This man is a genius, probably an idiot for doing this perfect Music. Yes, youre doing it. Are you serious if you guys, arent familiar peter schrippel on youtube absolute legend? His videos are primarily around making things engineering concepts. A lot of them have to do with flight, like hes built several ultralights himself, and if you dont know peter just learned how to fly pear motors, and i happened to be on his instagram the other day and he had this crazy. 25 ducted fan paramotor creation that he built and i hit him up and i was like: hey, were actually coming through your neighborhood like tomorrow. Im, like is it cool if we come by and hes like yeah im, actually trying to test fly it tomorrow, so thats the goal thats, where were going to be in like four hours im, hoping the weathers good im, hoping his creation actually gets him in the Air, it sounds like he hasnt test phone it yet im hoping we get to fly it theres. A lot of variables at play were gon na see what happens its gon na be an adventure nonetheless join along check out the risky biscuits, co merch as always, and uh join us for the adventure all right, its shockingly cool. Are you amped up to see what happens when i turn some puns Music Music thats, like two thirds of the throttle, thats, not full. It sounds smooth because the problem is like im getting ready to pull like cords in here.

So i dont really have to get this this thing at full power. Its gon na probably be really stupid. Is that the good duct tape? This is actually bad, duct tape. This is duck brand duct tape, ive not had super great experiences with them. I, like 3m or gorilla duct tape better, but this will work perfect for tonight, so ive screwed up and uh. Actually, while the printer screwed up – and i dont have the mounts done yet, but i want to go fly so temporarily – were going to tape the batteries onto the frame as the solution for tonight. So we can get a quick test flight i mean. Worse comes the worse, the batteries fall off and you know you just land, you just lose power yeah its not like. This is an actual flying machine and its not gon na its. Not even like a real issue like if this whole backpack fell off. You wouldnt die yeah thats, why? I feel a lot a lot more challenging about doing dumb stuff. All the structural components are legitimate, yeah, thats, all thats, all legit stuff, so the rest of its just some homemade trash. This is also really sketchy too, because ive never put this. Many single pwm signals on one little line, because the pdm signal controls the speed controller, which is sent to signals to all these typically, its mostly rc planes and people put like up to, like i dont know, eight or whatever.

This is 50 in one little spot. It works, i think its gon na fly. I think i think, im pretty sure that was like just two out of nine on the throttle scale. As long as like the thrust line and the hang point and everything like a line should be right right all right. Im gon na go ahead and get we need to get the throttle working once the throttle is working. We just hang points and were good to go perfect. That looks like a straight up jet pack, all right its so lightweight, though its like its just like a school backpack. You might be onto something here. My hank setup is a little janky. It like leans to the right or the left, depending on which way you face yeah scoot up like scoot all the way back all the way back is that thats all thats the whole way back honestly will be fine. Do you think, okay thats? What i want to hear decently legitly trash you might want earplugs, Music, thats, a horrible, sound whats happening here: okay yeah here that was like very cool yeah all right, so we are on the way to an airfield. We just stopped at peters. Shop took a look at the paramotor and he finished up some final pieces of the puzzle. Impressions on it, i love everything about it, its just the right balance of like sketchy and questionable, but also could work really really well.

I super appreciate peter having us and like being involved in this whatsoever, and yeah were gon na go over. The the scoop is that this paramotor should have theoretically 10 minutes of battery power, so peters going to test it first as he should, and he said, hes just going to do a lap around the pattern and if it works, he said judson and i are both Welcome to take it around for a lap as well. So let me just tell you if i witness peter take off the ground and it works, as were all hoping im gon na freak out. There might be some cursing in this video, but well deserved onward and upward Applause. Music, Music. I think hes good yeah. This man is a genius, oh something, probably an idiot for doing this. Well, they had these motors and i figured why not thats all you need to know theres, no other reason for doing this: Music yeah its got some some juice. Should i take this on. I would honestly okay, look at that hand. I should probably put my helmet and stuff famous last words. I should probably get my helmet huh because it is verifiably sketchy. Okay, all right lets do the first test flight of the worlds jankiest sketchiest, electric car motor lets say the experts. I think, shes, like a small snag hazard, its looking good. So far, all right ready, keep your arms wide and shell be good.

Music! Perfect! Are you serious Music keep her climbing, oh hes, hitting the sink Music? I think hes going to the soybeans yo. I think hes in the rotor on the downwind side of those trees, yeah downwind keeper, climbing, oh Music hes – got it hes, good, Music, everything, Applause, Applause, Music, incredible, yes, Laughter, oh its just like fairly warm. That was insane most insane thing. How did it sound? It sounded good from here all right who wants to try it next im down it looked like you were kind of getting like sync and youre, just like getting like up and down a little bit im, not sure how far youll be able to make it, because I mean just try to nail it, but if you have to land just dump it, i dont really care about the camera. Just save yourself, dont worry about it, epic content easier. I like it. Okay, so whats the best way to undo this. I got ta stop my break. That was incredible. I could see like, like some of the ducks would move around a little bit on fire yeah its not far yet yeah initial impressions. That was insane, the the climb rate was like he was going up and down with the turbulence, and i was scared when he was gon na turn downwind, but then, when he cleared the hangar – and i ran over here, i was like hell: yeah hes got it. So now, im gon na take her first bin im gon na get my helmet thing is.

I weigh probably like 20 pounds more than peter, so it might be interesting, see how she goes there you go. This is the first aviation contraption that i ever made that anyone else has flown its very weird, but it does it. How does it feel letting someone else buy your craft? I didnt make the hardest in the wing, so i i feel pretty okay about someone else. Is liable for that part yeah dont put your hands in the propellers and try it real, quick behind me, Music. Okay, i think itll work dont, touch the bottle tape that there or go under okay, yeah thats, fine, thats, fine, oh yeah, youre comfortable with that. I cant drop it Music. I dont know if hes got a beans making around oh hes, going for it yeah hes gon na land. I think Laughter, oh peter, you are a genius that was amazing buddy, so i need to add more motors to it. Its not quite enough for your average pilot im a little bit of a lightweight, so i didnt want to try the downwind turn. I literally had to jump into the air. Did you see that yeah you flew it? I blew an electric fair motor yeah 50 motors at once. It worked, it needs more power. Ive got to do something about that. The first bit i was like this isnt going to work, and then i got a little altitude like i pushed off yeah.

I was going to make the turn, but im like id, probably end up in the soybeans thats sick, all right, some concluding thoughts. First off. I want to give a huge thank you to peter for all the hospitality and just the opportunity to fly this super unique paramotor my thoughts and impressions on this whole concept. I think its awesome ive always wanted to do things like this, but ive just never had the time or the skill or anything to make it happen. So im super grateful that peter, let me fly his contraption. Obviously, at my weight about 20 pounds heavier than peter, i didnt do quite as well, but if you guys havent, seen peters full video, i highly recommend you check it out ill put it linked in the description. He shows a lot more flight footage of other pilots flying this exact machine and it was really cool aside from that here. On out on this trip, weve got a ton more adventures going through the salt flats going through moab and phoenix arizona. Stay tuned ive got a lot of footage to go through and im stoked to share it with you guys hope you enjoyed this episode.