. So this is a two inch uh cinewoop type of quad micro drone, and you know the name. Cinerace implies that it can do cinewoup type stuff and also some fpv racing type stuff. Maybe a little bit of acro freestyle in there as well and uh. This is something that kind of surprised me a little bit in terms of the way it flew the way it sounded um quite different from a lot of their two inch, cine whips that ive flown in the past, and i think they did do a lot of Work on the pidtune, they have a interesting design here with these ducks, and these are, i think i would qualify these as real ducks. So the parts here are abs, injection, molded plastic. Here they do come in multiple colors. If you want to mix and match colors, you can do that they sent along um a spare pink frame here, and you can see that the parts come like this theyre. Actually, the same part, i believe yeah its like this, but the interlock, when you put them together like this, and they come with these m2 standoffs that go inside here that hold the quad together. Basically, the way the motors are mounted – and this is in the way this is connected to the rest of the frame, those standoffs and the ducts actually hold the whole quad together. Ill talk about durability, issues momentarily so theres a lot of a lot of new stuff.

On this one, so this comes in obviously digital or dgi also comes in analog, and you can also buy lots of spare parts and stuff on the flywheel sites. So if you want spear parts that kind of stuff most of them is ever going to be on the fly website so ill link. Those in the video description, if youre, just looking for the quad by itself, not interested in their stuff uh, some of their stores will carry like make or fire will carry just the quad by itself, obviously will come with different receiver options. This one is the express lrs receiver option, so we got the little nano express lrs receiver in the back here, and this one here is the version with the micro, fl, connector and dipole antenna. I previously saw a version of this receiver on the flywhoo baby, nano which was the one with the smd antenna. The surface mounted antenna, and this one has the now the dipole antenna, 2.4 gigahertz, of course got your vista there. You got your uh flight controller here on the bottom, with the usb port sticking out the bottom talk about that shortly. Um comes with a variety of different mounts available for your cameras, so they sent along this one. The one thats on here currently is for the go to the peanut, also fits that, which is what i flew it with. You can get the smoke 4k mount here. The naked gopro mount and a go 1 mount.

So these are all optional accessories. You can purchase from flywheel when you purchase the quad. You can add these on for additional cost. They do have the stls available on the website on the main product page. If you would just want the sds, you want to print print these out yourself. Those are also available if you just want to get the stls and print them yourself and not actually have to pay for these extra. You get two spare sets of props. These are the new gem fan two inch propellers with five blades, and they do include an extra longer battery strap, which is youre going to need this if youre going to be flying the bigger battery. So they have these new bigger battery options. Now the 900 milliamp hour 4s and they have a 300 milliamp hour 4s, which is uh. I think i flew this on a previous quad as well this this ones, the newer one ill, show you the weights here in a second basically in terms of flight time. If youre wondering about the flight time its going to vary depending on how you fly, the range is pretty wild. So if youre going all out onto 300, you can burn the battery out in under a minute for easily. If youre, flying more gently cruising around cinema style flying, you can stretch it out to two and a half three minutes, possibly even longer, depending on the conditions. Youre flying it in the 900 is much heavier its going to be for more slower flights.

Youre not going to do any acro with this on this heavier battery, but its going to give you longer flight time, its going to vary if youre going crazy and flying really fast, you can get as low as five minutes unless uh. If youre cruising around going a lot slower cinema style flying uh, you can get um id say up to 11 minutes. I think they showed a flight on their instagram where they flew around for 11 minutes kind of just cruising around. I was typically getting about um. Nine and a half to ten minutes now the reason you get the longer battery strap is for this bigger battery, because the battery strap that comes on the quad. This one here only really works with batteries of this size. Now, if you want to go to a little bit bigger battery like a 450, this is a 454s. Its a little bit longer will fit this stock battery strap thats pre installed, and this one will give you about four ish, a minute to flight around four or four and a half minutes of flight all right. So this is what the quad weighs its 119.3 grams. With the forest, 350 comes in 161.4, they force 450 172.2 and the force 900 now were coming in at 209.4. All right! So a couple more things to note: they have a new um, vtx antenna comes in obviously various connector types, micro, fl, mmcx, sma, right hand, left hand, polarized, different lengths, etc.

Just like their previous series. Sometimes i dont know if they have a specific name for this. One dont see it marked on here anywhere um, but this is their newest design. They obviously have it included pre installed on this quad, and this is a left hand. Polarized uh version, obviously for dji and for regular analog. Theyll have right hand, polarized versions available as well, so you can check out their website for that. This is supposedly a little bit better performance compared to the old design. Although, honestly in dji, the old one seemed fine, this one seems fine the same. I cant really tell that much differences. I dont know how far away youre going to be able to fly with this one anyway, but if youre interested in something um, let me perhaps a little bit better performance than the old antennas um. Maybe you want to check that one out the um. This model comes with a bluetooth radio, which is shoved in right there, which you can barely see its between the duct and the vista. So once you plug it in, if you dont want to plug in the usb port, which is on the bottom on your computer, and you just want to use like your phone to maybe change some pin settings or whatever you can use this pdb app to wirelessly Connect to the adapter to connect to your flight controller, configure it via the smartphone app so thats, also on there as well and youll notice that they have this little cable here.

This is for the smooth 4k camera. Obviously i didnt use that so i just tucked it into the battery strap here to keep it out of the way and i did fly mine with the shorter battery, strap it just doesnt collapse or doesnt lock onto the battery, because it comes with a very sticky Uh this little sticky battery pad that holds the battery on fine, and since i was just flying slowly cruising around uh thatll be fine. Thatll hold the battery on fine. You just cant do any after or flips or rolls that kind of thing with a big battery, because you have to swap the battery strap. If you want to do that and then last but not least, um well, actually not sorry, not last, but not least, but they have these newer motors, uh 12 yeah im not going to be able to just put a picture up here on the screen. 1203 uh. These are the new 1203 pro motors. They come in, 3, 400 kv and 11 500 kv. I think that 11 000 500 for, like a 1s setup, i think thatll be in a future model. I havent seen that one in anything yet, but this one obviously is for 4s, so its a 1203 motor, obviously an inverted setup here, uh you know for cinema flying and then last but not least, is the updated camera so theyre using the 14 millimeter camera here. Thats what the size of this uh the size of this takes, but this is the new cadex polar nano camera so much smaller and much lighter than the original polar camera.

Obviously, with the same sensor, i cant really talk too much about it yet because its still under embargo, so i will have all the details in a future video, but you can see clearly that it is much smaller and lighter than the polar camera, and this will Be the 14 millimeter, well, the only 14 millimeter camera that you can get anywhere. As far as i know, at the time of the recording of this video, because the k, the nebula nano, their older camera is no longer in production and this polar nano is now going to be replacing that so uh the reason the uh. This is still under embargo is because they basically are making all these smaller cameras or the 14 millimeter cameras for all these bind and fly manufacturers like iflight flywoo model, etc for their new models, because theyve been waiting for an updated 14 millimeter camera for a while. So all the vendors are getting the first few batches initially and then they should be coming up for sale soon as soon as theyre for sale, ill ill drop. The video thats. Basically why the video is not out? Yes, because you cant buy it anywhere other than a binder fly so yeah. If you want the camera, you can buy the quad and it will come with this camera so yeah. Unfortunately, you have to wait if you want to buy the camera separately, because all the bind and fly vendors have, i guess, theyve taken first dibs on all the initial batches of this camera, because theyre uh, you know, theyre not manufacturing these cameras at a high clip Right now, because of the chip shortage and all the other supply chain problems.

Okay, so talk about the flying characteristics, um. First, the noise level is surprisingly less than your typical say. Two inch cinema like this little uh iflight alpha. So this one weighs a little bit less than this. I think it says, like 109 grams 117 grams – something like that. So this is slightly less heavy, but it actually is louder because this doesnt have real ducks on here, just prop guards, and so even though this is heavier, it actually sounds to the ear. The noise is much more pleasant, sounding um its not as like its not the shrill isnt as annoying it isnt quiet. So i dont want you to be misunderstanding, that this is quiet by any means, but it is not nearly as annoying or as loud as your typical two inch cent open. I think its a combination of this blade and the fact that this is actually a real duct, so theres a lip here where the air is intake, basically coming for an intake and theres like a theres, a slight angle on this duct at the top part, and Then, at the exhaust its flat, so let me uh see if i can show it to you on this. Oh, this shows up better on this pink one, so you can kind of see its a curve here and you can see where the that little area right there, its kind of curved in an angle and then its straight at the bottom or actually its.

I think its a little bit angled as well the opposite direction in any event, uh. I think this design with the airflow does make it a little bit more efficient, a little bit less noisy and you actually get the benefits of an actual duct design. So now i think theyre these guys are finally coming around and putting some real duck designs into their uh cinnalips, which is a good thing now. This is abs, injection, molded, plastic and um. Well, if you crash it its probably going to break and which ive broken these, you cant see it as well on mine, it still flies totally fine, even though ive been flying around broken. Uh ive had a few minor crashes, and this is not going to come out very well on camera, but theres a crack right here that you can barely see and it yeah its not its really hard to see, but basically the the ductus crack right there. I think here i think it has something to do with the design of the mold um yeah, its not gon na, come out im, not exactly sure, i think maybe thats, just where theres a stress point right here in the design, so on actually both of the Rear ducts, you can see a crack right there and also right there, its on both sides and its not really coming out well on camera. It does not affect like it. Doesnt give you jello or anything like that.

I didnt even notice it at first. Until i examined the quad before i recorded this video, so those you know theres nothings indestructible. So if you like, i think i crashed this into um. I crashed into a tree. I crashed into a sidewalk. I crashed it all over the place because i was trying to fly it more aggressively because they um said that you can fly this more aggressively, theyve tuned it for acura flying and freestyle and which is true because theres almost hardly any prop wash on any of The dives and anything that i did like that size. I was actually remarkably surprised and im thinking that has to do with the pin tune, as well as the fact that theyre using real ducks. I dont know exactly what its probably a combination of the two but yeah. The printing is probably the best ive ever seen out of a two inch cinnamon um and yeah. I hadnt even noticed that the ducks were cracked back there. Uh does not seem to affect the flight at all. Seem i mean in terms of structural integrity, seems totally fine. I think on one of the sidewalk crashes, when i was doing a power loop, i did break this front piece here. Also, this is abs plastic. You can see its cracked there, its still attached kind of but yeah, it does move around, but it doesnt give me any gel or anything like that um, but they have replacement parts for all these.

The ducts this part here everything the very easy to just get them off the flywheel site. I think this ones like two bucks, so not a huge deal and then their design is really unique. Where the you know, the two duck pieces are on the side. Basically, just uh for maintenance, you just take the motors off and then theres a screw over here. A screw over here. Take that off this top plate comes off, and then you have access to the inside. The vista did not require any updating so um. It did come with the latest firmware the zero six zero zero, which is what i use, and so i didnt have to plug that in but yeah. If you need to do that, you can just take those two screws off, lift it up and then youll be able to pull the vista out and, of course, the usb ports on the bottom. And then they have a bluetooth radio for connecting um to the speedy app. If you just wanted to configure your quad that way, um, but overall, pleasantly surprised with this one. Obviously i dont usually get very excited about too much sono. So, like you know to me, i think that if you want longer flight times you want to go to two and a half inch or three inch and they are also less noisy because of the power to weight ratio um but yeah. If youre looking for something really nice and compact, it performs pretty well and it doesnt have a lot of power at the in the end, you know when i was trying these power loops.

This is how i ended up crashing these it. You need a lot of power to get the quad over a tree or some other object, and it doesnt have that kind of power. So if youre trying to do those kind of tricks, i would say this is not really meant for that. But for like you know, racing type flying or indoor whip racing, um simple, like flips, and rolls that kind of thing, its totally good for that, and, of course, you know just doing typical cinema flying totally fine with that – and i got you know pretty good footage Out of the cadets peanut here flying it on this setup here anyway, im going to link all the flight footage and airaid flights etc down in the video description, along with links to everything else, i talked about in the video.