I mean a properly tiny drone, its like something from batteries not included, and despite looking like a toy, this firefly, nano 1s from flywoo, is packed with all the same type of components. Youd have on a 5 inch quad, but at a fraction of the size and cost and, as its name suggests its powered by a small 1s battery like this. And if you choose the right battery. Youll get about 10 minutes flying time, plus its super quiet and sounds well just like a mosquito buzzing around hello and welcome to the welly bloke channel. This is youtube. You know what to do subscribe and hit the bell for more videos like this. The flywoo have always had a great range of micro, drones and whoops, as well as larger, mini quads and some long range, but theyre definitely very strong in this tiny bind and fly drone market and at around 120 dollars. This looks great value for money and theyve got a huge range of options and if you check out their website, youll find so much choice. Theres different canopies to mount an insta 360 go 1 go 2 and even a run. Cam thumb, camera theres, lighter weight, racer versions with beefed up motors, all different types of rc receiver, including free sky, crossfire and elrs, and you can get packages which include transmitters and dvr monitors all sorts to suit everyone, and i ordered this dead cat version with an Elrs receiver so close up, you can see.

This is a flight controller board, thats screwed to a carbon frame, thats, not much bigger than the pcb itself. The board is their f4 five in one with escs and a 250 milliwatt vtx, and these motors are 0802.4 16500 kv fitted with 40 millimeter. Gem fan two blade props and the camera fitted in this tpu canopy is a fly room nano with a one third cmos sensor and 1200 tv lines and theres a simple monopole whip antenna mounted in the canopy here: flywoo recommend 450 milliamp hour, 1s, lipos or hv Lipos, like these and theres a couple of different tpu straps to hold them in place and theres lugs on either side of the frame here, so that you can mount the battery this way or this way, which is very nice. And if these straps break you could just use some elastic bands. Theyre made of tpu and mine came with this gmb 27 connector, which fits the batteries that fly we sell, but they include one of these gmb. 27, ph 2 adapters its slightly chunky, but it does work you just plug that in there ive seen some other versions of this that are factory fitted with ph2 connectors and the elrs receiver is simply wedged between the canopy and the frame. Now this may all seem a bit crude, but with quads like this, every gram counts. So the simplest lightest solution is exactly whats needed and if you want weight of this, so look so that is 23 and a half grams, and with this 450 milliamp hour battery thats 35 and a half grams of staggeringly light – and it comes with this very nice.

Little case with some spare props and some hardware – so you can just plop this in here and just throw it in your flight bag. So lets have a look at how this is set up in beta flight. Okay, thats talking looks great, okay, so ports. We have got uart one for serial rx, which i presume is where the elrs receiver is connected and uart2 is being used for smart audio, vtx power and channel. Switching all fairly normal configuration is props out. Weve got d shot 300. What else we got down here? This is all fairly standard. The receiver is serial crossfire and yes were running betaflight 4.2.8 apparent battery. Well, maybe that could be a little bit lower if im using hv lipos, but this is all fairly standard. Ive checked that the battery voltage here is exactly the same as i see on a multimeter on any 1s quad, in fact any quad, but, more importantly, with a 1s quad. You really do need to check that because those last few point ones of a volt do make a difference, fail safe, set to drop fantastic and now pid tuning lets see where we are wow so compared to the beta flight defaults. These peas are almost double. I think the defaults for these around about 45, something like that. The eyes theyve been cranked up a little bit. I think the defaults around 90 dmax this incredible, that is about double. What is the default is for, b to flight and d min again about double the defaults, which are around 23.

25, and the feed forward has been cracked up a tiny little bit by the looks of it interesting, okay, receiver. I havent got anything connected at the moment. Modes is all fairly normal. Youve got an arm and angle horizon and air mode flip over after crash, and anything else lets have a look osd. Okay, so weve got the craft name cell voltage, current timer and thats. The link quality so very interesting, its going to be interesting to see how this flies with these pit settings, which are cranked up quite high, now its quite hard to capture the noise. This makes because its just so quiet, but as you can hear or just about here, it is pretty quiet and sounds well just like a mosquito. Even the dogs not bothered by it, so youre not going to get any complaints from the neighbours or anybody in the park. Music, do Music do Music, do Music do Music flight times on this depend very much on the battery and with these gnb 450 milliamp per hour 1s hv lipos. I was easily getting six minutes with some aggressive flying, but if i use the 720 milliamp hour, hv lipos, i could get around 10 minutes and this is great fun to fly. The camera is about the same sort of quality as a cadex ant and range is fine for vtx and control. Although i did notice that the elrs link quality kept dipping down to the mid 80s, no idea why? Yet? This is an awesome little quad and you can fly outdoors with acro or indoors when the weathers bad, its great fun.

The only problem is finding it in the grass or undergrowth its pretty small. It really needs a buzzer or a tiny drone, finder fitting its great as always thanks for watching and if you found that helpful.