This video brought to you by ren. Earlier this year we had a mega airplane crash. Well, that was actually community built with all these kids and they actually wanted my drone motors, and you know what i told them. No, you cannot have the motors the reason. Why is because im going to put them on a flying contraption this flying contraption, that we should probably show you how i built Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, whoa dave check it out 50 of my greatest fans. Okay, im gon na put this on? Oh its! So lightweight its not how the perimeter performs its, how cool it looks. This looks so stupid were gon na have to go to field tests, because when you run with a paramotor, you inflate it above your head and those strings come up, but the strings are laying on the ground beforehand. Now i have to see if those strings are going to hit this cage and get tangled up in my propellers or break the cage or something so i might need to put guide rods on them or it might not, because they might be far enough that i Think i might be able to do this lets go to the field because only one way to check this out Music. So the next logical step is to see if i can get the wing to do the same thing and you know step over my head, because if i know you can do that, if i had a little bit of power, i fly its not done yet.

But i want to test it today: im just gon na try to run for it and see what happens with the lines were golden. I think i can slide it. It looks like the strings come up just fine, its such a short cage, either with my tiny little wingspan with that out of the way and the lines coming out successfully its time to add the batteries and the rc controller, to control all these motors and do Best to test this out, then tucker got the risky biscuits guy himself and his friend judson so were going to take these batteries on because they dont have time to build the proper battery mounts. Dont worry im going first Laughter, i said not, but land theyre here for just a day, so im going to get this thing done then were gon na head to the airfield for very, very brief, very fast made in flight boy. Im really really glad right now that this is not essential to the safety of this machine. And what i mean by that is that this whole perimoto propeller thing could actually fall off or catch on fire, and i would actually be fine because i didnt build the wing and i didnt build the harness. Those are two factory bot things so were totally fine. Thats so loud it does push thats a horrible sound. It is very loud Music. This is not the proper controller, but its all. I had right now, and that is an e foil controller and im going to tape that thing to my arm, because we have no proper way of you know securing that thing to the paramotor, so its just wireless Music lets do the first test flight of the Worlds: jankiest sketchiest, electric pair motor ive, never rushed a maiden this bad for any of my flying contraptions, but i feel pretty good about this.

One dont try this at home definitely definitely dont do any of this at home. This is bad. This is not a good example, but i had some pro pilots here: tucker got and judson, which are both trained paramore people that super know what theyre doing so, im totally fine doing this in front of them and, of course, im going to blow my first launch. Tuckers giving me some quick pointers because ive only done a handful of launches up to now. This is like probably my 20th flight and, of course, its going to be one of my homemade contraptions, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause Applause. It takes a little more power than i thought it would so. I was just kind of scared to really peg it because im not really quite sure. I want to check the temperatures. Oh god i cant let go of the throttle, oh its just like fairly warm. Okay with that flat out of the way it is now time to let tucker and judson tried to fly this thing, crap racing the prop yeah thats great, oh god, look at this one. Oh lets fix that with some duct tape, real fast and then well go again. Tucker weighs, i think he weighs like 155, maybe 160. okay hes definitely heavier than i am. I weigh a buck 35 and judsons. Definitely the lightest out of all of us. This is the first aviation contraption that i ever made that anyone else has flown.

But if you have or experienced pilots just tucker got, we should go check out here in the youtube link below how does it feel letting someone else buy your craft? I didnt make the hardness of the wings, so i i feel pretty okay about something else is liable for that part. Cant hurt yourself too bad. I dont think dont put your hands in the propellers thats fine, i cant drop. It well see how she works. Tucker. Barely makes it across the runway – oh, oh, he yeah. He, he just runs and skedaddles down the whole thing. Oh hes going for it. It maybe needs a little more power. Also. I should probably note that only 49 of the motors are currently running for all these tests. Uh in esc blew up and well just leave it at that. So i need to add more motors to it its not quite enough for your average pilot im a little bit of a lightweight, so so it does fly. But i expect a little more out of it, though, to be honest, like i expected a little more whoosh, but its just barely enough. I have like a detonator on my hand: oh wow thats, a weird feeling and judson surprisingly, he makes it out the furthest. He actually does a full lap thats, the most bizarre sound ever and then the batteries die and the speaking doors start to reinitialize. That had to be one of the weirdest experiences ive ever had before, with tucker and judson both gone on their trip.

Its now time to actually put the spare motor together for what i want to do. I need to put the battery compartments on and some bigger motors, to get a little more thrust, because i want to fly with a lower power setting, so lets go and go down to georgia. The reason im going down to georgia is because i actually trained with one of adventures. They were the people that taught me how to fly paramotors, and i wanted to get their reactions to this flying machine. Its not often that you send your student off to fly and they return with their own flying contraption, thats, hot glue, duct tape and 3d printed together, Music. So the first launch i have these new motors on top and kyle was up. He was one of the people that taught me how to fly and hes going to try to launch this thing with the new drone rotors on top the thing is, i actually meant to attach these ducts onto it, but my 3d printer had a lot of problems And wouldnt really quite make these, so i ran out of time and well. We dont worry about the ducks right now and uh. After a few launches, we figured out this wasnt quite working and we just took the cage off and we just used the normal 50 drone motors. One thing that totally changed and threw everything off was i added a new remote to this.

I had the boat controller earlier and that puts out enough signals to go from zero to full throttle. Basically, it was calibrated for zero to one hundred percent throttle this new throttle i put on, however, did not do that. It wasnt exactly calibrated for this, so i sent kyle and justin across the field and maybe 70 power, and they got the work out of their lives. The next day i figured all this out. Yes, yes, i did indeed, i recalibrated for full power and of course it flew just fine now and the next attempt kyle was actually able to fly Music Applause, Music Applause, bye, Music. How does it feel to fly the longest time in the air, with my homemade death trap? Actually once youre in the air, it was pretty awesome the little bit of wind helped. I was just surprised that i was able to go back downwind yeah. That was awesome and then turn around have some fun its fine. If you run fast enough once youre in the air, its fine youll just land anyway, so that was a ton of fun. I love you know getting people to fly this thing, because boy is this thing something different its definitely like the lightest. Paramount youll ever probably put on your back but thats, because it only has like five minute run time and its made out of drone parts Music. But i need to fly because ive never put together a flying machine that more people that float have flown than.

I have so lets. Go fly Music, this horrible, miserable cold ohio day were off. Oh no, it appears my drone motor is falling off in one of my ducks time to land all right. I had to make a slight emergency landing. The beautiful thing about redundancy is when you lose one. You have more like having multiple kids when one gets hit by a bus. You have multiples like this see, look one of my children. They fell off, see i could have kept cheese in it, but im like i want to save these components, but, oh boy, so that was an interesting flight, probably the shortest. I really want to go a bit longer, but some of the screws came out. I definitely locked that one but uh. I guess the loctite wasnt that good. We wanted a little more shots here, but we didnt quite get them. I made this crappy follow cam in like five minutes. It needs some adjustment because whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa better than that it was pretty cool. I think im gon na set this thing aside now and im gon na build a real electric power motor later with higher quality components. It was a pretty crazy experience just flying this thing around, because ive never really made a flying machine, paramotor style thing, and it was quite a bit of a learning experience but yeah its kind of crazy. It worked. You can fly on 50 drone motors, oh yeah, youre, probably wondering about the ducks well.

This is a very good case of putting the cart before the horse. Heres. Why i printed the duck, then i realized i made a mistake. The propeller gap is too large. Luckily, someone had really good eyes on instagram and mentioned that too bad im, not gon na, do anything about it, because i really already printed a bunch of the ducks and i figured well just go and roll with it. I mean i want the promotion for the protection, but i should actually put them on the scale heres. What i found out without the propellers in the ducts, it was actually a little bit more efficient and made a little more thrust. This is awful. Typically, this is really a case of not having the prop clearance close to the wall, which is generally what you want with ducts, but because its such a sketchy thing, it moves around a little bit. So i didnt want to make them too tight, but i really should have made them a bit tighter Music. Oh, i should also mention this is probably the worst electric vehicle there possibly is in comparison. Electric bikes are much more efficient and get you much further per watts per mile. This is the hemi way e fat tire bike. Its got a huge electric motor 750 watts, a big lithium battery, and it goes for miles and miles and miles. But unfortunately, i cant ride the bike everywhere and i have to rely on my internal combustion vehicle car to get me from place to place thats.

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