Now this is a beta product. However, this is a paid beta, as in you can buy in early by the aircraft from the developer fly somewhere and get hold of it. It is technically a paid beta, like you, do a lot of triple a games these days where you can buy it at a lower introductory price, which is 40 and obviously itll, go up after its finished in beta. You can experience it. You can report back any bugs and issues and uh, but you can get to access it early. That is what ive done. So i have purchased this myself with my own money now originally i screwed up and uh the developer actually helped me out. I didnt blur of doing too many things at once: picked up the fsx version and uh they. They help me out there but uh, obviously its not gon na be always possible. It just depends like, in this case, im a dumbass to be brutally honest uh, but the 414 is of course made by cessna. It is a pressurized aircraft and it was originally evolved from the 421 and it uses the wing design of the 401. Now this aircraft, of course runs or the original version had two wing mounted 310 horsepower continental ts, io 520 js. This is the aw model which is uh. Looking at that running, the tsao 520 nb flat sixes again to 310 horsepower horsepower singular. What am i saying? Theres, a maximum speed of 235 knots, the cruise speed uh in the low 200s.

This aircraft could operate up to 30 000 feet, although probably not very well, and a range of 1328 nautical miles can take up to eight passengers, so its a rather cozy aircraft. Here you can see the deliveries and the notable feature here is. There are two versions: there is one that supports the gtn 750s, whether its the tds or the other one, the pms 50.. This one im running the pms50 in mine and you can also use their inbuilt gns 530, the stock one or the working title mod, which is functional in that and other stock navigation instruments and weather radar, etc. So lets take a look at the outcome. Shall we ive got my head turned on already good start now before i do im going to quickly go over here and click, this other part of the window and open the tablet, because it has a tablet and im going to open all the doors, because doors Are fun and we like to mess with them? We could open fuel caps, hydraulic reservoirs oil doors engine doors. We could even show the co pilot in the carpet. Hello, uh dont know what youre called yet im, not giving you a name can apply chops engine plugs, tie downs, static, wix, pt uh covers the gpu, which makes noise, which is kind of close down there im turning that off, because it annoys me and yes, im, Not at orchas island right now, because its feeling very bland and washed out color wise its much more vivid here.

So i like salam, say in austria as my new little dev home as it were. So you can see here. Weve got tie, downs, weve got our wick plugs or covers chalks, etc. Whats rather nice is the engine covers, do open and of course we have our oil plugs. There hydraulic reservoir back there, rather cool and fuel caps as well on the wings. So you can simulate all parts of your walk around and what i rather like is empty baggage compartment, its like magic. I go to wait and for some reason, payload is now showing blank there we go. I dont know why i did that lets just put 50 pounds in everything see suitcases appear, lets have a bunch of midgets on the plane. Can i call them that these days well go with that children dont, be children, theyre 50 pounds and were under max takeoff weight, so payloads a little high fuel isnt though so we should be fine. Now we have items in the stowage that appear with the weight which is rather cool. I dont think any midgets have appeared in the cockpit, though unfortunately now we can, of course, click on the tables here, which do have nice sound effects and open those. I will say frame performance of this aircraft in the sim is actually rather good. Lets remember to close our tray tables and put our seats in the right position. Of course, before we get ready to go for this thing, because im going to take us back to the cockpit now and im going to remove all these lovely little features.

Now you can open the upper cabinet on its own, but to open the lower. You have to open the upper due to it being a sealed door. Those are all off lets close our maintenance features. Now, of course, we do have a wind speed display. We have pre flight order and it actually takes us to those things which is epic cool. I think youll agree, so we have our checklist as well. Can i open those by clicking on it? I dont know that could be a possibility. I did look through the manual which is included on their website and i didnt read it very well. Well, i read most of it, but i didnt look into the efb details too much. But if i go up here to our checklists, we do have checklists okay and it will take us to those items there. Hello, yes, and it does highlight the items correctly per the sim to do the things. So let me just quickly actually, while i have the view set on these lets, set those to where theyre meant to be right. Lets get ourselves started up here and go for a flight, so everything should be good on this regard. Lets pull the rudder lockout. That would be an important one to have power. It can be closed by going to here and clicking there again. This is a beta version. This is 1.0 of the bait 1.1 of the beta, i should say so, its slightly upgraded, but it is not a finished product.

Of course. Now this appears not to want to use any of my alpha controls, which could be a good thing, so battery avionics are on there. It will respond to my magnetos though, and these are our fuel pumps here so well, prime our engines lets make sure everything is set here now a rather cool feature about this is you can actually click on this screw and hide those levers if you wish to Im not sure why i want to, but you can and whilst youre on the ground here. Actually let me turn my head off again im going to show you night lighting just so we can get out the way before were doing it in the pattern. So lets go to time lets make it nice and dark in here, and i will set the immediate switch here to nighttime lighting now. We do also have floodlights here controlled with these can help boost our brightness in the cockpit ill. Take it through to complete darkness. Here now we are parked in front of a hanger with lighting, of course, but this is fully scalable, so mouse wheel knock these fully off in terms of actual night flying and you dont have much glare on the windows at all. You have the instruments lit up to your preference. Of course, there are scalable lights with these rocker switches, so you can dim these as much as you want, which is a really nice feature. Theres a lot of depth to this aircraft lets make it daylight again because prepare your eyeballs there we go now.

Weve got the fuel pumps running here. Im going to prime our left engine im gon na go for a left engine start so clear. Prop good engine start and we have to throttle down actually, so we need to crack that open a bit more. Just let that start again get engine two starting. We have a good start lets bring this throttle up. My head turned on here and our rpm is functional and alive. Okay engine instruments are good now, of course, around 7000 for europe. I have control of my. I had the paid version, of course here the 750 from the pms50 at least. So we do have all these lovely functions im going to leave that on the flight plan page or the menu page. Who cares its the same difference either way lets look outside? Shall we engine sounds are very throaty and i do like the fact the sound very easy to go around full wise, sound texturing is rather nice in this aircraft by the way, its one thing i had to mention now it does feel worn and old, but not Overdone, which is a really nice thing um, i will say the viewpoint by standard is a quite extreme one there in terms of being high up and also far forwards, so lets knock this parking brake off enough do about talking here on the ground. Lets get this thing turned around here: lets run over annabelle over there. Excuse me, you, i told you to move 10 minutes ago and you didnt.

So this is your fault. Okay, lets taxi down here. Watch out for nelly over there set first stage flaps ready for takeoff here. Uh the aircraft behaves very nicely. I will say its a good performer, it all the controls and systems. You think, would work work exactly as you expect turn the lights off there. We dont need those get ourselves taxi down here. I love this worn, but not overdone. Look its its nice. It feels atmospherically owned now to open the windows you pop the little switch in there. Then you pull nope. I click the lock again and you will hear a note of engine difference there and wind all right lets put that back down before we get to the end of the taxiway will say the bubbly throaty note of this engine is really nice and its definitely a Sound drop when youre inside the pressurized cabin, which is realistic, its not quiet but its definitely better. Oh, that sound is so, unlike anything else, ive heard in the sim good side: visibility, okay, lets get ourselves out and about and ready to shout. We have first stage flaps already set Music lets rock and roll. Shall we that engine growl as you throttle up, sounds amazing? Okay, we are full throttle, keeping it straight. Runways, not super long here, but its long enough to pull back and climb gear coming up. Music. Flaps retracting props, coming back engines coming back feeling good were still climbing and accelerating here lets, take a look outside.

Whilst we do that. Oh hello were close, i pressed a button again and it did that locking routine Music. I should always use this camera when im in third person that work actually control the plane still Music sounds are fantastic theyre loud on the outside theyre, relatively quiet on the inside, as if youre wearing headphones and youre in a pressurized aircraft. So more than tolerable some devices do function. They are also a case of click and grab, and you can also move them to the side. Should you have the sun over there, Music nice Music aircraft works exactly as i would hope now. Lets pull our power back here and get ourselves a position where were ready for our approach, its going to be a little tight for that mountain there, so probably coming from the direction, but with calm winds. I do like a challenge and i often feel it shows the aircraft at its best. When i put some challenge in there, autopilots are functional and operational. Youve got your nav instruments. Of course, transponder systems work as intended enunciated test. We have all our lighting. The aircraft is delightfully rugged. Oh yeah, we can control lock it as well, which i wouldnt advise when youre in the air. It will not. Let you obvious reasons you dont want a control lock on when youre in the air, so im getting a warning there about the landing gear. We are slow enough. So im going to pop that down now theres a runway.

We are quite high up right now. Someones gon na let ourselves sink down and well dog like the base to final. This is not gon na, be a correct circuit, but you shouldnt be approaching from the mountainside im pretty sure, but i like doing it because its fun now the 421s were very capable aircraft. This is no different. Excuse me no different, definitely a good handling aircraft and for a twin, its got high speed, high performance, good altitude performance, its turbocharged, so youll always get exactly what you want from the aircraft. Okay were stable turn her in for final here lets. Do a bit of a banking final as we get ourselves lined up and set down here, feeling a little high up and a little quick but well see how we manage that this might necessitate to go around. Actually, no, i think, were actually looking decent right now. Airspeeds, not climbing, but losing altitude as intended, but a little more than id want so lets give it a little notch of power just to make the touchdown point. There lands like any twin, cessna, very well ground wheel. Noise is quite loud. I will say that much flaps coming up now, i will say for an introductory price 40 is pretty high, but its also a very detailed product. I can tell you that, just from my first quick read through the manual my first explore through the aircraft which i did do before, i reviewed this just to make sure i could find any of those tricky little spots and click zones, so this would be ready.

I didnt really fly it beforehand, but i did mess around with the cockpit to work out where everything was now with the manual now it it performs. Well, its sim performance is decent. Its texture quality is rather nice. I love this one, look and compare this to their widgeon that came out, which was almost a straight copy across their fsx aircraft. This is nothing like it. This is really well done. The texturing is nice. The performance is good in the sim. Its options in terms of stock, avionics and or this double gtm 750 setup is really nice in the stock version. Youll get a 530 here or here, whether radar over here and some of the navigation instruments and flight computers, including the gns 330, or the garmin 330 system, so youve got options to use whether you have this or not. Now this works with the free wear version by the way this, so you can just get the freeware gtn and use that in here full integration of this and the tds. So you have good options to use there, not a lot. I can say wrong about this aircraft honestly um, the low introductory price, followed by a higher release price is not uncommon and for what i would equate to being a relatively study level esque release. This is quite a good product and definitely worthy of that sort of pricing. You have plenty of options for what you want to actually operate in the aircraft.

Lets turn those off a second turn our mags off as well. Well head back outside briefly now. This is another thing: listen to that cooling, metal, sound yeah, thats, nice, thats, something you dont get in every aircraft and something i absolutely love really really nice feature there. Is this a get it to avoid it id say this is a pretty solid, get it if this is your kind of aircraft, if you like twins its got livery options, its got avionics options, its a great flyer. Personally, i prefer the unpressurized version.