Can you this is for manual no yeah. Can you show that manual? What are the instructions they are given? This is for connecting the wire. This is usb cable for charging. This is how we on off switch. They given usb charging cable. This is how we uh open this. How we draw the ball? Okay, Music. I dont know you dont know this, maybe its remote. Ah, this is remote. Yes, there is all known owning there is on off, switch see this box. What are the return is happen? Flying spinner the most trick out flying spinner six plus edge. They can use this for a dynamics. Rgb light rgb light means red, green blue, the three color of lights, uh, it will be appear for this light for uh. You know, jio rose spear abner. What is zero spear, and that means when you catch this, it will be stop. This is sensitive. You need to on this list. You know how to on this its a small switches they are given. They are so hard what they made, how they are made just to see this look its like inside two fans. Are there and inside one more time, but no, not two fans yeah yeah, but also this uh? This is not metal, at least in golden. This is actually a red, and this is what um plastic is not actually metal. This is a flexible fiber. The design from outer layer is fiber, but if it becomes broke thats it no its not broke, they descend from some safety precaution measurement, they fall.

You know, fall down resident, their proof is there. It will not get damaged when you, when you want on you, you have to use your small finger. Can you hold the mobile? I will show you out on you. You have to press your finger, rotate, the small pointer. Is there on off switch now now we need to do like this if we on we Music Music. So please subscribe welcome to my channel and i finish the channel and i charge this – is black cable and the red color, but please dont tell this green color. Blue, this is already red: okay, next to toys, review Music.