Could you turn your your your device? That way, maybe did it work last time when i did this, oh did it. Oh, i don’t know. Oh there. It goes excellent, very good, yeah, it’s working, okay, okay, sweet, hey! Listen before i start look what came in the mail? Oh if i didn’t think it was going to get there because it had an american flag on it. Awesome yeah! It just came last morning. So when i, when i got out the house oops when i got the house, they hand it up to me: oh that’s, wonderful yeah, i i uh philippe won some freewell filters. Uh, but free will said nah we don’t we don’t ship there. I was like what sorry i am on a mobile mobile phone and it just falls well so here it is from china. You cannot send anything here, but you can send it from us. So it’s weird like we can have somebody buy something from amazon and then send it to us, and it arrives about maybe a month later but from china. Nothing comes here even though the chinese own iran, oh weird and and uh what’s, the deal with the the time being 30 minutes off than the rest of the world what’s. Up with that, i have no clue. I have listen. Our date is 500, so i’m, not sure what’s going on that’s right, it’s only 1400. There yeah, we are not in 2021, it is for 1 400.

. Oh okay, well yeah go ahead! Well, because in in united states or in western uh world, they go it’s based on jesus or something i’m, not sure. Well, when did it start to counting? Here we count from the day that the prophet went from one city to another city, right it’s. I think it’s, you know it’s a bc and a.d for the rest of exactly right. Okay, and i can understand why iran wouldn’t want to get along with that. But uh you’ve got an amazing story of how now you’re you’re an iranian national. You were born there. Yes, i was born here and and uh. Then what happened? You went away. You came to the united states and now you’re back there. Can you give us that story very quickly, yeah sure? Well, my dad is russian and my dad is a second generation. So my grandfather came from russia during the nikolai came to iran as an officer, and then he basically made state here with my my dad and my uncle and my aunt and then they my dad married my mom and i was born in tehran, iran and around Nine years old i they sent me away to germany. I was in germany for about 10 years and then i decided to go to united states, utah salt lake city so and i went to salt lake – got married, lived there pretty much. I mean i moved around. I lived six years in key west florida and then a year in phoenix a couple years in salt lake city and then about five years ago.

My mom was sick and she couldn’t travel anymore. So i decided to come here. I didn’t have no password, i mean i had nothing that it would show that i’m iranian except that’s in my american passport, says national anti iran, and then i says: okay, i want to go to iran and they’re like well. You can’t get in but get hang out. That’S we don’t know it’s gon na happen or not so i said: it’s okay, i mean it’s my mom, my mom is six that i have to see her and then i decided i came to iran and it wasn’t it was. I mean you know: i was about 24 hours in the airport to make sure that’s. Why am i? Why am i here? Why is my name flee? Why i speak farsi and everything else, but then they let me go and i stayed with my mom and then i decided to come back to us and i met a woman and i got married and i stayed that’s an amazing story. So you speak farsi, english and german and german. Yes, what uh do? Do you find occasion to speak english in tehran, a lot or no yeah a lot? Yeah a lot i mean during the i mean there’s, a lot of iranian that’s go back and forth or studied in america, and then they come back here i speak. I have two kids in salt lake city. I speak with them.

No i do i do. I spend a lot and what happened is it’s, a friend of my mom it’s, a very well known director. I mean it’s like the biggest direction i ran and then he said you want to act in one of my movies and i’m like sure as a foreigner and i’m like sure why not and that’s that was my beginning and then acting in the iranian world, because I never acted before um i mean i only so far have been either a british spy or an american spy on a russian spy, but so you’re you’re a villain, i’m i’m, always a villain i’m, always even but here’s. The funny it’s i’m dividing, like godfather everybody, loved the godfather, even though he was the villain right and here it’s like that too, my my uh, my acts are such of you know. People start liking me like in the street. They called me by. You know one of them. I was edward denzel. I was a british act and, like hey edward, how are you doing you know you want to take a picture and so it’s i’m, the goodwill in here? Okay, so uh you’re you’re an actor and a photographer and uh photography, yeah and yeah, and i well three years ago i became known with the drone world and then i started kind of playing around with it. Okay, now i’m gon na play so we’re gon na ask you all about the drone stuff and what it’s like to fly there.

But for those and and i played this clip for sean – and he was amazed because i think a lot of people mistake – um iran for iraq, a lot uh and and other parts of the middle east, and they don’t realize what it actually looks like there. So uh this, this is a i guess, you’re sitting on your on your house here and i’ll go ahead and share this this. This is, this, might surprise people Music sean. What did you tell me when you saw this uh? Well, i’m gon na sound like an idiot, but i was like wait: where’s all the sand in the desert right there’s, a lot of green mountains. Yeah i was, i was shocked. I didn’t think it was gon na be so mountainous and so green. Really i really wasn’t expecting that it’s actually quite beautiful there and are you sitting on your house philippe? Yes, this? Is it it’s actually a it’s, a summer house it’s a it’s, a kind of a summer house, uh it’s about 30 kilometers from the tehran from the capital and on hot days in the summer we go there and then spend some time there, it’s, actually a village And it’s still like a very old village, i mean they still make bread the old ways: um it’s, like only ten thousand people, live in that village. Oh very close to the, but, but i lived in the capital of iran, tehran and this is about 30 kilometers from tehra.

So what is it like to fly a drone there uh? Is it legal? What what is the iranian equivalent of the faa other special rules, because i looked i googled? Can you fly a drone in iran and they said no Laughter so the rules? Basically, when i started when i got my first mavic pro, you couldn’t fly anywhere, you want, nobody knew anything about it. Um matter of fact, when you used to fly, everybody used to come around and police is like. Oh, this is fine. This is nice and there was no. There was no laws for it and then, with the time they have grabbed everything. That’S faa. You know the laws from faa from united states and european, and then they implemented in iran. So tehran, the capital, is an absolute no fly zone like you cannot fly in tehran because the supreme leader lives here, because the senate is here, there’s a lot of military stuff and in iran you cannot fly over schools over a mosque over churches over political buildings. Over any state buildings and tehran is basically everything is dead and you cannot fly over people at all. However, if you are a filmmaker and you want to fly in tehran, you have to go get a special permission from the revolutionary guard and they send somebody out with you and the person is just there making sure that you show up on the same day on That location and then you can film there everywhere else in the country.

You just go to your basically local uh police station or a local courthouse and get a permit, and then you can fly uh legally on that city. If you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s kind of tricky, you have to know where you’re flying, because we have a lot of military bases that are not on the map and like dji doesn’t know, because every everything that is in iran is dji. And so you have to be kind of careful where you fly you you need to. Even if you’re you, you can’t, be in the middle of desert and for miles and miles, you don’t see any person and then suddenly somebody knocks on your shoulder and say hey. What are you doing? I’M like well, i’ll fly around well. This is a military base. I’M, like yeah, surprise, surprise what happens if you accidentally fly over something like that you’re flying and you come back to your home base and you go over a mosque and someone spots it um lots of trouble. I don’t think i can’t even tell it here. Oh no here in iran is different here. They see, they don’t see drone as a threat that somebody is taking picture of a house because we have google map, you know they see it as let’s say the isis grabbing a drone and then putting a bomb on it and then going into a mosque or Something, but this is this – is why it’s very difficult and in iran like in iran, we have it’s gun laws, it’s, absolutely the most strictest in the world like there is no guns, and if you find guns in the hand of the people, it’s like a big.

No, no so they’re, very, very, very careful with what, where you can fly and what you can fly, it’s more for safety than for being all paranoid that you know america is hunting us or somebody else is hunting us it’s more for the safety. Okay and can, is it uh difficult to import drones to buy one and uh somebody asked in the chat: do you have friends to fly with? Yes? Actually uh, we we don’t so dji doesn’t, have an official uh store here in iran, but every we buy our drones from dubai every time it hits in dubai. It takes about four days or five days and it comes to iran and they usually get everything faster than even united states. So if you are supposed to get let’s say on monday a new drone dgi drone in united states in the saudi arabia and dubai they get like a week before so we get very early on, but i mean we have everything we have uh dji. We have the parrots, i mean everything you can think of it’s here and then no a lot of people are getting into fpv too. Oh great, are you going to get into fpv at all? Perhaps no? No, absolutely not absolutely not no yeah. Those can get out of control and go places where you’re not surprised, and you know what came with the covet. We have been hit very hard, and so so the cities every city has been shut down for one year like we can travel out from the city or in from the city, so me living in tehran.

I barely can fly and if i want to fly, i have to drive about two hours away or three hours away and since i’m a travel ban it’s not really worth it for me to invest in any new drones. Yeah um i’m gon na i’m gon na share some more of your video here, and maybe you can talk about it while we’re watching and tell us where what this is all about and some of it i had to change the music just for copyright stuff. But this one i didn’t this: how high up are you on this? This is about 250 meters. Okay, ask me how much yeah, and and where is this it’s about 800 feet, that’s about three hours, north of iran, so uh it’s, a manmade lake, uh it’s, basically it’s a recreational lake that is around it? There is houses, uh villas and creation and recreation. You can come rent a boat and restaurants and stuff like that, and one day i went there and decided to fly. Actually that was my first time i flew into the clouds wow yeah. We can’t fly into the clouds here, unless we can’t either um. Basically, the new rolls it says: 120 meters, you cannot fly above 120 meters, i’m going to say 400 mile feet or something like that. Oh okay, so that was before the new rule. This is before the new rule. Yeah, the new rule is basically identical to faa.

What you have to do all right and uh there’s another one. I wanted to play you, you uh and there’s, a link to uh philippe’s channel in the description. I i urge everybody to check it out and subscribe and that will uh encourage philippe to put out more video um. You know, i’m sure already there’s people whose minds are blown just by seeing this video of iran um it’s, not what everybody thinks it is uh. You know it’s, not, as i mean there’s a there’s, a stark difference, there’s similarities between iran and iraq, but i i think people get them. Those two countries confused iraq is much more uh. It is an arabic country, they speak arabic. We speak farsi, we can’t even understand each other, oh yeah and like 2d language. So i got a question for you about the geo fencing. You know how the drones here, at least in the states they keep you from taking off in certain areas or they’ll force land you, if you hit certain areas, how do they work their same exact thing, it’s the same thing so basically, dji got all the mapping From the iranian faa and then based on that they mapped you know their software or, however, it was so yeah. We cannot go close. You know five five kilometers to the airports. Okay, the geo fencing is all the same and unfortunately in iran, what’s there’s a problem that there is some airports that have been shut down, but on the dji.

It still shows that it’s active and then we go we’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s. No airports, but we can’t fly because it says there’s airport here: yep that happens here same thing same thing: yeah, yeah, um. The thing that is is can uh. Let me tell you, the good thing is: is um, so the iranian um faa, the you know, kind of like fa. They actually took over the drone rules and then they’re issuing uh plates. Are they issuing uh yeah like plates like car plates that’s? You you put in a number on your on your drone and with that you’re allowed to fly anywhere in iran, easy without special permits except tehran, except the capital city, okay, okay, that’s, very similar to what we’re doing with the the tail number the the faa numbers. Um by the way, uh i want to play another one of your videos. Would it be? Okay if i shared the uh, the walking the dogs and shopping for a book video just a little bit of it? Okay, this this uh! This shows a little bit of uh the city. This is, this is not drone footage, but it shows your wife and you’re in the car and you got the cute dogs and i did have to edit a little bit just because there was a song in there that i can’t play but uh okay. So you can, maybe you can talk about what’s what’s, going on as we watch this, and this is some farsi that i can’t understand so that’s the wife yeah she’s, just explaining what we are doing and my wife is a photographer and she’s also uh getting her Phd in law and then we’re hoping that once her phd is done, we come to you know: we’re, going to move to united states.

Okay, and i see that you drive on the correct side of the road there, so that’s good yeah. We drive on the website. Sorry, uk, but uh here’s, the bookstore that’s a bookstore at my wife’s favorite store. She reads: a lot of books and i like to look at hands and stuff like that. So she’s does she speak english in german as well? Or what does she say? I don’t know german: she speaks english and farsi, so basically books in iran, everything’s in farsi, but let’s, say um. You know the book that was written by michelle obama. It took about three months after that somebody translated and we had it in farsi version in iran. So it you know, everything comes to iran very quickly and it’s get translated and even movies. We get uh whenever the movies are being played in russia. We get the next day in iran. Oh look at that. Look at those muffins. What are your is, the mom lily is the baby. Okay, and i think what you’re saying here is subscribe right. Oh, we just say i actually never see subscribe. Um here is basically um. We are saying you know. Thank you for watching guys. You know my wife. Just started a um instagram account and she’s cooking and then telling story it’s a kind of a new new way she’s, getting it all right, all right, uh yeah. But you know what it’s? What can what everybody is like thinking, um iraq, because of the war that they had? They uh they they they took a lot of damage, but iran we have.

We, the water didn’t, do much into the city, and i mean we are we’re having 5gs like it’s. Coming 5g here, um based on technology, everything is here. The problem is everything is very expensive, so a drone that cost thousand dollars for you. It cost us two thousand dollars that’s a problem right. I think everybody thinks that uh. Iran is just backwards and sandy and there’s camels everywhere, and you know i i’m sure that people watching like what wait, what she you know, the you know she’s she’s, not wearing a hijab uh. You know all these things uh, i i will. I will say this and i did a little bit of research, so your constitution adopted after the islamic revolution in 1979 – and this is from google proclaim, proclaims that equality for men and women under article 20, while mandating legal code adhering to sharia law. Women are allowed to drive, hold public office and attend university, which is yes, okay, uh well, okay, here you think the sharia law doesn’t exist in iraq. Our laws is based on old, french law and somni and muslim law and islam, but the woman yeah i mean here. What is here very nice is uh in the united states. You know it’s been always the same, that the women are making less than a man in iran. This doesn’t exist there’s one standard number that they have both make if it’s a man or if it’s, a woman, if it’s, white or black, everybody makes the same amount of money um to be honest, the woman.

They have a lot of power here. Actually, they have a lot of powers here. Oh that’s, great everybody thinks that the women are suppressed here. Okay, because this is an islamic country. There is certain rules like a woman cannot become a president, not yet cannot become a president, but other than i mean they’re. Afraid to become doctors, lawyers, anything they want, nobody yeah there is no. The only limit is what they said themselves. Wow yeah. You know what um i. This is one thing that i love about. Having a youtube channel and a community like this and a live stream. Is that we get to talk, we get to see places that a lot of us will never be able to visit and we get to talk to people in countries that we would never otherwise know. So i agree now. I love that part of it. Yeah it’s it’s it it really shrinks the world, and it makes me – and i hope everybody realized that you know despite uh governments and their views on other governments. The people within the country are pretty much all the same. We’Re all just trying to get along and love one another and have fun and do our thing and so it’s great to know that you know even in a country that’s as mysterious as iran, that uh you’re doing the same things, droning and filming and everything else That that people in the western countries are are doing as well it’s.

It gives me a lot of, i mean we have uh. We have, i mean i must have every morning my nutella and my conflicts made in usa 18. So every you know when every time when you um put a country on sanction what it happens is it it doesn’t mean that nothing exists in iran. It just it means like everything, is more expensive because we are not like north korea. North korea really cannot buy anything, but i mean everything else i mean we have apple store here. It is not official in apple store, but it looks perfectly like an app store. Another thing that iran doesn’t have it’s a copy right now we don’t have the international copyright law so like in iran. You can copy pretty much anything and there’s there’s a in national law. I cannot copy somebody else’s work inside iran, but i can copy somebody from outside and there’s no laws yet wow yeah. I think china looks at things the same way because they’re copying everything everything into it’s like like uh no don’t buy. These nikes buy these mikeys but it’s the same swoop. You know we have. We have fake iphones that you can’t even tell they’re fake. They come from china. I mean it’s, unbelievable yeah. I mean you know when, when we did uh prohibition in the 20s uh it’s, not like alcohol wasn’t available, it was just more expensive, like you said, yeah same here same here, it’s just more expensive uh.

Something is very funny. Iran is the third largest bitcoin farm in the world that we have the largest bitcoin farm. We are third in the world. Wow is that right, yeah, chinese people? They come here because uh um, the electricity cost here, uh 0.015 cents and i mean very cheap, it’s, very, very cheap. So everybody that wants a farm it’s like less than 15 cents. I mean 10 over 15 cents, i’m learning. So much uh is, if there’s, anybody in the chat that has any questions for philippe um yeah, i’m, just so quiet because i’m taking all this in. This is uh, not what i expected, but you know what, if let’s say, if you want to even come as a tourist, you have to go to the our uh. We don’t have an embassy, but we have uh our our embassies in the pakistan embassy in washington dc. So if you want to ever come as a tourist, you go there, you get your visa to tell you the rules and they ask you what you want to do here and then you can come here and and i can, i can guarantee that nothing will happen To you, unless, if you’re ex, unless, if you’re an ex military or an ex fbi or cia, you better not come here, but if you’re just a normal filmmaker, you can come here and enjoy your time and the money is very cheap, like with thousand dollars uh.

You can be in the best five star hotel, uh everything you want, because our money, unfortunately our uh inflation – is uh. Thirty percent that’s – all oh man. Now i honestly um. I did some research before i sent you that letter with the eyeballs in them and uh. I saw so many restrictions like you know, don’t, do this don’t offend this. You know like it can’t if it had anything in there. That was offensive. Was the envelope unopened when you got it. Yes, it was on open. Okay, he put the american flag on it. It was like okay, even yeah, yeah yeah. No, there is they uh iranian are actually very strict about um. You know your personal, you know freedom or what you call it absolutely it’s. I mean the laws are basically the same. They cannot listen to your phone calls. They cannot film you without your permission, um yeah and uh. Well, what would what you hear in united states? What i heard when i was in salt lake city it’s. I was shocked to see it it’s. Absolutely not like that. I mean you know: oops yeah, it’s, absolutely i’m. Sorry it’s, absolutely really interesting, just to see like the propaganda that we’re fed growing up like against each other, like our governments make us like see things so differently than what it really seems to be yeah. We’Re kind of brought up to yeah, you know the thing is like: okay, we we still have um.

What is very, you know to the new world. We still hang people, but we hang if somebody kills somebody, so we still live on based on eye for an eye, but i mean i have to tell you so if, if i kill somebody if the family forgive me, i only go to the jail they don’t. Hang me so there is a forgiveness there too. You know ah interesting, very slow due to that, is it a smaller murder right there it’s very, i mean uh it’s. Iran is probably one of the safest country in the world because again we don’t have guns. So everybody just have a knife and you can’t even carry a knife in the car i mean if a knife is just bigger than a couple inch it’s, a it’s, a crime and they’re very serious about it. So yeah the crime is very low. I mean we do have. Our problem is it’s uh unemployment is very high. Basically, our problem is our relationship with the world. Do you well now i heard that uh and up i apologize to france, but i heard french people don’t, like americans, particularly, i think that’s. Just because, as tourists were a bunch of usually do you think uh iran hates americans more than friends. No, i don’t really okay, yeah here’s. The thing is it yeah we have ken. We have to separate the politics from the people. Yeah people love america, people love america, i mean you know what iran has the highest instagram user.

Iran has the highest facebook user, you know so we we love everything that is american it’s, just a politic that we do we. They cannot reach uh as an agreement. It’S always the politicians screwing things up everywhere: isn’t it yep yeah, and you know what and and can and there’s a reason, because iran is the border of the asia and the europe i mean. Imagine if you look at them at the at the map. Iran is right in the middle, so it’s it’s it’s, a country that’s always been war between the asia and the europe and everybody. The european want iran, the chinese, the japanese, the russians. Everybody wants iran, so everybody fights from iran and we have oil. They want the oil they want it for cheap, so that’s the problem and who suffers? Is us regular people that we suffer yeah? Somebody asks a really good question in the chat. Uh. Do you have chain restaurants there like do you have taco bell or outback or anything like that? Yeah? Is there mcdonald’s in every corner? We have fake, we have so there we are not allowed to name it mcdonald, they name it like make donald like they change. The d to b it’s like the movie coming to america, what did they have? Mcdowell’S mcdo yeah yeah? So we have, we don’t have kfc. We have like fried chicken. You know i mean uh. We don’t have like it. Doesn’T call starbucks, but it’s called something else, but it’s it’s a copy of starbucks.

The only thing that i’ve seen that’s there is in iran and the guy claims it’s five guys burgers. I don’t know do you have it where you are yeah yeah, yeah, five guys. We have five yeah and the guy claims that he actually got the permit. We don’t know how, but he claims that he has a permit and we have five guys burger. Well, look if i want. I want video of you going to five guys and said that to me you know, but you know what ken i miss steve. We don’t have american steak here like they. They don’t know how to cook steak. Like america do or like, especially in texas. We don’t have those goods we have kept or we don’t have steak another thing as i missed street tacos. I mystery tacos because there’s no mix in iran – oh right, yeah, yeah and everything uh street anything uh tastes, better there’s, these uh philly uh pretzels that they sell on the street the soft pretzels in philadelphia. I miss uh there’s, just something about the septa bus fumes that gets soaked into the pretzel that i just said anyway, uh philippe, i know it’s it’s early in the morning. Did you stay up late or did you get any sleep? No! No! No! No! I i said my clock to woke up at four, so i can see your show and the news. Okay, you know how i you remember. First, when i saw your your show, i didn’t get your your jokes and i sent you a message and you just can’t.

Your show is perfect, but i don’t get your jokes. Why are you guys laughing and you’re like well? Sorry it’s an american humor, you know and then from that point on i start following you. Oh okay, do you do? Do you think my humor is lost on uh other nations? I mean yeah. Your jokes is completely different. I mean than our i when i came to united states – and i was there for five years, my ex wife she’s from brazil, but you know, lived in uh salt lake city forever. She took me to a comedy club. Everybody was laughing except me and i’m. Like i’m, not getting these jokes i’m, not getting those normal jokes anyway, like working jokes, i didn’t get any of jokes, so it’s. If i tell you a joke in parsley, you’re, like hmm, and if you tell me in america, like i mean i’m used to it. Now because i lived there for about 14 years in salt lake city and i didn’t become mormon, so yeah you’re, you’re, uh you’re, not muslim, you’re, right or well yeah. I am muslim. When you’re in iran, when you’re marrying um an iranian woman, you have to become a muslim okay, yes, but in iran uh to become a muslim. Is you just have to accept the islam as your faith, that’s? It i mean if you say right now. I accept islam, as my faith, you’re a muslim, oh well, that’s, the easiest thing of all now: yeah it’s, just basically as acceptance.

You just have to accept islam as your fate. Well let’s, let’s rewind. I would like to hear a joke in farsi. Would you tell us a joke in farsi? It can be a dirty joke, because we won’t know no, no. Well, i mean again, it won’t make sense to you, but in iran in northern iran the people are very laid back. They are, you know there it’s it’s, very green it’s, raining all the time, so we call them like very easy, going people and very kind of dumb they’re, not dumb, you know, but we call them dumb right. So one guy from the northern says i want to sell my car and the guy is like well, i just take the miles and then put it to zero because oh that’s, a good idea. So the guy you know, take his cars and then returns. You know reverse his miles to zero and then the guy is going like so did you sell your car he’s like no since it’s a new car i’m, keeping it myself that’s, actually very good that’s, actually very good yeah, but if you say it accident, you know We have over 400 or 500 accents in iran like different dialect and, if you’re saying all those dialects, it makes sense, you know so they can tell everybody. They can tell that you’re, not from whatever region they like you. Do you have an american farsi accent, it’s, getting better it’s getting better, but i have a you know.

So everybody speaks farsi, but each place has its own dialect because we are not all of them. You know we are torques, we are azerbaijanis. We are arabs like if you go to southern iran, um it’s, all hot it’s, hot and sand and camel and it’s beautiful like like. If you have a time, uh check out the island of quiche, it’s called quiche kish, i mean you won’t, believe it. You won’t believe it in the northern we have green it’s, always green it’s, a rice field, uh it’s, always raining and then actually tehran, where i am in capital. It exactly looks like salt lake city – i mean you know you should when you have a time with salt lake city put tehran, it looks exactly the same. The difference is that tehran is eight million people. Solix is, like i don’t know: one million people awesome, but we have we have skiing. Here, like i used to work at a ski resort. I used to design uh snowboarding areas, snowboarding jumps so yeah. Is it real snow because, oh yeah, we got. We got lots of snow here. In winter i mean up in the mountain, we get lots of snow. We matter of fact have an active volcano called damavang and every time you go up there, you cannot go to the peak because there’s fumes of gases coming out so i’m trying to hopefully i can go and film it one day. You should do what uh this last guest just just did and fly a drone right into it.

It’S actually just fumes. It’S gas comes out that there’s no lava, there’s, no visible lava, yeah, so here’s a question for you, since you have a ski resort. There you, you were a lot utah i’m in colorado and you probably know you can’t fly drones at a ski resort. Can you at your ski resorts um? So here it is. If you go to the yeah in a private areas or private resorts, if the owners allow you to do it, you can fly as long as it’s in their rules and you don’t hit anything or anybody. You can’t fly yes, but then i will have to come visit you with the skydio too. Oh yeah. Absolutely i used to matter of fact. I used to work for park city mountain resort, so just a part time to get the tickets. You know because there was like a thousand dollars season pass. So when you weren’t quite aware when you eventually moved back to the united states, where are you planning on on living? Well, it’s, based on my wife, she’s, i mean she’s, uh she’s gon na become a lawyer and she’s getting the phd. You know she wants to be in new york, but she doesn’t know how much it costs to live in new york. I i’m an ocean guy. I love florida. Yes, you know what i i was gon na, say florida, because if she’s, a lawyer, there’s plenty of f ups in florida, just doing all kinds of law breaking so go down there, you hear about all the faces on the side of the road.

Yeah florida man does something dumb call, you know, yeah, definitely we’re, not definitely we’re, not going to salt lake city. You know in salt lake city, it always says: utah is its own country. I mean utah it’s the mecca of of the christians. You know i mean i don’t know: do you know laws of solid city? Do you know like you on sundays? You cannot buy alcohol, yeah yeah, a club, it’s it’s, pretty much like in iran. You know yeah yeah, it’s, very it’s, very religious there yep, but uh uh philippe. Thank you so much for for being on with us and please do continue to send uh videos when you can and i’ll share them on the show uh before we let you go. Would you in in farsi, uh, say hello to our, maybe other two um people have iranian followers? Yes, oh for sure, by now, yeah go ahead. Talk to him! Okay! Awesome! Thank you very much, sir, and thank you for uh setting your alarm for for being on. With us, thank you. Thank you, sir. All right we’ll see you later bye, bye, all right, bye, bye, man, ken that was that was really interesting, wasn’t it i could have talked to him for another couple.