. This is the polar nano version for dji. It has a vista on board up to 700 milliwatt and you can also get an analog pro version and the standard analog version so im going to talk about the differences between those two in this video and were going to talk about how this flies. How durable it is and how well it tracks how the tune is and how well it can fly cinema you can put either the cadx peanut on board. They do include a little tpu mount that goes up here and also a full size d cased. What we consider now full size, a dks, gopro or the firefly x – i have been flying firefly x, pretty much since i got it on just about all my aircraft, so youre going to get to see some pretty epic footage today in this review of the cinema Race 20., but youre going to be impressed by this. It tracks really well and it doesnt have a lot of jello, which is amazing, because this doesnt have the the type of stabilization that a gopro hero8 could get you so or the tint um and im not sure that anyones dks to 10 yet, but were waiting To see that im sure someones going to do it, it does have pretty nice motors on here running a 4s 900 milliamp battery from flywheel. Today and those are 12 series motors theyre 1203s. We have 3 400 kvs, and these are the nim v2s on here and theyre downward facing and ive talked about that before upward facing motors and creating downward thrust through the frame gives you a little more prop washing causes a little more work for the flight controller, Whereas this one has downward thrust so theres, nothing hitting the thrust on the bottom there, so nice clean airflow and it seems to be a more stable type of aircraft for cinema filming.

So this is a pretty good pairing and i think we should go out now and well do some flying epic flying in oregon here and we will come back after the break and well talk about the sin of race 20. A little further in depth. Here we go Music: do Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, me, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music. All right guys welcome back from the flight test that was impressive, very nice tracking, not a lot of jello in the camera and not a lot of washout. On some pretty big maneuvers around those trees, taking a pretty good dive back toward the ground on smaller quads and this much battery with the camera on board. Ive seen flight controllers kind of give us that momentary freak out and what we call tumble and that will cause a crash. So i did not have that in my test, which is really good, and it was a little bit of wind out there today. So first things first its on the scale with everything on board the total takeoff weight is 246 grams, with the firefly x light on there, so that is a 4s 900 milliamp battery thats freaking nice. So, if youre worried about getting something under 250 grams, this is great everything you want on board, including a vista, so the standard analog pro and the regular analog versions should be well under 247 grams. If you add a peanut, it might even be lighter than this camera.

This one is an upwards. I think it was around like 32 grams or so just double check on that, but um yeah, the firefly x is looking at 35 grams and probably a couple extra grams for that little tiny wire that comes along with it. That goes to the balance lead to plug it, in the reason that i fly the firefly x. Well, mostly, is because it has sd card support and i think that the 60 frames per second looks pretty good, and this is kind of like my favorite budget camera right now. It fits most of these d cased camera mounts which is really nice. They included two in my kit and im, not sure if theyre going to do that for yours, but in the box you get quite a few things, lets just open up the box and show you what comes in your box. It has all the specs right here as well: the lrs 2.4 version. I have the polar nano 4s motors and the stack is the goku gn4055 aio 20 amp escs on here its a 25 by 25 stacks, so its a little different than the standard 20 by 20.. We also get some extra hardware in here of different sizes, looks like an extra camera bolt right there with a couple, looks like metal, lock, nuts, along with that we get some extra black gem fan: 51 millimeter 20 by 20. Five blade props in here. Those are nice to have.

I brought those along in the flight test as well, and it looks like we get some tips in here from the team at flywoo. It says firstly, connect the usb ensuring normal operation of the electronic device, then plug in the battery when connecting the flight controller with usb do not touch the flight controller components by hand. Otherwise, electrostatic short is greatly possible unless, of course, you are wearing an anti static. Bracelet, which most most engineers do when they work on computers, so treat this thing kind of like a computer when youre plugging it in ive, made the mistake of actually setting on my laptop before and or something metal like the top of your car, you have to Watch out because carbons, conductive and the bottom of this is carbon, but they have a little bumper on the bottom. By the way you get two straps in the box as well, and this ones kind of nice, its one of the straps that i dont really care for because it does have kind of that no buckle on it, really no metal buckle, but it has extra coating On here i dont know, if you guys can see this or not, but it has an extra plastic thick plastic coating on this strap, which makes it really nice but lights not cooperating with me, but also in the box. We have several different mounts here. Some extra props – and i really like these bright color props.

If you crash its kind of easy to find it with those – and this is the cadex go 2 or possibly the peanut mount, the peanut might be actually smaller around than the go to. I believe and heres an extra looks like d case gopro mount, and there were two versions of this mount by the way. So you can see there this one has a curve to it and this ones straight up and down, which is the one that i use for my flower x and lets see here. It looks like we have oh yeah there we go thats, probably the peanut mount, and then this would be the go to mount. This is a little bigger, thats, pretty cool. They include both well, both in my box. Anyway, you get an extra cover, thats cool. They included that for your polar and some extra foam for the bottom of the quad. You get some tasty silicone gel dont eat that another bit and some stickers in here as well. But this release has been on the burner for some time, and i have had this for about a week now and i have to say that ive really enjoyed flying. It it didnt come back, beat up, it does have kind of abs, plastic, molded inserts here and both of these two sides. I took this apart. This part comes off this way and this part comes off this way. The camera mount comes out the front, and this tpu mount on the back comes out this way now, when you release these two bolts here and on the bottom, they all of this comes apart and getting it back together.

Again, it takes a little bit of fiddling. You kind of have to hold everything together with two hands and then push these bolts back through. I would say that this is probably not the easiest quad for a beginner to work on, but once you get things apart, you can get to the flight controller, and that seems to be the case with a lot of these sort of sandwich designs. We have our xt30 coming out the side right here. The tpu mount just has that long bolt right. There weve got our cadx polar up front with an aluminum brace up front, which is nice for kind of coming in, for those hard landings or crashes, and the tune on here is decent. The tune could be better, but i think where youre at out of the box, its pretty nice and the the nano version also comes with bluetooth on board, so thats pretty cool, so you can hook it up to speedy b and then do some changes inside betaflight. With your phone, which is pretty sweet, so you dont have to have the usb cable, but it does have a usb cable on the bottom. You just have to be super careful that youre grounded when you plug it in. We have a little capacitor down there as well. We have, i believe we have motors that were soldered to the board, so this is a little different than the beta fpv quad that i was flying that have plug and play batteries, and one thing that i have to notice about this is that when i first Opened it up out of the box, i was a little disappointed because there was no way to get to the vista, because first thing you got to do is always you have to register your dji vista and i wasnt able to get to the port.

I couldnt bend this down, i couldnt get to it, so i actually very very carefully took some snips and i just snipped away this abs prop guard right here. It is kind of not the greatest job in the world, but it allowed me to just barely get that usb in there. So um. If you get one of these, i would probably suggest just taking the whole thing, apart its total pain in the butt but thats one of the things youre going to have to do. Youre actually going to have to take this apart. Um to be able to get to this usb port and theres, so many designs out there right now that have this on them: im, not sure why flywood decided to not have access to that port, but other than that the tune is good. The power is, it feels like the right combination of motors. We dont get too much sag, even in some of my older batteries, with the 12 series motors theres, a 1203s 3800, its a high enough kv that when youre flying and you are flying towards something that you need to kind of hop over, you can give it Enough throttle to be able to comfortably go a couple feet up really fast, so when youre kind of skirting through tree branches and youre, just kind of exploring the tree canopy its a its a lot of fun – and i did some of that – you can see ill Put some of the video up, and once i got up into the trees since i have this inverted motor design.

This really slows it way down. When you just back off the stick, the forward. Stick: it really really slows down nice, and that also has to do with your camera. If you want to do like tree, exploring with this quad, just lower this camera down to about, say, maybe something like uh, 15 or 10 even almost level, but not quite and youll, get some really nice slow down footage if youre looking for that! Really nice slow cinema footage. You can do the same thing if youre looking for a nice, slow, pan thats what we do for professional professional drone photography, so, overall, it is doing pretty good and other than the gripe about not being able to access the vista on here. I feel like this one is a good actually a good product and i think theyre going to do quite well with this one um for the analog version. Hopefully, that ones going to be affordable, maybe around the 200 range im guessing and then the analog pro will probably be something like 225 and then the polar nano version. This one might even be up past 300, but you will find out today. So you can click. Those links down below and get in on the giveaway for this one. This is our october giveaway, so watch all the drone camps, videos in october and comment on any one of them subscribe and send us an email on dronecamps.com on our contacts, page and thatll, get you entered in for octobers giveaway, so were giving this one away yeah.

I think thats a fantastic giveaway, hd version of the flywoo center race 20, with a polar camera on board. So super super sweet, so you can give it a shot thanks again for watching guys and subscribe and as always im justin davis take care and ill see.