This helicopter is available, pmp versions. I got myself a pnp version and, yes, i know you want to see how to assemble the pnp version, how to configure your radio master tx16s, how to program that radio for this helicopter and how to program h1, lite autopilot for this helicopter, for which i will Do a complete, separate video so stay tuned for that for this video? Yes, i know you all have been waiting for very long time to see my video review of bell 206 from flywing, and here it is people so lets not waste. Any more time lets strap a battery to this beautiful helicopter and see how it flies. I have just assembled it this morning. I have configured everything mostly where stock settings i did not disturb much, and i have done the compass calibration at home. Yes, you can do compass calibration at home for this helicopter no need to drag in a laptop outdoors and compass calibrate outdoor, so lets give it a flight. Okay, all the satellites are locked im in gps position hold mode. So lets see how it goes. Oh sorry, before arming you have to hold your radio before arming you have to hold rudder down left for two three seconds and then hit the arm switch Music. I think something is touching the shell. I can hear it Music, okay, visibly nothing is touching from the main rotor head, visibly theres, nothing but theres a sound coming.

Im, not sure if it is from inside lets, just fly it. Oh now, dont have the sound okay. So something was touching on the top. Take off slight toilet bowl movement, not toilet bowl movement, just going forward and backward like you know, but holding position properly blades should be tracking properly. I can see that they are tracking properly. Let me just move it slightly lower, so i can see the blades okay, blades tracking, properly man, looks beautiful in the sky. Huh. Look at that nice and solid hover see my radio here sounds very nice mashallah. Let me take one or two pictures hold on now hold on. Let me first fly it a little bit Music. This helicopter is designed to fly scaled. You know you dont want to do 3d on this one and basically its not configured for 3d, either from the factory im using very stock settings. I havent changed the settings on pitches on the helicopter main rotor pitches, main rotor, speed, im just using stock settings. Okay, now im gon na take some pictures. Okay, i got my picture. It actually hovered very well. Now lets fly it so i didnt start the timer. In fact, the timer starts right after i take off ill, be able to tell you the time its showing me about five minutes well for the first one minute, or so i would say i was trying to you, know, check the sound so lets not take one Minute remove it from this and we will say its been four minutes and i love flying helicopters.

A scale really. I know 3d helicopters are very nice fun to fly and fun to do aerobatics, but people who love scaled rc helicopters and especially bell helicopter lovers are simply going to be very, very, very happy and also its a kind of beginner helicopter too, because with the gps System you can actually give it to a beginner and beginner would be able to fly it as well put those antennas in okay because they are making the canopy hang a little bit around now. One thing i just noticed that, given the power system in it with the whole shell overall, it tends to do slightly like this. So maybe we need to adjust the sensitivities on the h1 flight controller and at the moment, its running full head speed. So the head speed should not be a problem uh normally. Sometimes, when you have this kind of tendency from helicopters being very sluggish, increasing the head speed, basically, you know: does the job fixes the thing? But right now, as i said, this one is running full head speed and i cannot do any more head speed. Apart from that, as i said, the uh shell seems to be adding uh additional weight on this uh system. The whole power system – and you know it – responds slightly sluggish to you – know altitude commands going up and down, but that could be my feeling because there were winds and they were pushing it when theres, no wind, it could be another story.

Man flying it like a scaled helicopter is really relaxing fun. You know you can relax, fly it and see this beauty. I mean the shell is really nice in scale. I didnt even install the decals or stickers, yet its beautiful its nice. All right lets do some speed test in gps mode – oh sun, in my eyes, man. So here i come going forward, went nice locked in, but i did notice slightly nose pitching up a little bit hold on. Let me check again slightly not too much not too much and by the way, if youre having this kind of issue in your helicopter, fw, 450 or 450 v2 or this one, you might want to balance the battery move. The battery fourth and back balance, the cg not balance the battery, sorry balance the cg and it will be fine. You wont have that kind of feel or that kind of Music behavior from your helicopter Music man, its fun to fly, really look at those stances, huh Music, so forward and backward, is doing very well and its following. The commands properly Music lets do sideways flight and see how it does it going sideways man on a tail rotor. I mean a motor on the tail, oh its better, speeding up the tail rotor, but look at that. It did a very nice hold on the sideways flights: Music, okay, im just gon na do point of interest manually Music man, masha allah looks really nice and beautiful.

I can tell you all right: this. Is this now im gon na put it slightly higher just here and put it to circle circle mode lets watch the circle it shouldnt hit my car nice. If you find, when you do the circle mode and the nose is not facing the center, you better do the compass calibration. Okay, you better! Do the compass calibration figure, eight mode ill, just set the throttle to in center Music, okay. Turning to another counterclockwise circle! Well, im just holding my radio Music and turning again nice im gon na bring it to slightly lower altitude 11 minutes give or take lets reduce one or two minutes, because i landed and checked the stuffs, but still 11 minutes is a lot of flight time. One thing im noticing is that Music response to you know ascending and descending pitch control can be slightly delayed. I dont know its because of wind just now, as you see it just climb up by itself, but overall it is doing it. However, its slow. The response to that up and down is slow, now, im going to land it and fly it manually, all right, like in 3d mode and now im not going to do 3d on it. Dont worry because its not designed to do those inverted flights. Okay, so lets learn it Music 3d modes. That means no gps. Now is completely manual. Oh ground oscillations, Music yeah. I can tell you its slightly heavy on on the weight side because of the shell and slightly sluggish in responses.

So i will have to do something about some settings: changing on h1 lite flight controller, Music, 13 minutes Music. I went in the sun man, i couldnt see a helicopter for a while. Yes, yes, i felt it wind effects because of the shell and in manual mode. You need skills to control, you need reflexes, you need to know what your helicopter is doing and control it immediately. The right way required. Well, i dont know how much battery we have left, but its worth a try. You know give it an rth. I will take off no zen, okay, its getting windy as well minutes Music. I will go here, return to home and its getting more windy, im, not sure if this helicopter can handle winds or not, but its a collective pitch helicopter. However, given that it has a shell and its running a little bit, the heavier side still got ta see whats happening. Okay lets see now its coming down. I am at a very safe distance from my car losing altitude slowly, not too fast. This time back to the spot, where it should land, because this is where it took off from and Music smooth landing man smooth landing. I would say that was nice and smooth landing, not much deviation as well. Overall, i would say beautiful helicopter flew very well. Came back safely and landed safely on rth and all the features are working now i did not bring the battery voltage meter and you have watched the flight i just landed.

Battery is hot. I do not have thermometer to check. Battery is hot in safe temperature thats. What i would say holding it in my hand, i would say batteries normally on a hot summer day, when you give it a flight of when you give your helicopter a fly, it will be this hot uh, its normal temperature. I would say nothing to worry about and lets see. I still have 15 volts. 3.7. 3.7. 3.7. 3.7. So i still have 3.7 volts. That means that means i landed at a very, very la right time. Notice again, i did not turn on the option for battery low voltage, auto return to home, because what happens during flight when you punch the helicopter to control from a wind gust to recover from a wind gust, sometimes battery cell shows 3.6 or lower and h1 gps. H1 light gps flight controller will immediately activate rth and you will be like i didnt do that, why its going up all by itself – and you will start trembling – your heart will start beating fast. So do turn off that system. Uh that option low voltage battery auto return to home do turn that off. Okay, now before i say anything else, let me just check the temperature of h1 fine esc, yes, hes, fine, i can hold my thumb on it. Motor is somewhere inside. I dont know if my finger can reach there: okay maximum three seconds. I can touch the motor maximum three seconds and after that i have to move my finger because it burns so motor is slightly heated or should i say heat it.

The motor is heated up because i cannot touch for more than three seconds tail. Motor is fine. I can hold it all day. Long tail motor is fine, so main motor is heat up. That means flying choice of motor is probably fine, but they probably did not calculate the extra weight of this shell and only two blades. So still, i would say its not a big deal motor is not going to burn, i hope so and as far as its working, its ready for second flight and its doing second flight, i am going to be very, very happy with this helicopter. Now lets talk about the flight performance, flew very well looks beautiful in the skies, looks beautiful in the air and really very gorgeous helicopter. I have to give it to that looks very beautiful flies very well, as i said, and all the features that i have tested. All the advertised they are working circle figure eight auto return to home flight on in gps, gps hold. I am satisfied with that. However, one thing that i felt – and i am not satisfied with – is slightly sluggish performance. This means the helicopter feels a little sluggish response response, a little sluggish to the controls, especially on altitude control. That means positive and negative pitch. It responds slightly sluggish to say, for which i would say, probably i can set some settings or change some settings in h1. Light flight controller and after that it would be a different story, because this is a complete stock setup from the factory.

I did not touch anything. I did compass calibration only, and i flew it right after that. If i want this to behave, if i want this helicopter to behave as per my flying style, i have to tweak some settings in h1 light flight controller and, of course, in my radio master tx16s apart from that, still right outside the box, it will fly. It will entertain you and it will give you beautiful flights right outside the box talking about pnp or ready to fly versions, given that if you set the pnp right. Thank you very much for watching this video give this video a big thumb up and subscribe to. My channel hit that little bell icon to stay updated for all the upcoming uploads. Let me know what would you like to see with bell 206 helicopter next come on? You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.