Well, this is battery number one Music Applause, all right guys. So lets get this up in the air. As you can see, we are up up. Oh okay, hold on okay. What do you say? Oh okay, hold on were waiting for satellites guys were waiting for sadies Music. There we go so here it is guys we are waiting for satellites here. It is home, point has been updated and here we go guys. What do you say we get up and out of here here it is. We are up Music, yes, it has. What do you say we go into uh here it is there, it is Music. What do you say? We go on to some rooftops im, one of a kind im like a rare breed, a breath of fresh air. You can see me people stand up just to greet me role, model kids, wan na, be me Applause, okay. So at this point guys, i could tell from my signal that my uh Applause, if you doubt this act like you, know, im the one. I am Applause – Music, Applause, Music, oh Music. I do what i want call me a prima donna, a capitalist. You know im bout, a dollar, i did it my way, no apologies marching to my own beat. They still want to follow me diamond in the rough im a future star, but envy is a mother. They shoot your car lets get over to our house and the reason im doing this guys is because i need to change something.

So i need to get into my phone here and turn off. Wi fi certified rock star channel Music, guys, okay, so hold on Music. Then just Music, so i should be getting a good signal. I dont know why im not getting good signal here. I am pointed in the same direction. My antenna is up. Nobody, maybe i was just too low. Well see lets come this way like me now its starting to fog out on me. Nobody, nobody, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, so were gon na try to return to home lets see what happens were going to flip it on down. We are crushing street. You just got to go right there.