long on that flight uh this particular time this is our gopro flight uh. So it’s got the hero. 6 fpg stabilization is turned on i’m, going to do some cruising and then i’m going to kind of fly. Like i traditionally fly, you can definitely feel the additional weight i mean in micros. You always can so it its abilities as far as aggressive flight performance gets. Muted, by that weight a fair bit, i was still pretty happy with the fact that this tiny little package running 40 millimeter props was able to handle the gopro um in a fairly aggressive flight scenario. So that was pretty good, but i was talking about my flight. Just today, at lunch, this one’s actually much calmer, i got lucky. I think i must have flown seven or eight packs uh this time and i caught one of those breaks where the wind just kind of settled in a lucky break. For me, it was the only pack of the seven or eight where the wind calmed down, but i was out over lunch today and i caught a fairly another scenario.

I was actually just tuning a quad that it’ll be coming the channel sometime. You know down the line a little bit, but i was really frustrated with how the wind was blowing. You know every time i get the car the last week, or so we get high wind warnings for your county and you know we get winds that gust well. Over 30 miles an hour just kind of changing the seasons, the wind blows them in, but i caught just about one full battery. That was relatively calm. I would say it was under say 10 miles an hour and then you know right at the last 15 20 seconds of flight, the wind just came barreling in i was like, oh my goodness. Thankfully, i didn’t have my little audio camera out on its tripod, because i have found that sometimes that little camera that i use to record the audio that i i blend into the the flight footage it gets blown over and, of course you know, that’s no good. It hits the table and has the possibility of cracking the screen or maybe worse, breaking it all together, but so you see the the flight footage here, getting more aggressive with the gopro uh. This is another point where i i’m kind of you know you might not like this gopro. You know the gopro 6 is old. It’S got a little bit more of that warped view that we don’t really see out of the newer gopros but it’s.

What i have it’s what i can demonstrate it with uh, but what do you think of now? What the flight performance carrying that extra weight? Did you leave your comment? Are you working on it? Still i already said i was. I was impressed that this just wasn’t a cruiser. I really thought it was going to be a non profit guarded sin cinewolf. I i had no idea that it would fly this well in a more aggressive or acrobatic aerobatic. Excuse me manner. I really didn’t expect that. So that that was a nice surprise and it’s always fun to get surprises right, so hopefully you’re just a surprise, maybe that’s something. I should ask you we’ve seen facebook images and i’m sure there’s been images on instagram and other social medias and platforms. When you first saw them posting this, what did you think this was? What was your gut reaction now that you’ve seen it fly for five or six minutes? What do you think now? Is it the same as what you got? Is this exactly what you expected, or is it quite a bit different or is it completely blown your mind? I am a little disappointed. It didn’t come with any stickers. You know how i like to say and stickers. Everybody loves stickers, but in this case it didn’t, but maybe the retail boxes will have stickers. Okay, we’ve landed let’s, go back to the desk let’s, look at a few more things here, so hopefully you’ve left some feedback for me and others that might be coming to the channel about those questions that i posted it’s also worth noting that this does come in A inav version and it’s got like a small gps on top a little stack that’s up here.

I don’t have that yet, but that’ll be coming down the line. So if you’re, an inf person or if you’re interested in inav, you might want to check that out. Of course, as always links down in the video description and they’ve got a promotion going on with this right. Now you get five percent off. If you order between may 1 and may 5th and i’m certain that’s only when you order from flywood direct uh, you could choose your vendor. I’M sure we’ll see you know launch day. The vendors will all pop up with their particular stock and retail that they’re they’re carrying. They also have a prop guard that they’re working on and i’ll put an image of it right up here, but that prop guard. If you order between uh may 1st to may 5th, uh you’ll get the prop guard as well. So if you’re interested in the prop guard, you know we didn’t get to see how that works out right now in my flight, because i don’t have one. But if you order one it’s, an extra perk, if this is something that you saw and you’re interested in something extra that you get plus the five percent off now let’s go down to the desk we’ll take a little bit of a finer look. I want to take a moment just to show you the connector that it comes on, and it did have a tag associated with this that it said it was for the 1r.

I have since thrown that tag out because i kind of tore it off the wire, but this is the original connector that it comes with. So if you have one of those cameras that might work out for you just fine, i am a little bit concerned because i don’t see the product listing right at this time that in my box, this says gift so double check the product listing to make sure These items are included, as i believe they will be, but this part makes me think, maybe not as far as the frame thickness goes. You know that can be a concern, we’ve already kind of touched on that. But you know the the arms are fairly flexible. It’S only 1.5 millimeter, i know how well i can show you this, but they’re pretty flexible. I didn’t notice in flight that things weren’t sharp or i thought i was getting any sort of vibrations from the the thinness of the arms. So i think, maybe with the weight and the lightness of the motors out here on the end, maybe they’re very well balanced and smooth motors that we don’t suffer from that. Of course it felt good in flight. It felt like it was well tuned. I really didn’t have any complaints. Of course you don’t have any camera protection. The camera sticks outside of the tpu print. I think that’s something they could have changed. You know just extending the print out ever so slightly uh would have given us some protection.

Of course, the cadx ant light is also a pretty wide field of view camera, so that would have been a very fine margin there. Also the uh, the mount that it comes with is just it’s got a single angle. Of course, you can find these mounts all over the place, whether you print your own or your design, your own, or something like that it’s just you know, in my case i flew it. Just as this was i didn’t try to print my own and change. The angle or anything like that, i i would have thought and maybe just the distance that the motor wires would have been taped down. You know using my some of my favorite tape that i put in every uh video it’s in the the listing of all the things that i use. I found after many poor purchases the tape that i like that it sticks well, it’s sleek it’s not hard to handle it’s, not fuzzy, so it doesn’t collect dirt and debris yeah, but we see it on a lot of bind and fly quads. But that was something else i was a little bit surprised by. I do approve of the fact, as i said in the quick, specs and that’s, why i mentioned the quick respects. Flywoo is the second company that i’m aware of that’s actually doing something to secure the battery lead down to protect you from a situation where the battery gets ejected and then it pulls the pads off the esc.

And then you have sadness and more money. Out of your wallet to buy a replacement, the receiver that come in mine, of course, was an xm plus it’s, pretty easy to manipulate it around. You just take a tool and just kind of move it around. So when it comes to the binding process of plugging in a battery, while you have that button pressed down, not a big deal at all, you can see from the front that their mount they actually cut the sides out, it’s not important. I don’t think in flight that they did that. So if you redesign the mount for camera protection or something i’m, not certain that’s needed you know, it’s has it got the potential that an arm would move up and possibly hit that maybe that’s why they cut that out. But i just noticed that it’s also a weight savings just to try to avoid and that’s some extra tpu on there. I think we could have used some antenna tubes, but this works. I don’t have a lot of complaints with antenna tubes that can cause problems if you’re packing a bag to go fly because then you’ve got these tubes stacked up and maybe you’re trying to put more than one quad in your bag and the tubes cause problems. I i don’t know i it’s very, very rare. I packed to go fly. They put a nice capacitor on there. It’S got a good, strong vtx on it, a smart audio, capable everything was all set up.

Oddly enough, the betaflight setup did have a bunch of gps stuff. I suspect that was something they were. Tinkering with was coming up with a gps version for betaflight. So yours might not this is you know? Early production should be ready for sale. When you see this video, but they also have that inab version, which i don’t know anything about – i nav so i’m pretty interested in taking a look at inav and kind of experiencing that for the first time so that’ll be coming in the coming weeks. But if you’re already familiar and you like, inav – and you like what you saw, then there is that inab version, i would have preferred to be able to try out the prop guard. Just so, i could show it to you and i could get some feel for it and maybe have some so something to say about it other than it’s available, but you know you’ve already seen how it flies. The prop guard is going to have an impact on the flight just like with our whoops of any sort when you have all these straight edges around all of our our quads and they’re, trying to move in the direction they’re trying to move that prop guard kind Of works against us, because it’s it’s extra wind resistance can get against it. It’S just extra force that the quad has to fight. But i can’t say that it’s going to have a much of a negative impact or how much of a negative impact it will be, and i don’t know how it will mount.

I suspect it will mount on the bottom of the motors, just like many other prop guards do but again i’m rambling about something i don’t have any experience with. Yet i would have preferred to see, of course, a buckle on the strap, but you know this is super light it’s. Okay to deal with, i kind of thought this foam pad needed to be either thicker, because you could feel the fact that your batteries are coming down on these screws. When you secure your battery down and because this pad is foam, it doesn’t really stick to the battery in any way. You do need to get a good amount of pressure down, so you may see indentations from the screws in your batteries, depending upon your hulk force applied. They did use both black wires, which kind of makes it sleek. As far as the wiring for the battery lead – and they did put some heat shrink around the positive side – so not that the battery uh connector wouldn’t have told you which side was positive but that’s that’s kind of interesting that they used both black wires. But yet got some red heat sink on there. I thought the soldering everything looked clean as far as uh nice and silver solder balls on all of our ese connections, all six of them. I can see down in there where the capacitor is connected and the battery leads come in, that all looks nice and shiny and soldery.

These do have quite a few lights on them. If you’re not familiar with flywoo, their electronic components tend to have more led lights. On them than other companies, so that can be an attraction, especially if you’re doing some chasing inside a parking garage or at dusk, or something like that or it’s just on gone down on the grass and you’re looking for it. That can also be handy yeah. It was pretty fun experience getting to fly a hex. I was pleasantly surprised about it. My greatest concern is about the 1.5 millimeter thickness on the frame and how that will hold up for everyone. So if you have one and you buy one and you crash one and you it lives or what have you please come back and tell me about it. Hopefully, by now, you’ve left your thoughts down in the comments section and told me what you thought coming into the video and now that we’re all the way through the video. What you’re thinking at this point more than one comment, is always welcome. I do read comments and i do try to respond in some way to just about every comment that comes through the channel. If you have any comments, questions suggestions or otherwise yeah put them down in the comment section.