Okay, so this thing came to me from fly Nova and it is available on amazon.com I'll leave some links below I'm gon na give some of these away on my livestream. So you're gon na want to check that out, but first of all, it's called the fly Nova it's just a little thing. You can see about the size of my hand, palm of my hand, and it has a motor in it. It has a little battery in it when you turn it on these LEDs blink and you basically throw it and catch it or play games with it. It doesn't have a remote control. You don't use an app for it. Nothing like that it's, just literally a little device that flies around the room like a UFO you're gon na, want to make sure that you don't have any cats or dogs in the room because it does Drive them kind of crazy. But let's take a look. You just spin it like that a little faster, and that turns it on and you can see when it's on you get this really cool. Looking pattern in the LEDs, I mean it just kind of creates. This pattern does different. Things gives off a nice breeze if it's a hot day, you could sit under it, but then what you can do is you can toss it in the air and catch it there we go. That was a good one toss it in the air and catch it toss it in the air and catch it toss it in the air and catch it toss it in the air and catch it.

No I've had this thing hit me in the face before, fortunately, it's completely enclosed, so the blades are not going to hurt you, but that's really kind of what you do with it. You toss it in the air and you can you try to catch it before it gets away and there it is so. The one piece of control you have over this thing is the angle at which you toss it in the air. If you toss it in the air fairly straight, it kind of just hovers and comes back down or just hovers in place. If you toss it in the air at an angle, it takes off in whatever direction you tossed it. So if you were trying to do something like get it into a trashcan for let's say you would toss it in the air, an angle and then you would, you know, aim for the trashcan and see if you can get it in the trashcan. But if you just want to catch it, the best thing to do is toss it up straight and see if you can catch it. So let me see if I can do it good toss to tape nice and straight. Oh, that was that was angled back at me, so I'm gon na angle. It forward just a little bit so we'll go to him. There we go he's gon na toss, it back and you can't be hesitant when you put your hands on it either.

If you are that's, when it gets away all right now, we're gon na see, if we can put it in the trash can over there. Oh, why does it keep going to the right? You want to try yeah all right: hey it's, gon na try, okay, I'm gon na try flying it clear across the room. See if take can catch it. Nice yeah the two hand. Catch seems the best Music. He tries Music okay, so the fly Nova, some things we learned first of all, it's strangely fun, but odd. You get to chase it around. A lot definitely drives the animals a little bit crazy. You know cats, dogs, etc, it's, very durable, the best way to catch. It is the sort of pancake like this. If you can't catch it with one hand, you want to kind of grab the top, and the bottom it's also easy to forget and put it upside down, and then it flies into the ground really hard, but these have taken we've had two of them flying around. Today and they've taken some serious abuse and are hanging in there just fine. The other thing is they just look really cool, especially when it's dark, if you, if you hold them in your fingers and you just kind of twirl them around a little bit, they make some pretty cool patterns with these lights. I think these lights are designed to go at different rates which cause different patterns to happen.

So is it absolutely necessary for a drone pilot, no it's not, but it is a lot of fun and it's. Pretty unique and it's kind of a odd little toy to play with I'd love to hear your comments below on what you think of it and what you would do with it.