Hopefully, everyone is doing well and youre having a safe and happy holiday season, im here in flushing, surrounded by amazing food and my moms homegrown tomatoes and right now, its my favorite time of year, its almost christmas, almost my birthday and its almost new years, and if Youre asian you get two new years coming up so got in a few days ago. Gon na stay here for a little bit before heading off to puerto rico. Gon na spend christmas over there. Of course, flying from la to new york tried out the jetblue mint experience. I havent done a flight review video in maybe a year in this flight, pretty amazing anyway, before we get to that and before i start today, i got a long drive ahead of me and the sponsor of this video magic spoon, Music in todays, flavor, cookies and Cream, i think dish and maple has only become my favorite cereal flavors and, of course, ive been talking about how awesome magic spoon is for about a year. Now i told you guys before i am absolutely obsessed with cereal. So, to this day cannot walk down to cereal aisle in a grocery store too tempting. As much as i love cereal on my age, i cant just be eating empty carbs and bowl of sugar all the time, because i i really have no self control, i will eat the whole box. I will eat multiple boxes in one setting so about a year ago before i partnered with magic smells looking for cereal, that tasted good and will make me feel so much self regret after eating it.

I found this, i ordered it. I tried it been eating it ever since so typically ill eat this in the morning, a lot of times for dinner, when i dont want anything heavy, so ill eat. This grab a handful of cashews and thats, pretty much my dinner. What i love about this is: not only does it taste good, its got zero grams of sugar 13 to 15 grams of protein per serving. I need a lot of protein, for you know this also only 140 calories and fortinet carbs per serving theyre also gluten free grain, free soy, free, low carb. If youre on the keto diet, its kiddo friendly. Also, they got tons of great flavors like the classic cocoa fruity frosty blueberry. They also often do limited time flavors, like i said, my new flavors, cookies and cream and maple waffle. Also what i love about magic spoon. They have a 100 happiness guarantee. So if you dont love it for whatever reason get your money back. So if you want to give this, try use my link down below and get yourself some cereal. Today, you can build your very own variety box. If you use my promo called mikey chan. Youll get five dollars off. Also if you live in canada in the uk, they now ship there too, all right im, gon na finish, eating ignition now enjoy the video Music good morning heading back to new york from lax. Today i havent done a flight video in a long long time, so today, im going to try jetblues mint, which supposed to have great food on this trip, also a a guest seat by my i dont even know what it is lets check it out together: Music, Its shiny ginormous, what let me give you a tour.

First of all its so pretty a little lamp here hold to release sweet door. You have a door here that will close it sets. Is so nice plug outlet, seat control right here you can ask for privacy. Oh mood, ambiance. I think i accidentally pushed this flight 10 button did me to do that. I dont know what this moon ambiance is. Nothing is really changing. Maybe after you take off, take off lay flat remote control, heres the seat giant pillow with a blanket inside. So this is the guest seat, your guest seat leg rest, so someone could just come and hang out with you right like right over here. Another lamp here: what is this storage for your bottles? Headphones? Oh theres, a lot of water here, oh wireless charging! This is the table. You got a giant tv that im sure it pulls out. Oh, this is a tray to store your other stuff. Second outlet window. Of course, look at this travel pack. I havent got one of these. In a while hand, cream socks theres this large body wipe supposed to maybe go to a bathroom and just wipe yourself down. Maybe moisturizer lotion, electrolyte mix, immunity, gummy and face spray face mist spray. Oh, i think i found some good reading material right here. The menu cocktails coffee and tea from brooklyn roasting company espresso drip coffee, different types of tea. Oh parting, gift of chocolate covered cashews. Okay, here we go small plates choose three of five chopped: salad, theres, a burrata, warm tomato, tart, sea trout and some chicken choose three or five dessert is vanilla.

Gelato the sea trout is a sustainable atlantic fish with a delicate, flavor and texture. So i dont know whether choosing three or five means that i can get the trout and the chicken. If thats the case, i would just get a warm tomato, tart, sea, trout and the chicken ill. Let you know hi, are you comfortable here? Did you look at that? No did you look at this? Look at it, its pretty cool whats, a large body weight its exactly what it sounds like its a large body weight. So you could, i guess you could take a take, a kind of a shower in here yeah. I didnt see this either a whole big cabinet for oh put your shoes in here. The only thing this thing is lacking: slippers, Music. You were the guy with your friends at the doorway, pretending that you had the time of your life. Had we met before and seen a lot of snacks. A lot of drinks feature movie suicide squad, hbo holiday, classics, showtime, true tv awesome, a lot of holiday movies. Oh classic, i was just thinking what could be so inappropriate about when harry met. Sally then remember the cast deli scene. So basically, what this control does? It controls the color of your length. So here it turns blue. It turns back to yellow and it can make it lighter or darker Music. This is the trout. Oh, that is delicious. Lets try this so tip it a little bit of crispy things on top, the sauce is spicy its creamy so far so good.

This is a tomato tart with basil with basil and goat cheese. This chicken is tender too. Sauce is a combination of olives and tomatoes and celery. This is definitely not your average domestic first class food items. I mean this is something you would happily see. Oh, my god, hot oil. This is food. You will happily see on any business class or first class on any international trip. Music yeah, definitely better with a hot oil, also check it out. Instead of a shawl salt, shaker sea salt flakes and like a little tin can fish could use a little salt everything so fancy and good Music dessert, vanilla, gelato or some kind of granola and raspberry shot well. This many experience is pretty awesome. I almost wish my flight was longer than just four hours: Music whoa thats elaborate but thats the creepiest santa ive ever seen in my life, Music just got to new york and uh walking through diker heights. If you guys dont know, dyker heist is a neighborhood in brooklyn new york city every year around christmas time they put up with the most insane christmas decorations, nothing says going around in the winter. Looking at christmas lights, then ice cream truck. How are you neighbors to some of these houses enough, like feel like you, have to just deck your house completely off for christmas? Look at this Music the next day, steakhouse time i havent, seen this guy in a while whats up buddy whats up buddy is everything good.

Everything is good man. You dont see your friends as much. How often do you see friends, never man youre, like my best friend, i see like once a year like once, every two years, thats so depressing, i know. Do you miss those guy trips days when you just hang out all day? Those are fun for the wives and the kids before wives yeah before wires, and you got two kids now yeah. Now i got responsibilities well anyway. Uh, where is this place called palm spring? Terrace yeah its a steakhouse, but why do they give us chopsticks man? I dont know but im using them for steak. The river palm terrace river palm towers yeah, but do we use them for baking im using it for bacon? Why Music? We got two giant steaks coming steaks have a ride. You guys ready got. We got a tomahawk right here. We got a rib eye right there, thats a nice flintstones that is nice. There. You go its got a beautiful phone here. This is the ribbon nice that work for you works for me, maam, Music, first time on the city. If i can launch them anyway, do you want to shoot for huffa the new hotpot kit from in ill put a link down below if you guys want to grab one? This is really awesome. You and me hop out tonight, and can i open this one yeah its full of everything you need for a hot pot right here, including a pot and everything else that you want.

Ladles chopsticks aprons everything everything you need for hot pot tonight, uh link down below Music whoa. What happened? This was all dining room good morning day, three in new york, i know i was just kind of filming bits and pieces of whats gon na happen. The last few days, but just getting a lot of work done visiting family. I know i just had steak yesterday, but i had to try this place out again. I was here when it first opened videos still playing its a chinese barbecue place in the heart of flushing, so really wanted to take christine here today. Are you excited youre? Not that excited. Are you excited? Are you hungry? We just drink a giant protein shake because we couldnt find anything else to eat for breakfast. How many calories was that 1700 calories there are way better foods to spend 1700 calories on. I remember really liking their little dishes. Look at this three little side dish. They give you like marinated beef with chilies. Also, i remember their pickled veggies were really really good. These are excellent here at places like this. I always like to order enough meat. Where i get a warning from the winner saying, i ordered too much meat thats. When i know i wanted enough meat, let me hold this for a second. This is the entire cow. Well, not really, but its a plate shaped like an entire cow, with different cuts of meat on here i love the presentation of this place to start cooking the fat on the grill Music uh.

How good is that and thats your mouth? Oh thats buttery a little chili and cumin thats all you need with that meat a little bit of finger ribs. I love going for a fatty piece of steak, its just so buttery and nice, but if you want something with a little bit of a more intricate flavor, try out chinese barbecue. Well, this place is more of a combo between like a japanese korean and a chinese barbecue Music. This piece, a little tougher, oh, that fatty flavor is nice in that beach, hmm tons of fat in there all right, maybe i might have over watered just a little bit. This is the second platter that we got do you think we got too much meat? No such thing youre right, youre right. What was i thinking Music and cut lovely little chart? Actually i love a lot hard slightly little chew and just melt your mouth paper thin brisket thats, my favorite any barbecue. This is something christine doesnt like, but i love a thick piece of tongue hung is so incredibly juicy its not always the most tender piece of meat, but the texture is so good. Almost like a crunchy texture. I like that they just switched the grill gon na jump onto this dish, check it out sichuan, peppercorns and garlic over fatty beef belly. Oh wow, all right! All right is that the best thing we ordered, i think so right you inhaled the garlic.

No regrets wow! You dont need anything with this. This is perfect. I wish yeah thatd be cool if they gave us a sauce. Should we just cook the other meats on this sauce? Look at the marbling on this meat were gon na cook this on that garlic, peppercorn sauce. This is the best looking of all the meats on the platter. The marbling is so pretty. Oh, i should that garlic thing a little cumin and chilies, so freaking amazing yeah that garlic one must try when you get here all right, one platter down one giant rib to go. This is a rib platter. Different cuts of rib look how fat this is in a giant bowl right here, some scallions, some slice really thin a few moments later, thats my first time back after coming here right before they opened last time. So, first time, sticking to your experience, you like this right plus everybodys just so nice. They changed our grill like every three minutes. The detail is awesome. Foods awesome, meats, great highly recommended whoa these tomatoes, my mom, is growing, looks good, thats, a beautiful tomato. Oh, she got creeps as well anyways the holiday season right now. I got something really important to do before christmas. Im gon na upload, a video about that later and im not sure when this video is gon na get published, but merry christmas and happy holidays. Everybody hope youre staying safe, hope you had a good year.