Supposedly. The air 2s is supposed to work with these at some point, but currently that is not the case. It doesnt but were going to try the og mavic mavic pro and original mavic goggles Music Applause. Now these use the original ocusync and occusync 2 protocols to work with the original mavic pro and the mavic 2. ive used it on both of those but um. The new mavic 3 has 03, which is the latest version of ocusync, which i dont think is compatible. So what were going to do is plug in the remote control, which is this is the rc pro which has a on the bottom here. That is a mini hdmi output and were going to plug into these, which has a micro hdmi input. So its not a regular hdmi on either end and you can get a mini to micro, cable, but i dont have one currently if this works im going to order one. But what im going to try is taking this, which is a mini. The mini is the one thats slightly smaller than a standard hdmi. The micro is the one thats really tiny. That goes in, like a gopro im going to take this guy put it into the remote control, use a coupler on the other end with the regular sized hdmi and couple it to this guy, which is a regular size standard hdmi. I think its called an hdmi a to the micro hdmi, which is right here, so this, let me show you real quick.

Let me find the end of this thing, its like a got to hold it by the tail, so it doesnt punch you all right. This is the mini hdmi right there, micro hdmi, so this one will go into the uh goggles. This one will go into the remote control, so lets give it a try. I have been waiting to try this for a while, so there thats in this is still on and and for anybody whos flying any sort of goggles, be careful when youre in the sun so that you dont accidentally place the lens facing the sun, because the diopters In the lens will burn holes in your display and cause little divots, so youll see right there boom that goes in off comes the hat on goes the goggles. These have been sitting in my garage for a while. These are actually pretty cool. I remember when these first came out. I was just blown away by them and thats on. If this works, i will get a less um klujie set up and less less length, because we dont need 18 feet of cable to make this work. Okay, all right so were gon na loosen these and tilt them down under the settings. There is an hdmi input button which currently says hdmi disconnected, but that might be because i might have to change a setting in this to output hdmi safety. So these are all these are all drone settings im trying to figure out if theres a setting on this remote that will allow me to output via hdmi so im, seeing an image now, oh im, seeing an image now i can see the entire display all right.

So i know i look really cool right now with my with my long cable hanging off here, but this is super cool im going to do my first flight using the goggles on the mavic 3.. Now again, my recommendation would be to buy a goggle or buy a cable that is mini to hdmi, mini to hdmi micro im, adjusting the um diopters for my eyes, yeah, and then you can accidentally hit a lot of buttons on this thing, cause a lot of Menus to come up so, okay, there we go all right. So lets give this a try here with these goggles on. I can just fly super precise because i can see really well im totally focused on it im doing a nice orbit of those lights right now and im doing it pretty pretty well for just doing it by hand doing it manually and then lets see. Theres, a bird up there on top of the lights. I think let me zoom in on that bird, so i guess i have to. I can see the heads up display here. I guess i have to actually tip these up to be able to see that button. So i can zoom in so that is a downside. So look at that. Oh my goodness. I mean that is like literally, you can see the texture in that metal and lets see if i tilt up a little bit im going to zoom back out to regular there.

We go lets, throw this guy in sport mode and zip around a little bit. So lets see. Support is like that: okay, sport mode and going forward. I see a bird over there, Music hes, definitely flying away from me, but im staying on him pretty well Music. It is a little bit like chasing with the fpv goggles and im 300 meters away 43 meters up chasing this bird. Oh he just zipped around me there he is. This is really cool. Im glad i held on to these its at one point id actually considered. Maybe uh getting rid of the goggles, but also just to be clear. I can see the entire heads up display. I can see my altitude, my distance uh, my Music battery left. All that stuff is showing up here in the goggles, so its basically the same thing that i see on the rc is what i see here all right. So, im pretty happy about this because, like i said, ive had these goggles forever, i considered getting rid of them, but i actually really kind of like the fact that you can see on a bright sunny day as well as you can with these goggles. My experience with these goggles from back in the day they have a very long battery life once you adjust all these things, this thing kind of just so you know this thing kind of sits down on your head like so like it doesnt go straight, it should Go down at an angle: you loosen it until its down like that and then you tighten it and then it pulls the goggles right up against your face and you get a little bit of light leak, but its really not that bad.

And then you can actually take these and pop them up like that. So if you want to look super cool, you can do that. But all it is, is an hdmi mini to hdmi micro and im gon na just get one cable thats about three feet. Long thatll do this! So i right now, though, i have the adapters and i just have a coupler going between two standard hdmi. So theres your three different sizes of hdmi theres theres, the standard, what i call mini and what i call micro. I think thats right id love to hear your thoughts about the original goggles and flying fpv with the dji rc pro uh im. Pretty excited that you can do it also. One thing that i should note is that, while youre flying the screen here is still lit up – and the screen in here is lit up, so youve got a display on both its mirrored. So if you wanted to give someone else the goggles to where, while you flew, they could see what you were flying. So if you had a client that wanted to see what you were doing, they could see exactly what youre doing without having to look over your shoulder. As a matter of fact, i am filming at a hospital later this afternoon. I think im gon na do this. There you go uh comment below.