The screen was dimming to the point where we couldnt see the screen, because it was so sunny and so bright, and maybe even it was. It was quite hot and i came up with a couple of solutions that temporarily solved that but im now looking forward to the summer of this year, 2022 and i went to a solution in place and ive come up with it, and the solution is right here. Its called drone mask Music and throwing mask is a device that allows you to put your phone inside it and wear the drone mask connect it to your your controller and wheel. The drone mask like a pair of goggles and it completely eliminates any light from coming. In no light at all can come in to the drone mask, which saves you from getting a dim screen that you cant see now theres got the great things about drone mask one. Is that the norwegian company that makes drone masks sent me this to review? But they also sent me another one, completely sealed and brand new and im going to give this away to one of you guys and if you hold on to the end of the video im going to tell you how you can win this completely free and ill Post out to delivery on me to one of you guys so thats coming up at the end of the video and before we get to the review you, if you remember the last review that i did was of the lowland x26 and max helped me out with That well max, has got his own youtube channel ill link it in the description down below and if you fancy going over to maxs channel, maybe subscribe to the channel, if you like it or at least give a little a little thumbs up on some of these Videos hed appreciate that id appreciate that hes, a young kid and hes hes really excited enthusiastic about his channel, so getting an open bet anyway.

Lets have a look at this, so what is so good about this particular drone mask well. A couple of things i like quite exciting is because some of you might be a spectacle wearers. I occasionally wear specks and i i like these oversized ones so that they all my vision is a is covered by the specs. Well, the goggles, your glasses, will fit inside the goggles as well. No bother there. You go no light coming in glasses on, and the goggles still fit perfectly so theyre great for that, so whether you wear glasses, these are these are massive glasses, so theyll fit any glasses. And another great thing i like about this is that you can change the focal length so that, no matter how your eyesight is its going to its going to suit you, you can pull it out so that what its doing is its moving the phone away and Its its increase, the decreasing the focal length of the of the goggles, and that means that anyone can use it so there you go thats great. The other thing i like about it is that its just got the one lens its not two lenses in there. Its just one and its a so theres, no sort of break down the middle that you get with other blonde masks its a really really good quality, its very light, but its a great quality mask and the the headband is completely adjustable to whatever size.

Youve got. Ive got a head thats, actually quite small, deceivingly small, but this just fits perfect. Even my heart, one and theres absolutely no light coming in at all, which is fantastic. So how does it work? Well, youve seen you can you understand? You need one one extra kit and all it is, is an extra long cable to go from your phone to your controller, but mostly youll have one of those anyway, its a usbc to either a an iphone connection or an android connection. So what you would do is you would get your your phone out and, if youre wondering oh, will my phone fit inside there? This is the the iphone 12 pro max, which is the biggest iphone currently on the market, and it does. It fits in theres. These little clips and all you do, is you put it in the thing just like that simple? It fits in just like that that was so quick and easy, and then zip it up all right, simple, as that then ill put it on my head. Get your controller connect it up and actually ready to go simple as that, now what it will do is it will put you almost in the cockpit of the miniature just like it would be the dji fpv, but thats not really the best thing that the best Thing about it is that it cuts out any light at all, which means that, no matter how bright it is outside, you can go out and youre going to get a crystal crystal clear view.

So im going to get lassie up there and have a little fly around using this. This system and youll be able to see what the footage is like: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So there we go thats the drone mask for dji, for it it works with anything else, with ear tooth works with anything at all, but so how are you gon na? How are you gon na win this one? Okay, all i want you to do. Is you have to be a subscriber at the channel? So if youre, not a subscriber at the moment, youll need to subscribe, and then i want you to leave a comment on this video and the comment must contain the names of both of my drones, my mini one, my sorry, my money 2 and my dji fpv. What are the names of my drones? You must mention that in the comment you must be a subscriber and then what ill do is ill out of all the people who get those those things correct. I would randomly generate one person and you will win this drawing mask brand new which ill be sending to you.