My name is giuseppe i’m, the ceo of skypersonic – and this is alok i’m – the project engineer here so here at rotor rat. We are all about high performance. First person view drones. We love pushing the limits of these machines and today we’re pushing a new limit. I’M gon na be flying a drone that is over 1200 miles away. So we’ve sent jaboy vortex over to michigan to meet up with a company called skypersonic. Skypersonic has developed a technology that allows a drone to be flown anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. You can do remote piloting so i’m still back here at our headquarters in orlando florida and i’m gon na fly a drone at skypersonics headquarters in michigan. We used to to send our pilots to perform inspection or to train the the customer end user, how to use the drone and then, when the pandemic arrives, we couldn’t do that, so we needed to invent a platform, a software platform able to control the drone anywhere In the world, from anywhere all right, guys, we’re down in the front room of the rotor riot headquarters and in the corner, is where we have the roto rad sim pc setup, that’s, a apex gaming pc, so it’s super powerful and it’s. What we use to run liftoff and other simulators and actually run an ethernet cable all the way back to our connection point to the computer. So we cannot be on wireless.

Get the fastest connection possible. I’Ve got my laptop set up for a zoom calling so let’s bring up giuseppe at skypersonic and see if we can actually fly a drone remotely yaw is yaw. All the directions seem right, so it just recognized the controller i’m using absolutely yeah i’ll put up with that shark 101. Here, okay, so we got the master code i’m going to hit connect yeah you can move. I can see the movement here as well when i’m moving the sticks. Here i see the stick here: okay, yeah, you can turn on the drone. Now the monitor is gon na be show you the video from the throne. Oh there we go. I i’ll check in everything we’re gon na fly Music. So this is the live sharkbite view. Yes, this is so crazy. Yeah now i can uh. If you want to, we can try. You can fly that just see how you look like. I can take the control back if anything happen, so you can try to fly an effort. I’Ll be flying your drone right now, right so it’s in the ball. Let me show you the ball. Yes bring the drone here. So it’s, still, five inch props yep it’s. Five inch props by this, but it’s in a ball it’s like it’s in a ball, you can uh. Oh, we it’s useful for inspection inside pipes or whatever just give me like five degrees of up tilt or something 5 degrees like this yeah like that, and now i put the ground here and i can take off and then give you the control.

Now you have an altitude mode, so pay attention a little with the altitude because that’s in the remote platform do i need to center the throttle to the center okay stay to the center and you can go a little up. I can uh if you want. I can handle the throttle for the first flight uh. If you don’t know: okay right. This is the first ever flight from florida to michigan this. Is it that’s the moment? It’S yours all right? Oh my gosh, i’m flying. I can’t believe this is happening right now. What oh, okay, it’s a little bigger than i thought so that that ball is pretty big huh i’m gon na go through the door, doing it. Ah, moving around yeah there’s, some latency. Okay, i mean you are in florida. I i can’t be upset about a little latency when i’m flying uh literally across the entire country florida. The signal is going all the way to europe and then oh wow, oh the surface, our service is in europe, you’re, going all the way in lithuania and coming back in the united states, i mean i got ta, try the pipe right so i’m supposed to be Able to fit in there with this giant bubble, yeah stay in the center Music Applause there’s, something to this bubble. Guys this bubble is pretty incredible. I can just yeah yeah because we can bump everywhere. Do you want to fly inside the office? Oh god, hello man.

This is insane. This is one of the most mind, blowing things i’ve ever done with a drone. Oh, i just blew some of your papers i’m saying: oh wait! This cinewoop shot look at look at this, this beautiful cinematic, oh my gosh. I just want to set up a racecourse. We need to do remote, drone racing for sure that should be a good idea. Oh my gosh, i think the battery is going at 14.2. You have still a couple minutes – maybe okay, i’m, getting a sick orbit i’m flying right now, no you’re, not i’m flying right now in detroit whoa it’s. So insane this is live. This is happening, we’re, recording, it’s, all it’s happening. This is the craziest thing i’ve ever done with the drone. That was insane that was so cool. That is cool. Oh my mind is so exploding right now now he tried the other draw crazy girl. I don’t know: oh my god, i’m a little nervous. The latency for navigation is fine. I mean i was able to fly through the pipe i was able to orbit the forklift. I was able to do everything i would need to do to do like an inspection or to explore or if i was remotely to like clear, a building or look for lost persons, that’s all that’s the bubble. Now that i’ve experienced it i’m a huge fan of the bubble when i first saw it, i was like i don’t know about the bubble, but you absolutely need it because you can bounce off stuff, but it works really well, especially with the uh, the flight control Software, you, you guys, have got to really get disgusted at all.

I think if we try to actually fly in an acro mode with that latency pretty challenging, but i want to see what we can do. So maybe i should probably just stay in the warehouse area away from people yeah just in the warehouse area. Take into account that if we move the server in the united states, we can drop the latency, maybe to 25 milliseconds that’s different. Oh okay, yeah yeah. All the way off europe right now, yeah yeah, but you have to go back in europe, come back so it’s kind of uh. You know double time, you’re getting only 40.. How much are you having latency what’s number one? I couldn’t see because i minimized the other window. Do you remember that number about 40 45., 45 great yeah that’s what we got when we tried from here we connected from here all the way back. So i think what we got to make sure works before we go to the uh to the five inch drone is we got to make sure the goggles work i’m just going to be unplugging, my monitor so i’m going to go blank. I think you’ll have to connect through sdmi and put that screen onto you. This isn’t actually plugged in anything and i’ve just got an hdmi cable running straight from the goggles to the rotoria computer and now i’m. Seeing on my goggles everything on the computer screen right i’m gon na take off and give to you right, okay, let’s! Do it it’s you’re doing it? Oh, you know what this really helps: i’m, not gon na lie.

This really makes a big difference like i feel it feels way more at home to me sleeping around yeah just trying to make some really good video for us i’ve never seen the drone fly so fast. I want to like get in here and do the trench run a little lower a little lower there we go star wars, Music, it’s happening there we go. This is some of the coolest technology i’ve ever seen in the drone space. Wait, wait we’re inspecting your yeah. You can dispatch whatever yeah. This is your uh, your thing, your box, air conditioning. So with the goggles it’s, much better right, yeah, the goggles really helped me feel immersed and more youth like uh. I think it feels more like what i’m used to well. Let me land this and let’s get our drone set. You got it. Okay, amazing, wow, it’s! So crazy guys. What have you done? I want full stick control. I want to try it full acro. Let’S, see let’s, go let’s. Do it so i don’t worry, because if i crash it i’m breaking our drone, not yours, yeah that’s, fine, this one right, that’s, our co1 outfitted with the uh sharkbite system, yeah connect right up to your your infrastructure, yeah it’s already already done, because it’s uh completely Compatible i’m just gon na fly just give them a little demo flying around without 45 milliseconds of lag and see what we can do. Music Applause, i’m gon na give it to you drew ready.

Okay, let me know when i got it all right, one: two, three that’s you! Oh my gosh, oh my god, i took it back. I want to get you centered. Uh point me toward the warehouse. Okay, i mean they’re away from the people. This is gon na, be really difficult. All right, that’s, you, okay, so i’m, just gon na do a little test here. I’M, just gon na do like uh, oh my gosh. Let me see if i can even do it through the screen yeah. I don’t know if you’ll be able to do it, because i can barely oh, i got it if i can do it to win Applause, i can’t even do it. I don’t think you’re gon na be able to fly. You are seeing that with the same leg. Oh i’m, seeing it with the same leg: okay, so it’s gon na be just as hard for me to fly, so you may as well just fly i’m gon na. Do it. Let me do it ready three, two one go Music, you’re inaugural it’s, very hard. I know – oh, my god, yeah it’s, going to be tough. Okay, new goal is, i just want to take off dual roll it’s more difficult. Do you want to try an angle, mod first nah? We got this okay. I like your your position. Three two one it’s! Yours, okay, three: two one: roll, yeah, okay, the timing is like near impossible.

So basically, i’m no i’m gon na have to just stop the roll when i’ve still got about 45 degrees left to go, because when i let go, i let go when it was even and it went another 45. So i just need to i got this. I can do it three two one roll and let go nope a little too much. Oh man, it’s gon na be hard it’s gon na be hard. Is there some reason why it’s worse on this quad, or is it really just because it’s acro and you have to i think, it’s, just acro man, i don’t, know it’s crazy how big of a difference flying in angle mode made it one more shot, and i Don’T want to break the drone. You’Ve been really hot. The last couple times like almost hit the ceiling on on the take offs. Okay, just like you know, i’m going to just start lower. I just need to go up roll set her back Laughter, three down. One Laughter roll from 1 200 miles away, mind blowing. I think that’s, one of the coolest things i’ve ever done with a drone that’s, just such a powerful tool. You know i got my confidence really high being able to navigate around with the auto level mode, really thought we were going to be able to just rip it around acro. That proved to be very difficult, but we did end up getting the roll which that’s a huge victory so i’m, proud of that, i think what you guys have done is so impressive.

This is incredible guys. This changes. This changes the drone world for sure well, that’s, going to do it for today here at skype, for sonic appreciate you guys. Thank you very much to meet you next time. I want to see this guy flying the c01 yeah. Thank you guys.