So this is basically the same model as um the baby nano that came up before, but the fr stands for freestyle. So they are. They modified the original baby nano slightly to make it a little bit more in terms of better in terms of macro performance, so heres, the original baby nano and basically the main things that theyve changed here are the props, the motor kb and the frame and thats Pretty much it now when you guys saw my previous video on this updated 1.2 version of the baby nano. I did not change out my battery connection, the 1.2. If you get it um, actually uh factory, it will come with a gnb 27 connector. They didnt send me that i think they might have made some changes in between the time that they sent me the parts to upgrade the one to the version one to the 1.2 and when they actually released it. So if you guys are wondering about that discrepancy, thats, why um but yeah the 1.2 does come with the gmb27 connector and the new uh f4 comes with that same gmb, 27 connector. They have also sent along some of these 1s 350 milliamp hour high volt batteries with the gmb27 connector. So, along with um, you know slightly different frame changes and also higher kv motor. They went with a smaller battery to give it a little bit better punch out and accurate performance and otherwise everythings pretty much else.

This is the same, so you got the same. All in one flight controller board in there same express lrs receiver, the same camera. Obviously, the tpu parts here have changed a little bit to accommodate the freestyle aspect, but the frame is the thing thats the biggest difference. So basically, they went from this sort of squished x frame to a just a general straight x frame. So the motor motor motor distance is going to be the same front to back and side to side, whereas its more squished front to back on the original baby. Nano so just give you slightly different flying characteristics, and i just flew mine with the battery forward and backwards with the uh. Basically, the pre installed battery strap didnt really feel like taking it all apart to swap the battery strap. So it would be allow the battery to mount sideways, which you still can do, because the frame does have the little hooks there, but getting them in and out. Well, you have to pretty much take the whole flight controller off to get under there to pull that little tpu port off that hook there so thats uh yeah thats. What kind of wish it came factory? So you could put the battery in sideways, but i just moved the way it. It came like this and it was fine okay. So, as i mentioned, the motor kv is now higher and i dont think im gon na get the camera to focus, but its 19500 kv 02.

4 motor same size motor as before its just a higher kv, and then now we have a three bladed prop. Instead of a two bluetooth, props, so um yeah. So while you on the original baby nano you with the larger battery and lower tv motor you, this is much more efficient. You got um much more uh flight time, but its more of a cruiser, so youre just kind of cruising around. You can get some pretty long flights that way, but now, with the higher kv motor and three way, props youre trading the longer flight times for better performance and also youve got a smaller battery. So your flight times do go down quite a bit compared to um what you were getting before and almost half. I think, compared to what i was getting on, the uh, the 450 battery on the lower tv motor and a tubulator prop, so it basically, you have a choice right. So if you want the performance, go for the this model here, if you want the flight time, go for the older model that you one with the lower caving, more efficient setup here. So thats really, you know what theyre you know, people that were like. Oh they like this model, but they want more performance. Well now you have it but its at the expense of flight time. If you, if you, if youre saying that you want both the flight time and the performance well, you might have to wait for a model.

Sometime in the future, i dont know how theyre gon na wait for that. Maybe it could be a few years. You know. Basically, they have to get motors that are this efficient, but with the the power of the higher kv motor, which is um not really possible, you can go to a bigger motor like 1102, but then youre going up a lot in weight. So lets see uh how much everything weighs here so just the um drone by itself 23.4 grams and then with the battery all of uh flying weights about 32.26 grams. So you know just a general discussion on how this performs compared to some other ones, with 40 millimeter propellers, so the um mosquito here you know its a lot heavier and the battery uses the ph 2.0 connectors. You just dont have the same performance. Although this one is much more durable um, you know, obviously the frame here is on the baby. Nano is much thinner and you know like more likely to break in a crash and which means its going to be kind of pain in the butt to fix. So if youre, one of those that doesnt want to be fixing stuff all the time, maybe uh look at the mosquito. But if thats, what? If youre looking for a performance, then youre going to be wanting to go for the baby, nano fr and then, of course, the same trade off here again uh this ones, a similar kv mode, like 19 000 kv um.

This is the uz 80. We get to build it yourself, and this frame also is pretty fragile, its probably more fragile than this one here with the um, the thinner arms, but you have basically two of them, acting as a brace versus the single arm here, thats more likely to break so Again, its all trade offs um, you know the battery connector. This was also a ph 2.0, not a gmb, 27, etc, etc. Theyre, you know i would go back and look at the other videos if you want to see how they fly theyre all fairly similar. In terms of performance, like you, cant really do any like. You know super massive acro tricks, youre, not gon na, be doing power loops or you know crazy, acro tricks with even this one. Here, with the lower flight time, you can go totally bonkers on the throttle and burn the battery and i think ive done a test where it was gone in like a minute so yeah. If you want to go full throttle the whole time you can, but the performance isnt so great, because you know with a small battery like this, you still get a lot of voltage sag. So, if youre at full throttle for you know over three four seconds, you know the voltage starts, dropping and your speeds. Your speed starts to drop as well so theres limitations to this smaller platform in size. But that being said out of all of the other 40 millimeter ones that ive flown, i think this one here has got the best performance and in terms of the performance to weight ratio is the best.

So if youre, looking for like a little more acura performance out of a uh, 40 millimeter prop a little little micro quad like this, this ones probably going to be the best out out there at the uh again at the expense of flight time. So, ultimately, you know thats, the big trade off is youre just going to have a shorter flight. Well, you know the fix, for that is just go, get more batteries and go for your two to two and a half minute. Three minute flight have fun to swap the battery. You know if youre looking to get. You know the five to six minute flight. Then you dont want to get this model, get the the the model that came before with the lower tv, motor and youre gon na get the longer flight with this one here, for those of you guys that prefer cruising anyway thats gon na.