So this is a dawn which i was recording with. So this is the camera. It has a 4k camera at 30 frames per second. However, it only works if you have an sd card insert inside and if you don’t have an sd card inserted inside, it will automatically be at 1080p at 60 frames per second with your phone. So with my drone, it doesn’t have a gimbal, but it has eis, which is basically electronic image stabilization. So what this does is when it’s really windy outside and the drone is really windy. It electronically stabilizes the footage so that it’s not shaky when you upload it. So if you guys were wondering the price of this drone was about 200 on amazon and we also got a discount of it with a coupon. So the flight time for this drone is about 20 minutes and the battery here’s the battery. It takes about three hours to charge. However, i actually like this battery, because it’s type c so it’s compatible with most smartphone chargers and also macbook chargers, all right guys. So this is the remote for the drone and basically how you open. The back side is like this, so this is so you can hold the remote better like this, basically like a game controller, and these are antennas for better range and over here, if you guys are wondering it’s a smartphone holder, so you can just open this up And you put your smartphone inside all right guys, so now let’s talk about the actual expects of the controller itself.

So when you turn on this controller, this is how you slide it on to turn it on. It makes that sound and basically, if the drone itself was connected to the controller, it would have the battery symbol for the for the drone. Another thing i wanted to talk about this controller is that on the side here it has gps on and off. So basically, what this does is, if you turn it on uh the range for the controller increases, and then it can remotely control with the drone and another feature that it has is over here when you move this, the camera, like the proportion, actually moves on your Smartphone and over here – and this is like just a regular button for the camera and then, if you hold long press on it, then it will take a video recordings. Okay, so the way you actually turn on the drone itself is that you have to have your battery inserted in already then over here on the battery. It has these buttons, you hold it so that means it’s on and if you see these lights, that means they’re ready for calibration and you have to connect it to your smartphone to calibrate the drone itself. So now that the controller is connected to the drone itself, it will show this battery symbol for the drone, which means it’s connected and over here. This is a symbol for calibration for the drone which you can only do with a smartphone and if you’re wondering what this symbol does so once you start the drone and you connect it to the controller, you have to press this to actually start the motors of The drone to start them running – and this is just like a safety lock in case a kid presses it by accident and gets hurt by the blades, which are very like sharp.

So after you press this, the blades will start rotating, and then you press this button to take off and that’s it and to actually control the drone itself. Well so this is to elevate like to go higher and higher and it’s just to go down, and these are for, like the movements left right up down like basically all around and also to mention this ladder, actually does nothing it’s just for look, so they just Made it like that to look like this, but like, as i was saying before this actually controls like the camera orientation. So when i do that it’ll move the camera orientation. So when i bought this drone, i was looking at other drones, but they’re actually too expensive. Such as, like the holy stone s 720e, that basically looks identical to this drone, but it’s a little more expensive, because the camera has better stabilization, but overall, the best budget drone has to be this drone. This drone is the best budget phone for under 200 dollars and it has an amazing camera and it has amazing stabilization for that price. It has a really good controller, but is also the same controller as the holy stone, controller and yeah that’s about it, and i also forgot to mention how this drone you actually need a permit to drive it. So this is the permit, and basically you need this. Permit because any drone that is over 0.55 lbs, you need a permit to drive in public areas, otherwise the police might give you a ticket or your drone might get confiscated so yeah.